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 Yuji "Emperor" Kyo

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PostSubject: Yuji "Emperor" Kyo   Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:13 am

Name:  Yuji "Emperor" Kyo

Age: 19

Species: Human

Occupation:  Swordsman

Allegiance: Marine

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue


Yuji was a tall well built man. He stand at 177 cm tall and weight about 58 kg.  Yuji have a spiky red hair while mixed black at some place. He have a hazel red eyes which it was found attractive. He have round face type. Yuji usually show a smile and when he laugh his eyes nearly closed due to the fact that his eyes was small. He have a rather white skin tone. Yuji was usually seen wearing a dark black jacket and light blue shirt inside. He was also seen wearing a yellow bandana which aren't really cover his hair. (Similar to the picture's bandana but with different color and no number nine)


- Birth: Yuji was born in the Kyo family. His family didn't really have anything different from other family however, there was rumor that the clan's ancestor used to be a strong Sworsman. Yuji's Father name was Kyo Kushida and his Mother name was Christine Calady. His dad was a a busy, tough looking man however a caring guy inside. He usually squash his free time to play with Yuji. Yuji really likes his father even thought he didn't spend much time with him. His father was his idol and he wish to grow up the same. His mother was a rather lovely and nice mother however may have a hard time with her if she's mad. She's really hate it when her son (Yuji) done something bad. Yuji also like his mother. He love both his parents. Under the loving care,his father was a strong guy who once was a marine. He was in an assassination squad and was really feared. He have atrong sense of justice.

- Childhood: Yuji was an educated child. He was a fast learner and learn thing quickly. He have a few trusting worthy friend. They share free time together, talking about random stuff. Yuji, mostly was the guy who throw jokes to people. He wasn't reslly strong at the moment, so the group help each other out. Yuji tried to train himself which aren't really made him move because he was lazy and found it boring. After he reached 11 years old, he haven't gain any abs pack while having a rather small muscle. He wncourage himself to train hard. Yuji train in swordsman skill. He hang 5 dummy seperately and use two wooden swords fighting it. His skill start to develop. His father was really proud of him. His speed increase quickly and his strenght also increase according for his age. He learn different style, Fast Slicing, Cruve Style, Two Swords Style, One Swords Style, Sword Concentrate.... He also spend time thinking up useful technique that can be use in real battle. No one know why did he gain the goal, but his goal was to bevame the best swordsman. His life change even more when he met Yoshiro, a kind-heart marine

- Meeting Yoshiro: One day when Yuji was training in the dock, a marine ship arrive. Yuji was wondering who was on a ship, a strong and firece marine or just some coward. Whatever came out...nothing would be a deal to Yuji. He keep on training while dismiss the marine idea out of his mind. His skill have grown much.

 From the marine ship, stood a man who was looking at the place they'll anchor. He was rather a middle age man. He look young with some white skin. He wear a white shirt with black trouser. He have a bandana hanging on his neck. The name was Yoshiro Yoank, a Captain of a marine division. He didn't make many move lately. Yoshiro was good in Stratergist and have a good brain. One thing special about the guy was his kind heart and won't get mad easily.

"Captain, we're about to land at the town." shouted a man whose on a marine uniform watching far.
"Alright, let preapre ourself for the upcoming work. It won't be so tough after all. His bounty was only 8 Million Beli but if we keep him here, he might murder the whole town" replied Yoshiro patienly. His blue hair flown a little bit along with the wind.
"Well, Captain. I've heard that Kyo, who once from an assassination squad live here. He will be able to save the town." replied the Marine half-regret about what he have speak
"Retired man should go to rest. It bring me back memory. Kyo need a peaceful life...making something major would have only ruin his life." answered Yoshiro in a rather calm and quiet way. Kyo and Yoshiro use to be an old mate.

The ship docked as Yoshiro was the first one to step out. He walk out and look far away but suddenly a wooden sword came flying his way and smash right into his forehead making it go red.
"Sorry Sir!!! I didn't mean that! My hand just slipped away. Sorry!!!" Shouted a boywho just run out with a pale face. It was Yuji of course.
Yoshiro pick up the wooden sword then show a smile. "It's okay kid. Here's your sword! You'll grow up and become a strong marine right?" replied Yoshiro handing Yuji the wooden sword. Yoshiro start walking away not waiting for the answer.
Yuji was left paralyzed. He know he would be a dead meat for sure. How come, he who have a rather big position don't mind thing like that. Yuji follow Yoshiro to where he's heading.

