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 Jack "Musicman" Johnson

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PostSubject: Jack "Musicman" Johnson    Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:28 pm

Name: Jack "Musicman" Johnson

Age: 18

Bounty: 27,000,000 (Assault of a World Nobel and Marine Murder and assault on several accounts)

Species: Human

Occupation: Musician/Swordsman

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue


History: Jack was born on April 8th on a very old island in the South Blue. This island had, until recently, held traditional values they had before, like training their children in combat and other things. Recently, however, the west side of the island changed. A huge, modern city was built there, and the people on that side changed, becoming more urban with city life, tall buildings and music. The music scene happened to be a very important part of the western cities. However, this was not where Jack was born. Jack was born in the east, where the islands values where tightly held, and they shunned the city life. This is why Jack lived in a small village with his parents, who were raised the same way by their parents and it goes on and on. At a decently young age, his parents start to teach him one sword style and how to live the lifestyle he should pass down to his children. His parents worked him extremely hard, and at the age of eight he was decently skilled in Ittoryu, so his parents decided to start teaching him Nitoryu. By about age eleven he was extremely talented with both, being able to beat every kid in the town in a sparring match. That was about how Jack's first ten years went, but they where going to become a lot more complicated soon.

Jack and his parents went to the city when he was twelve, as a trip. This was, though, just an excuse for a scared straight program. Every chance they got, they would criticize something, like tall buildings, trash and even music. This plan completely backfired however, because Jack loved the city. He especially loved the music scene aspect, the way they talked, dressed (he usually wore a kimono at that point) and most of all the music itself. He even got his parents to, grudgingly, buy him a guitar. Over the course of the next year, he began spending more and more time practicing and becoming a musical expert. He also became more and more resentful towards his parents for shunning modern life. It was a life he wanted to live. Then thirteen came, in all its rebellious glory. One night, after a fight with his parents, Jack got so mad that he grabbed his guitar, the most normal pair of clothing he could find and a skateboard he made out of wood in his spare time. He then proceeded to run to the place he loved; the city. He, however, when reaching the place, found he had nowhere to go. So the first night he sat on the side of the rode playing guitar. Then a strange thing happened, people started giving him money, Jack had unintentionally become a street performer. He continued to do this until he had enough money to buy food. This was what he did for three weeks until a few guys who looked about eighteen saw him play and offered him to join their band. Jack graciously excepted the invite and became a full fledged member of "Screw", the band. They let him live with them, taught him their different instruments, got him band t shirts and skinny jeans, let him play gigs with them, all that fun stuff. As he was learning instruments he found that if you learned one instruments, the skill from that one made the next one easier.After about a year, they where a pretty famous band with the help of Jack. In the next few years, they would become the most well known on the island. During this time, while at a party, Jack saw a weird fruit sitting on a table. Not exactly sober, Jack was starving and ate it. He then began to see 3's of himself, and figured the fruit was some kind of hallucinogen. But, he then realized, everyone else could see them. He had just eaten a devils fruit.

Anyways, the band had become very famous to even surrounding islands in those years, and Jack, in his spare time, learned his devils fruit and tried to harness it, and he learned a lot. This was where a world noble heard of "Screw". Curious about the hype, the noble attended a show to see them. He was impressed, until Jack got a little too carried away. He smashed his guitar at the end of the performance, and the body flew at the noble and hit him in the face. The band then ran back to their apartment to discuss this. Only one member knew he was a world noble, and when he told Jack, he was distraught. Jack quickly packed everything he could and ran, but not before giving goodbyes to everyone in the band. Jack then ran down to port to catch a boat to an island. The next island he got to, as he was walking, the first thing he saw was his bounty poster. He then immidently bought two swords, and spend the next two weeks brushing up on swords. He was still amazing with them, and then realized his clones could be used for techniques .as well. One day, however, he was caught by a few marines, having to do what he must, he killed them. This happened on several more occasions. He now travels from island to island, playing underground '1 man band shows' (using his clones, of course) to earn money and is still practicing swordfighting.

Personality: Let's clear one thing up first, Jack did not let fame get to his head. When his band became famous, Jack still played for the music, not the money, women and fame. Music is his one love, and he wouldn't trade it for the world. He gets much joy from composing and playing instruments. Jack also enjoys using his swords, as they make him feel powerful. Even if Jack isn't easily aroused by fame, he is a little crazy. He really enjoys partying,
and is used to being nocturnal from city life. He used to drink and sometimes worse back then but not so much in the present. These things were normal in the music scene however, and doesn't really see them as shamed past, but more as character building. When it comes to outlooks, Jack is a very big realist and can be optimistic when he needs to. He will usually be straight up with someone, unless they seem to need comforting, in which case he'll tell them what they want to hear. Jack's sense of humor is usually heavy sarcasm as any other teenager has. Last of all Jack is a very sociable person, so if he sees someone he wants to talk to, he will do so. He likes flirting with girls, although, he isn't a very romantic, over emotional person (although he wants to be), so all he usually gets are one night stands. This isn't good for him, however, because he actually wants someone he can talk to to be in a relationship with him.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Kuro-N Kuro-N
Type: Parameciam
Effect: Makes 3 clones, disappear when hit

Special Abilities:
Musical Ability: Using the theory that learning one instrument could teach you skills to learn another, Jack has been able to learn pretty much any instrument. An example of this being that he learned the saxophone, and he had the music reading, knew where the notes were on the page and knew how to use a reed, meaning he could play clarinet, oboe, etc. This also works with guitar (ukulele), Bass (violin, viola, cello), drums (percussion), trumpet (trombone, tuba, french horn) and piano (xylophone, marimba).

Sword Style: Due to his parents both being avid swordsmen who honor old traditions of the island he lived on, Jack learned how to use ittoryu and nitoryu, meaning he is avid at one and two sword styles. He also invented a sword style with his devils fruit called "Combo Style".

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Ittoryu/Nitoryu (all attacks can be used in either form or combo style.)

Draw Slash: As the name suggests; the user draws his sword while running past the enemy causing decent damage

Uppercut: Cuts upward on the enemy

100 Cuts of Pain: After an extremely boring month long lesson of human anatomy, Jack finally learned this technique. It involves cutting at pressure points and vital organs. If they all hit, the opponent will have a serious, or maybe fatal injury. However this is not likely since it is 100 hits.

Impact Slash: This is a dual step attack that is both powerful and draining. Through constant speed training, Jack is able to 'explode' into a extremely fast run (about the speed of mach 1) for a short distance and period of time. While doing this, in this attack, Jack takes his sword and slashes at his enemy while running, making a deep cut. Though, after this, Jack must rest for a round to recover

Combo Style Attacks: Attacks done with clones only

Good Old Fashion Beating: Two Clones hold the enemy down while Jack slashes, this only works for a little, since the clones are destroyed in one hit

Kamikaze: One clone jumps at the enemy, knocking him off balance and allowing another to attack

Final Blow: Requires all four clones. Two clones hold the enemy down, while the third uses Explode to run at Jack, pushing him and disappearing, then Jack is pushed forward and he starts running double as fast toward the enemy, and slashed him at this speed with both swords, this is only a last resort, since Jack will take about ten posts to recover after this.

Weapons/Items: 2 katanas, a Les Paul Guitar

Goals: Survive, Keep playing great music, find a decent girl
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PostSubject: Re: Jack "Musicman" Johnson    Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:44 pm

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Jack "Musicman" Johnson
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