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 Erique lonthiol

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PostSubject: Erique lonthiol   Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:50 pm

Name:erique lonthiol



Species: Human



Home Village/Ocean: north blue


History:erique had a family of four himself, mother, father ,brother. during his time at his village his family , his neighbours in fact everyone treated him like dirt except for the cat that lived at the manor in the middle of the village.erique did not want to go to school and the time he had to go to school he snuck away and hid in the forest so he has very little education and is has bad grades. during the time he was in the forest he played with the cat and hid when someone came into the forest. at home erique was hit, punished for no reason and not fed properly even though the rest of his family were getting fat. at the age of eleven erique stole all the money off his family then took a small sailing ship from the dock and left his island not knowing anything about sailing or anything about how hard it was. after a week his ship drifted onto a island and he was famished because he packed little food and little water. so the first thing he did was go to the shop and bought some food from it but he was scared of the shopkeeper because he might hurt him or hit him or steal from him. for two years he stayed on this island living on the streets and sleeping in the alleys.paying for food when he needed it. he made another cat friend which reminded him of the cat back on his home island which made him a bit sad but happy because it was being nice. when he had little money he left the island because he didnt feel right here so for the next year he just went to a new island and started to live there on the streets still barely anyone noticing him.

Personality: shy and cannot interact with people. when he is force, has to talk to someone or is stuck in a room with someone he get's very scared. most people dont notice him. he like cats for they are the only animal / living thing that take much notice off him most of the time. erique is more happy when alone but his most happy is not very happy and his normal mood and sad mood are hard to tell apart. because most of the time he is a bit sad which he is used to now. his best skill is he can draw not very skilled but he is ok at it. when erique is at his lowerst of mood he starts to slash himself through sadness, slight self hatrad and no respect for himself.

Ship: small sailing ship

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit:N/A

Special Abilities:none

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):none

Weapons/Items: a small knife

Goals:none dosent even know if he has a purpose
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PostSubject: Re: Erique lonthiol   Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:00 pm

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Erique lonthiol
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