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  Fiona Shadowcrystal

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PostSubject: Fiona Shadowcrystal    Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:51 pm

Name: Fiona Shadowcrystal

Age: 18

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: spy/infomation gatherer

Allegiance: Navy/Marine

Home Village/Ocean: south blue


History: Fiona was born into a mid level of richness familiy she had no siblings and her parents werent always around to help her in life. she didnt really go to school she was tought things by herself to herself so she learned a few things and only the theory of it she did when she went outside get bullied because her parents were entertainers who used puppets which were "stupid", "out dated" and "boring" she was often assaulted in the town. when she was ten she came home and she had a bloody nose and a black eye and she didnt go out for weeks while she healed but while she was at home she found a something that her parents were arguing about after a show they did. it was a fruit they argued because they said they were ripped off they did a show and were given a fruit. she ate the fruit because she was hungry and her parents werent there like always. she didnt like it but she didnt think much of it because it filled her up nicely and she went out a few days later since she had healed up. she encountered the bullies again they shouted at her again and then started to attack her but she then got really angry and then the rope from everything around (they were on a harbour) started to move and started the wrap around the people attacking her and she then move her hands in a way that the bullies were torn in half and then she put them into the see. she has never been able to do this at this level again. when she got home she kept thinking about it but she decided it was a dream for about a week until she controled some rope again and she didnt know at this point but she had an inkling that she could control rope so she started to master it until she knew she could she didnt become perfect but she became decent at it doing puppit shows with a twist and things like that until she fell down stairs in her house she was then paralysed from the neck down she then thought she was screwed she was paralysed she couldnt do anything so she decided about a week later she could become a puppet and she would be the best puppet. so she got her parents to cover her back with rope and she was now able to walk and do the basic things like eat and walk and talk. she started to make it so she could manipulate her hands and feet by embedding the rope into her hands and feat. when her parents were arguing she got angry because it saddened her to see them angry so she killed them and turned them into puppets and had them in a cupboard hugging .when she was 17 she was kidnapped by pirates at this point she had gotten so used to the ropes around her body she didnt really know they were there anymore until this time. when she was taken on board the pirate ship they ripped the ropes of her and then they dressed her in cheap clothing. she couldnt move and the pirates wanted her to work but she couldnt so they tortured her and kept wanting her to work and then they through her into a store cupboard because they wanted her to suffer and she noticed some rope and she made her basic movement ropes around her and she then noticed some marines attack the pirates and as they were fighting she killed everyone and she then wanted some happiness so started to use the bodies as puppets for her personal show she knew that she had gone slight mental but she didnt suffer from madness she enjoyed the madness. as she made her way to the land she killed everyone who wasnt useful or didnt entertain her or were evil she arrived on the marine she so no one suspected a thing and they thought it was sabotage when it sunk and when people asked what was in a bag she was holding she said her clothes and personal belongings. she set up shop on this island perfecting herself she replaced parts of all of her bones with rope except from the really really small bones. so she could act like a normal person unless her powers were stopped.

Personality: fiona is slightly phychotic killing all those who arent helpful or arent entertaining most of the time unless for some reason she musnt. she will kill those who are evil without questioning them most of time unless they really hurt her then she will torture them first then kill them. she doesnt care how and a persons entertaining or causes her joy or pleasures her, she will keep them alive for as long as they are. she is very strange person. she does show compassion to thing but they are few and specific like her puppets and maybe her lover if she ever gets one she is bi. she cause pain to those who try to cause her any. she doesnt really know the meaning of friend since she has never had any. she will stop the suffering of those who dont deserve it but this is normally by killing them.

Ship : none

Ship Flag:none

Name : rope rope fruit
Capabilities: the user is able to control rope withing 50 metres of themselves. they cannot create more rope they simply control the rope. the rope is not strengthed or lengthened. the user is then able to pick stuff up with the rope but it takes more concentration and control of the fruit to pick up heavier stuff but also it requires stronger ropes
Type: Paramecia

Special Abilities:
master puppeteer
able to be stealthy
very flexible.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): none just uses her puppets to fight and sometimes her rope

Weapons/Items: 15 metres of rope. 2 puppets
one of her puppets is of a little girl (the little girl in appearence) who she killed because she was suffering because she was a slave and was dying so she kept her as a puppet and a reminder why she hates pirates and on the ship she cared for the girl so she will keep caring for her forever
The other is just a pirate with a cutless and sword

Goals: to survive and punish
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Fiona Shadowcrystal
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