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 Lieutenant-Commander Rufus "Cookie" Lovelace

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PostSubject: Lieutenant-Commander Rufus "Cookie" Lovelace    Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:19 am

Name: Lieutenant-Commander Rufus "Cookie" Lovelace the 3rd

Age: 50


Species: Human

Occupation: Lieutenant-Commander and Ships Cook

Allegiance: (The Law Warriors) Navy/Marine

Home Village/Ocean: West blue
Appearance: Rufus Is 8ft4” 432 lbs, tall and muscular he has dark skin and his only hair is a Purple beard woven into a single foot long braid and a Chinese braid leading down two feet from his otherwise bald head .Cookie has a wide pleasant face with a single scar over his left eye that reaches down to his mid cheek. His eyes are a jade green and his ears are pierced with large thick gold earrings. Though Rufus is tall and strong built he does have a prominent gut under his signature white apron, his bald head is almost constantly covered by a two foot tall chefs toque. In the kitchen He wears a sleeveless naval uniform top under his apron with a pair of black dress slacks his single foot wears a rounded steel toed naval boot the other has been replaced by an Ironwood Peg leg connecting an inch below his knee. In a or on active duty the apron and toque come off he wears a green open kung fu jacket with gold dragon patterning . Cookies eyes are almost always hidden behind a pair of Purple Heart shaped sunglasses with silver frames.

History: Rufus grew up the son of a traveling cook in the west blue growing up on navy ships and passenger liners Rufus began training as a cook from early age training under his father and other chefs he met during that time. Rufus enlisted with the marines as soon as he could admiring them for their dedication to justice, and knowing that an army marches on its stomach after graduating basic training Rufus volunteered as a culinary specialist for the barracks of marine ford earning him the nickname Cookie from the recruits enlisted men and officers alike it was here that he met and befriended Matt they grew close as both friends and rivals. They were friends from then on eventually swearing brotherhood. A few years later while serving under a deployed captain on assignment the ship was attacked, thought the entire crew fought fiercely they were over taken till the last marine standing was Rufus swinging his “Devotion” and kicking bringing down as many of the enemy as he could pirates fell under the crushing strength of his “Devotion” until a particularly lucky man cut through his leg. Leaving the man to bleed to death whit the rest of his crew’s corpses the pirates set the ship adrift, towards marine ford in the hopes of inspiring terror. When the ship arrived at marine ford Rufus was barely alive he was rushed to the medical officers who managed to save his life and cauterized the wound. A captain who was also in the hospital there had encountered a rare wood though he died the medical officers sent it to the engineers who formed it into a solid peg leg of iron wood that Rufus now uses as a prosthetic. Working to regain his master of deadly kick with his new peg leg and honing his skills with his weapon Rufus became stronger eventually rising to the rank of lieutenant commander and when he heard that his “Brother” Matt was forming crew and had gained his captainship Rufus rushed join him and is to date the second in command of the Law warriors.

Personality: Rufus is a caring individual deeply devoted to his brother and his crew. He has come to be seen by many of the younger members of the crew as an uncle. Rufus is the type of person that almost anyone finds they can talk to from marine to pirate prisoner. Rufus is very serious when it comes to food and seeing that the crew is properly fed he also knows that food can have a profound effect on a person’s emotion and will not hesitate weather requested or not to make someone’s favorite dish if they need cheering up. He’s been known to provide last meals to the pirates his crew has captured as a final kindness before they are executed. Like many people in one piece Rufus has a very distinctive laugh and speaks with voice that is hoarse and gruff (irl Vocal inspiration Harvey Fierstein) his laugh is “Rurururururururururu”

Ship: Naval war ship

Ship Flag: Marine flag

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: powers excluding the devil fruit not techniques for example a sword style
Improved strength: Years of training with the heavy weapons has given Rufus above human strength he is strong enough with the “Devotion” to cleave through stone and cut through small buildings.
Super human senses: Rufus’s sense of smell and taste are far beyond that of a normal human being because he primarily depends on them for his career and his own pleasure

Culinary mastery: Rufus has over his 50 years gained what could be considered as world class mastery of the culinary arts and a near encyclopedic knowledge of ingredients and spices that he has encountered before. He can also determine the quality of a dish by the aroma and taste of it

Mastery Xaiolin spade: Because the “Devotion” Xaiolin spade is Rufus’s primary weapon and he has been training with it for nearly 3 decades which continues to date Rufus has earned a distinction as a master of this weapon opening it to its full potential of deadly attacks.

Deadly kick: Since the attack that took his leg Rufus has been training to develop his kick strength daily to the point his kicks can now smash stone and leave footprints in steel.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Cleaving thrust: A forward thrust of the ""Devotion" meant ideally to send the axe like blade cleaving through the opponent
Air cutter: The user sweeps his scythe sending a compressed blade of air
Xaiolin air barrage: Spinning the "Devotion" the user sends out a flurry of hundreds of air cutters in a 360 degree radius around himself
Cleaving slash: The user brings down the "Devotion" at either a diagonal or vertical angle attempting to cleave the opponent in half.
Xaiolin Windmill: The user spins the devotion increasing the speed and momentum of the blade with each turn before bringing the blade down in either a diagonal or vertical slice using its momentum to increase the damage can be used to slice through large obstacles.
Crescent fang: a series of 12 quick stabs with the crescent end of the "Devotion" hoping to tear into the opponent
Xaiolin Buzz Saw: The user spins the devotion increasing the speed and momentum of the blade with each turn bringing the spinning razor sharp blades of the "Devotion" toward the target ideally cutting them with the spinning blade
Xaiolin double strike: The user swings the spade blade of the "Devotion" toward the opponent hopeing to cut them if they miss the second technique swinging the cressent in the opposite direction toward the opponent should be employed.
Chef's special kick: {reverse spin kick} the user spins around in a swing kick aiming for the core of the enemies body at its current strength this kick has been known to shatter bones
Chef's special kick:{Tenderizing hammer} The user jumps into the air leg extended and bringing it down with his full strength to bring it down either on the opponent or an object its strength is equivalent of the other deadly kick techniques
Chef's special kick: {Devils Arch} The user brings his leg up with full strength into the opponents Groin chin or ribs bringing the kick all the way through until the leg is fully extended, all the power of the other deadly kicks
Chef's special kick: {spring cannon} The user brings his leg up knee to his chest and extends his leg forward with all his strength aiming for the opponents chest or face depending on the opponents height this can also be done in midair, with the strength of the usual strength of the deadly kicks
Chef’s special kick {Knock back Kick} The user uses his right leg to kick opponents chest knocking them back with the strength of the usual deadly kick strength

Weapons/Items: "Devotion"
Goals: To propel his sworn brother to his goals taking down the Yonkou, protecting his crewmates and propelling them on to their dreams

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PostSubject: Re: Lieutenant-Commander Rufus "Cookie" Lovelace    Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:16 am

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Lieutenant-Commander Rufus "Cookie" Lovelace
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