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 ForgeMaster Dunji

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PostSubject: ForgeMaster Dunji   Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:23 pm

Name: Forge-master Dunji

Age: 200

Bounty: --

Species: Half giant

Occupation: Captain shipwright//Engineer, member of the Hooded knights Marines

Allegiance: Hooded Knights Marines

Home Village: Elfbaf Island
Appearance: Dunji is 22'9" 732 lbs he appears muscular and tall. He has a broad chest and strong long arms his waist is smaller and his legs look powerful. Dunji has long black hair some of which is pulled up into a high pony tail His beard is long and curling and silky that reaches his mid chest his eyes are dark blue. Dunji wears a sleeveless Chinese style robe with a leather smiths apron over it he wears dark shorts that just peak out from under the knee length robe on his feet he wears roman style sandals and ad an open faced war helm when he goes into battle. Dunji is always seen wearing small round spectacles and when outside the forge he wears a sleeveless open fur trimmed blue cloak hooded cloak with the Marine’s symbol on the back of it.

History: Dunji grew up as a the son of one of the great forge masters of Elfbaf during his early and teenage years he studied under his father and quickly found he had a natural talent for the art. He soon found his skills improving even further when he became a young adult his father presented him with a black steel forge hammer which he began to use as both a weapon and a forge tool with it he created his first masterwork blade the Kiren blade he uses to this day. Later in life he was introduced to the Asian style mace by a traveling martial artist who was visiting Elfbaf to test his skills though he loved the weapon it was too small for him so he endeavored to forge one his size and thus created the megaton mace when Dunji left Elfbaf he headed to a deserted island rich in minerals and began to practice his arts of building ship and forging weapons he remained there undisturbed for the most part other then occasionally by those interested in his blades and ships all of the wood for his ships are hand crafted the minerals for his weapons are mined by him he was largely undisturbed by anyone on his island pitting his battle skills against the rare raiders that came and the beasts of the island strengthening his strength and craftsmanship for roughly 143 years before he was found by the hooded knights.

Personality: Dunji is a rare combination of stern and friendly he enjoys heavy drinks and fine steel. Dunji takes on affection towards his crewmates that could be described as a rough uncle he is pledged to justice and values skill and talent in a person as well as those willing to work hard. Dunji adores battle but despises needless death. Dunji is a firm believer in the moral justice.
(Likes: Grog; building ships; creating black blades; a strong opponent; soft music)
(Dislikes: needless death; Those who harm the innocent.)

Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit:
effect: ( )

Special Abilities:
Master Smith: Decades upon decades of practice now allow … to forge swords that would be craved by the finest swordsmen on earth he is recognized by the title Forge-master for his strong and artful steel

Immense strength: like most half giants Dunji possesses advanced strength owing in large part to his career as a forge master he strong even for a half giant

Heat resistance: Because of his constant exposure to the heat of a forge Dunji is highly resistant to heat he could be perfectly comfortable in the desert with no adverse effects

Learned Techniques:
#1.Masterwork slash: The user brings down the Kiren blade at either a diagonal or Vertical angle attempting to slice the opponent in half
#2. Masterstroke hammer: the user lifts “Hephestius” bringing the hammer down or into the opponent or their weapon with his full strength blunt force attack that has been known to smash stones and bend steel the downside is once the sweep is initiated he has to follow through the hammer side is too heavy to change its course quickly
#3. Massive Air cutter: The user sweeps his Kiren blade sending a compressed blade of air
#4. Crescent moon: The user slashes in a crescent pattern ideally clipping the arms and legs of the opponent with their sword
#5. Blurry Blade: using a strange fighting stance user moves their blade at high speed making his sword appear blurry and hard to see
#6. Sweeping strike: the user throws or kicks the weight of the mace using its momentum in a ranged attack sweeping with the mace this attack has the possibility to hit the opponent with either the weight or the chain if hit with the chain the mace will wrap around the opponent.
#7. Windmill swing the user swings the weight of the mace slowly letting more and more of the chain out until they reach the desired momentum allowing the mace to swing forward towards the opponent this attack has been known to shatter stone and leave major dents in steel.
#8. Blunt serpent Ricochet: Finding a surface solid enough to do so the user throws the weight of the mace letting it ricochet off of the surface one or several surfaces to hit the target

Weapons/Items:The "hephestus" "Megaton mace" and kiren blade

Goals: Have a swordsman reach legendary status using one of his blades; Defend the innocent;
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PostSubject: Re: ForgeMaster Dunji   Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:25 am

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ForgeMaster Dunji
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