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 Nimbus (deleted)

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PostSubject: Nimbus (deleted)   Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:54 pm

Name: Nimbus

Age: 17

Bounty: 0

Species: skypiean

Occupation: Artist/Fighter

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Toroa/West Blue

Appearance: Nimbus is about 5'4 weighing about 122 pounds. He has a lean figure with slightly muscle toned body. He has brunette medium hair with his fangs combed to the right which covers his eye. The sides of his head with has spikes coming out like wings. Overall his hair looks like a bird. Nimbus wears a aviator helmet with googles on his head. Nimbus wears a white scaff around his neck. He wears a white T shirt with brown pants. There is a purple slash around his waist like a belt. Nimbus wears brown boots.

History: Nimbus was born in Toroa. His parents were small time farmers who earned barely enough money to survive. Nimbus grew up seeing his parents struggle to make ends meat. No matter how tight money was his parents made sure he had food in his belly, clothes on his back, and a occasional toy every once and while. Nimbus became very grateful and admiring for their efforts taking care of him. His parents were one of the few people who owned vearth. At the age of 8, Nimbus began working on the farm with his father. That was until Mr. Green, the town's richest landowner, came over to the farm. Nimbus felt a cold presence from the man, but was too young to understand his instincts. His father how knew what kind of man Green was. Greeny slowly bought up all land from the other small time farmers. He had connections to the tax collections, white berets, and even God himself. With these assests, He charged excessive taxs to the free farmers forcing them to either sell or work under him. He offered Nimbus's father 100,000 beli for his land and another 50,000 to tilt it. Nimbus's dad working all his life to finally to own his own property refused to give up. Nimbus then threatened that bad things could happen to people who refuse his offers. Nimbus's father responded with a hoe to the head. Mr. Green fell to the ground with a bleeding skull. Nimbus's dad told him to get off his land if he didn't want his legs broken too. Mr. Green ran off scared for his life. Nimbus ran to his dad thinking he was greatest man in the world for standing up to such a powerful person. Nimbus's dad told him that he was protecting the thing he loved, and that men protect what's important to them. This act of bravery would be short lived however.

Later that day Green came back this time with a mob. Nimbus saw the crowd from his window. He screamed warning his parents. Nimbus's dad walked outside the house with his axe. He warned his wife and his soon to stay hidden in the underground basement, until he could resolve the issue. God's enforcers lined up informing that Nimbus's dad has been accused of assult with a deadly weapon and the attempt of murder of Mr. Green. Nimbus's dad told them them that Mr. Green had threatned him first. His claim fell on death ears. The police tried to arrest him. Nimbus's dad told them he would not be pulled from his land on a false charge. Reguardless the enforcers, still came to arrest him. Nimbus's dad managed to cut one in the leg before they opened fired on him. Nimbus was filled with anger ran out the house toward Green. He picked up his father's axe ready to seek revenge against green. The enforcers stopped the boy easily before he got to hurt Green.

Nimbis and his mother were banished from Skypiea into blue ocean below. Nimbus and mother were forced to live in the island of Jaya. Nimbus was about 10 when his mother grew sick. The change in climate had finally taken hold of her. Nimbus being younger had adapted. The doctor was going to charge 100,000,000 beli for treatment. That was something they didn't have. The loss of his home, and his father was too much. Nimbus refused to lose his mother too. Nimbus having few options as young child for money decided to sign up for a pirate crew as a cabin boy. He knew that abandoning wasn't the smart thing, but it was only thing he could think of. He joined a small time pirate crew in the west blue called the Iron Tower pirates. There he made a little money here and there but nothing real big. After three months of pirating he only made 10,000 beli which unfortunately wasn't nearly enough money. Nimbus then decided to part with his crew in attempt to make it big in grand line. He finally joined the Northern Wind pirates in the same crew as sangjo(when he was rookie).

The two instantly hit it off each having some kind of childhood trama with Nimbus losing his father and Sangjo becoming a slave. Nimbus was taught about the joy of being a pirate being wild and free from sangjo. The thing that interested the most was the concept on nakama in pirate crews. The two both loved parties, music, and dance. The only thing that seemed to separate them was the issue with drinking. Nimbus was a light drinker where as Sangjo was a heavy one. When it came to drinking games Sangjo would always win which the two would often brawl drunkenly later. On one of their adventures they made it to Momiro Island or the okama kingdom. Sangjo and his men didn't like it there, but Nimbus found it bliss. The crew had to stay there for three months for repairs. Sangjo was at first hestiant to talk to the natives, but Nimbus soon dragging toward them. Once Sangjo got to know them he found they had alot of things in common. They soon began to party almost every night. On his stay Nimbus became a student learning okama kenpo in order to learn how to fight. He was deeply sad for when he learned they had to leave. A few months Nimbus and Sangjo separted soon after the naval attack on the crew. Sangjo left because of training, while Nimbus left to find greater treasures. It was then that Nimbus found a devil fruit during his treasure hunting days.

Personality: Nimbus is a softspoken humble person. Despite being logia, Nimbus is fully aware of his mortality and takes a great effort to avoid trouble. Usually ingoring or avoiding jerks and bullies of the town. Nimbus usually prefers having tea parties and brunch in nice quiet place eating sandwiches in a open green fields. He is usually friendly and very polite which often shocks those who learn he is a pirate. Nimbus loves to draw and drinking tea. He shares a fondness for sangjo mostly because the two love festivites. Despite his laid back appearance, Nimbus is a thinker. He always wants to be three steps of his oppenents. Like a cat and a mouse game, Nimbus likes to toy with oppenents before finishing them. He has a code of honor with it comes to fighting. Nimbus hates the taste of alcohol. Family and friends are very important to him. Nimbus would do anything for them, and reacts very dramatically when seeing them hurt. Its probably the only thing that can get him angry. Nimbus gets into fits when his loved ones are in danger acting reckless and foolish.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Kaze Kaze No Mi
type: Logia
effect: The user is able to create and control wind

Special Abilities: Okama Kenpo and drawing

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Tornado punch: Nimbus swirls a gust of wind around his fist in a spinning manner similar to a tornado increasing the damage of his punch

Levitation: Nimbus swirls a gust of wind underneath his feet lifting him in the air allowing him to fly. This attacks could also be used to carry other people as well as object into the air as well

Hurricane Fist: Nimbus creates a tunnel a wind around his arm which he releases as a fist pushing enemies back

Gust Ball: Nimbus forms a ball of wind which explodes upon impact. The power from the ball is the same amount of power like from a hurriane, but takes time to make about 3 posts and the user can't move.

Saber Gust: Nimbus creates a air blade toward the opponent by using the wind itself

Rejection: Nimbus surrounds himself with a swirling air current which works like a shield pushing projectives away from him

Vaccum: Nimbus creates a pouch made from air which which suck in small objects and then stores them inside. Then the objects are shot out the patch toward the enemy.

Weapons/Items: Vive card(his mother)

1) To gather enough money to save her mother
2) To become strong enough to save the ones he loves

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Nimbus (deleted)
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