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Name: Jackson "The Sword Swallower" Harkoos

Age: 32

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Marine Lieutenant

Allegiance: Marine

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line


Jackson is a large muscular man he towers over most men at a height of 6ft 11 and weighs a hefty weight of 17 stone of pure muscle. He has black skin which is tough and rough; he has a cross scar across his chest 3 scars leading up over his left shoulder and a scar leading down through his right eye. His body is extremely well toned, he wears classic Marine trousers & boots followed by a Marine brown leather worker gloves and a thick comfy Marine coat which hangs from his shoulders. He has black eyes which are usually covered by sun glasses and black dreadlocks which hang down to the bottom of his neck.

History: Jackson was named after his grandfather who was a celebrated Marine hero in the previous Pirate Era. He had always looked up to his grandfather and loved him dearly for bringing him to the Marines. Jackson was told how great life as a Marine was, he was told of all the great things which he could do and when he heard about the pride and attention a person would get he was sold and dedicated to becoming a Marine. At the age of 18 Jackson joined the Marines, he enjoyed being among other Marines as they were nice and his type of people. As Jackson had a talent for handling blades he showed off his party trick to a few friends he made by swallowing all of their swords. When it came to removing them one of the swords slice his heart a tiny bit. Jackson was rushed into A & E and his heart was patched back up. It was only a small cut but he had lost a fair amount of blood.

As he was brought back out of A & E he discovered that he needed to be much more careful and as a small war amongst some pirates who were strong and had taken over a small neutral island, Jackson was given his chance to shine and took it. During the fight he developed his own swordsman fighting style by fighting with his sword in his teeth. He fought well but also received many nasty scars. He took down the 1st mate & Captain by himself but in the process he was cut across the shoulder eye and from the Captain he was given a cross shaped cut on his chest. Using his Teeth swordsman style though Jackson managed to slice clean through the Captain's neck and kill him removing his head. he was seen as an accomplished Marine and smiled he dropped to his knees after the battle and his jaw ached badly.

But as he had completed the goal given to him he smiled as he was given medical treatment as he met with his commanding officer he received news that he was getting promoted and informed his grand father of his exploits who was proud of his grandson. His grand father used some of his influence to convince other Marines to promote him but they said he would have to prove himself first. Jackson nodded and agreed to work harder on becoming a stronger more celebrated Marine. As he headed to his next assignment he did every last bit of research he could on the pirate he was heading to capture. He was a member of the previous crew who he'd taken down and needed to be captured as he could become such a big threat.

As Jackson began his search it was mere moments before he spotted his target coming out of a pub stark raving drunk which made his fight that much easier. Using his special swordsman style he took him down without cutting him by using the back of the blade he managed to knock this man down using his soru bite technique. Once he captured this pirate Jackson was promoted to Lieutenant and proud of his accomplishment. He headed back home to celebrate his accomplishments.

Personality: Jackson is a cheery man who loves to show off his muscles to everyone as well as his own sword style and the fact that he can swallow swords. He loves attention and quite allot of the time gets distracted by his own need for attention he spends allot of time getting distracted by the thought of how amazing he is. He prefers to lead the charge but doesn't mind as long as he always looks good doing his job as to him that is the most important thing.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: Marine Flag

Devil Fruit: Limited to only 3 devil fruit users per person
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:

Mastery in Teeth Swordsmanship-Jackson has created his own fighting style which is a form of swordsman ship known as teeth swordsman style. This style is where the user uses a sword in the mouth to attack with.

Learned Techniques

Spinal Reinforcement-Swallowing a sword allows Jackson to take any number of powerful blows into his body without his spine having to worry about taking the blows as the sword will act as reinforcement.

Sword Canon-Placing more than one blade in his mouth Jackson can bend over but must keep his body straight and fire them all out of his mouth quickly to allow all the blades to hit enemies.

Soru-Allows the user to travel immensely quickly by stamping foot on the floor 10 times in the blink of an eye.

Soru Bite-Using Soru and his teeth swordsman style Jackson slices through his enemies he literally disappears and re-appears behind his enemy.

Joust-Turns his sword so the sword faces forwards then he uses soru to joust at his enemy.

Swallow-When an enemy attacks with a sword he can lean forward and open his mouth wide enough to swallow the sword's blade then bites down on the blade and pulls the sword from the enemies hands.

Weapons/Items: Normal Marine Sword

Character Flaws:

Jackson gets distracted easily
Jackson loves showing off his skills
Jackson loves trying to swallow other things which usually do much damage to his body

1/ Capture a pirate with a bounty of higher than 1,000,000 Beli
2/ Become a strong Marine
3/ Make his family proud

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