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 Hikaru Katashi

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PostSubject: Hikaru Katashi   Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:36 pm

Name: Hikaru Katashi

Age: 18

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Chore Boy, Doctor

Allegiance: Navy/Marine

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue

Hikaru stands 5'9" tall and has snowy white hair. His eyes are emerald green and he wears a necklace. His wardrobe consist of darker colors mainly black and grey with some shades of white. He has black pants which legs are tucked neatly into his open toed shoes. He also wears a plain black t-shirt which is worn under his black, grey, and white jacket. His three toned jacket cuts off just below his knees and has white strips of the jacket that go down to his ankle. He also has a semi large black sword he carries on his back when not in use.

Hikaru's pet wolf Haru is mostly blue with white feet, inner ear hair, around his eyes, on his nose, around his mouth, and the end of his tail. Haru is a giant wolf itself being standing while on all fours 5'2" tall on all fours. He has yellow eyes with a black nose and white fangs.


Personality: Hikaru is mainly an easy going king of guy who isn't too loose with his words but will speak his mind. Being raised in a household of people dedicated to helping others Hikaru adopted that trait. He enjoys helping other people whether it's with their health or if they need someone to fight for them. He knows how to follow orders when given but he is not a blind sheep if he believes orders from a superior will do more harm than good he will not hesitate to decline them no matter the consequences. He doesn't look for bloodshed but he won't hesitate to take a life if he or someone he cares about is threatened. Also he likes to form a strategy before a battle if possible but can also form one in the middle of a battle quite quickly as he can keep a cool head in battle.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:
Medicinal Mastery- Having been trained in medicine since he was a small boy Hikaru knows the finer points of the human body and how to cure many diseases. He knows many plants that many may think are just random leaves and how to use them effectively in medicines and poisons. If given the right equipment he can perform surgeries on patients if needed.

Strength and Endurance- Though he is small his years of training have provided him with above average strength and endurance. He can lift many heavy objects that may surprise people and he can take more punishment than average people.

Swordsman Journeyman- Hikaru is trained with a sword but is far from being a master. He can take out novice swordsmen to relative ease but needs proper training if he ever wants to improve his skills.

Martial Arts Journeyman- Hikaru can be useful in combat with just his fist and is capable of taking out multiple novice opponents with relative ease. He however still needs much training in his skills and is far from being a master.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1) Wolf Rider- Just like it sounds Hikaru uses Haru as a steed and uses his superior speed to charge into combat and get quick and effective hits on an enemy.

2) Meteor Strike- Jumping into the air Hikaru gains momentum when coming down to put as much power behind his sword as he can before striking his opponent.

3) Wind Blade- Using his sword he creates a compressed air wave and sends it at his enemies.

4) Double Fang Attack- Hikaru and Haru both surround an enemy in an attempt to cut off any escape route. They attack simultaneously most often one from behind and the other in front in hopes that one will hit the target.

5) Meteor Stab- Stabbing his opponent with his blade Hikaru then drags the blade straight down while it is in his opponent.

6) Black Windmill- Spinning his sword fast in a circle Hikaru attacks his opponent attempting to cut his to shreds. This is used as an attack and defense attack by protecting his front by the spinning blade while also using it to attack.

Weapons/Items: Big black sword crafted from a meteor.

1) Make a name for himself in the Marines
2) Advance his fighting skills
3) Advance his medicinal skills
4) Help anyone he can along his journey's

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PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Katashi   Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:19 am

A mediocre swordsman has a Rokushiki technique?

Be careful with "paralysis" it may be considered hit calling if posted improperly.
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PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Katashi   Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:53 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Katashi   

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Hikaru Katashi
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