It came out to be that, Yoshiro stopped in one of an old new-built house. Yuji stand wondering what's inside. Suddenly a man jump out from the back running away and heading toward where Yuji was standing. "Catch him!!! He's that guy!!" Yoshiro shout as he take out his sword while the man keep running. Yuji was surprised by the current act and don't what to do while his legs start to shiver. The guy rush his way and suddenly catch him and blackmail Yoshiro. "Put down your sword, or i'll kill this kid!!!" The pirate shouted. Yoshiro glance at Yuji noticing Yuji's shaking leg and plae face. "Ok, i'll do what you want, just releas the kid" Yoshiro said calming himself down. "Don't think of me, just catch him!!!" shouted Yuji. "I don't know who was him but i understand that, if he live any longer...he'll destroy the whole village!!!" continued Yuji. Yoshiro shocked about Yuji's sudden braveness. Such a kid...he thought. "Well, Kid! Aren't you afraid of dying?" asked Yoshiro calmly. "Yes i do! I have a dream to fulfill, to became the greatest swordsman. But...Even thought, i have something to become, i won't left someone i like, just for myself. That was just a coward man act, and i'm a real man!!!!!" shouted Yuji. Yoshiro smile inside his mind. This was a rare kid, he wouldn't met easily. It remind him of older day. He began to have interest in the kid. "Stop shouting already, shut your fre--" shout the purate but ehen he want to finish his speech, a cane smash his face from the back knocking him unconscious.

"Huh?" confused Yuji, as he look back, to see his father holding a cane. "Don't you dare taking my son's life!" said Kyo with some angry manner face but then smile toward Yuji. "That was some really good speech, son! I'm proud of you." said Kyo while starting to smile. Yoshiro walk off toward Yuji and pat him on the head. "Hey!Don't play with my head!" said Yuji. "Well, Kid. You will be a good marine right?" asked Yoshiro while he leaned down. "Yes i  would! I will bring justice!" said Yuji proudly. Yoshiro walk away but then stop and said "Then became strong! Make me proud!". Yoshiro's last word encourage Yuji even more.

Yoshiro stayed for 1 week while having some fun with Yuji. He learned allot from Yoshiro. Caring, Knowing, Kind-Hearted, and became stronger through some little training. He somewhat manage to learn to use 3 Rokoushiki technique in the age of 16. Sometime later, he know how to do slashing technique which send out compressed air blade. Yuji train even more and at the age of 17, he sail to Marineford with the money from his parent and became a real marine.

Joining Marine: "WoW! Such a place!" amazed Yuji as he step on the holy land. He walk around the place and follow the note, Yoshiro left him sometime ago. He able to find a proper place to became a proper marine. After joining for sometime, he was well-known for his funny joke and his kind-hearted. He joke around with people and didn't mind getting hit but thought them as a playing stuff instead. Even thought, fun was mixed,he never forget his training.

Personality: Yuji was rather lazy but mostly adventurous. Even thought, he's lazy...when it came to adventure, he don't want to waste it. The scent of adventure taste sweet to him and he'll likely explore new thing. He like to threw joke to other people and make people laugh. Yuji was calm most of the time. He was easy to get bored as he don't like to stay a a certain place doing nothing, at least let him pull out some joke. He's cheerful and honest and likely won't lie. Yuji was easy to get embarassed even showing his skill in public can embarassed him. He won't get made easily when people insult him. He mind about what people think about him.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit:  N/A
type:  N/A
effect: N/A

Special Abilities:

- Two Sword Style

- Soru,  Geppo, Rankyaku

- Self-Mastering
*You can only master yourself when you know about yourself. That's what Yuji think. Yuji know his habit clearly. He know what he hate. He know his weakness. He know where he stand. Yuji can change his mind accordingly, because he find the darkness and the light inside his body

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25)

[1]. Rankyaku: Half Rotation
* Yuji stand on his hand and whirl his leg while using Rankyaku while causing two compressed air. Lade flying toward his foe

[2]. Rankyaku: Rainy Day
* Yuji use Geppo to go up and while he's in mid air he disactivate his geppo and while he's falling down he use Rankyaku to send out lots of compressed air blade toward the foe

[3]. Single Sword Style: Wolf Roar
* Yuji does a slashing technique sending a compressed air blade toward his foe

[4]. Two Swords Style: Bursting Eagle (Close Range)
* Yuji while close to his foe, does a slshing technique upward which can make his foe flying if it hit

[5]. Two Swords Style: Ironic Leopard
* Yuji send out two compressed air blade toward his foe, the air blade flied to either side of the foe making it hard to escape

[6]. Two Swords Style: Concave Hawk (Close Combat)
* Yuji maintain his balance then jump up and try to slice the foe with his two sword. It's a normal swords attack but it's a little stronger (Like Oni Giri of Zoro).

[7]. Sword Emperor: 360 Degree Rotation
* While in Mid-Air using Geppo, he rotate himself along with his Boiling Lava weapon, Holy Light, and Rankyaku. It release out a wide lava compressed air blade, a rather bright compressed air blade which travel so fast and two compressed air blade from Rankyaku.

[12]. Sword Emperor: Art of Dragon (Only able to use in an area which have ceiling not in opening place)
* Yuji concentrate on releasing out a normal but special compressed air blade. He does a slashing Technique sending out Two-Compressed air blade from his Kantanas which it go up and down. The air blade didn't go straight but up to the wall, reflect back and forth in a very quick moment toward the foe

Weapons/Items: Two Katana

Goals: Became the best Swordsman
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PostSubject: Re: Yuji "Emperor" Kyo   Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:21 am

Edited. Delete his weapon.
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Yuji "Emperor" Kyo
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