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 Harakhty D. Slain

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PostSubject: Harakhty D. Slain    Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:43 pm

Name: Harakhty D. Slain

Age: 38

Bounty: 0

Species: human

Occupation: navigator/Martial Artist

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Alabasta/Grand Line

Appearance: Harakhty stands about 6'7 making him very tall, but not as big as giant humans(kuma, moria, whitebear, etc.) The most noticable about him is that there are bandages around his head hiding his face. A white turban lies covering his hair on the top of his head. The only thing shown on his face is his golden yellow eyes and his mouth. He wears a brown tunic and a beige vest on top of the tunic with a green lash around his waist. A broze cresant is always kept on her back in case of attack. Harakhty wears leather sandels on his feet.

Without the disguise:
Harakthry has long silky black hair that flows past her feet. She has brown carmel skin. There is black markings around her eyes like ancient egyptian makeup which is simliar to maskara. Her ears are oddly point. Her figure is slim but slightly toned.

History: Harakhty was born in the desert kingdom of alabasta as Nova. Her parents were merchants who sailed all the parts of the world, but decided to raise her until the age of 10 on her homeland until she was old enough to sail the seas. Her father was an excellent sailor while her mother was a navigator, so Nova was naturally gifted with sea travel growing up. Truth to their word Nova's parents took her out to sea at the age of 10. They traveled everywhere trading various herbs and spices. Nova learned three important things how to manage a boat, how to sail in the waters of paradise, and the important of trade and monetary. Her father would sometimes even let her allow her to sneak out of their boat with at night. Nova's father had a small gambling problem, but never got into so much debt that he couldn't get out. Nova learned the art of probability and statistics from gambling. She also learned how to find people's weakness from poker. Every person had a tail that they revealed in everyday like studdering when nervous or wincing when lying. Nova became very observant duing these night. She wanted to play in their games confindent that she could outwit all the players, but her father forbid to gamble for her being too young. One night in Mock town while playing losing a particular hand at cards. Nova walked in the bar carrying some cigarette for her father, and was grabbed by a band of pirates. Their captain informed them that she had been sold to them from the card. Nova wiggled and struggled to pry herself free to no prevail. Her father looked at her with a sad shameful calling to her saying "Sorry." Nova cried at the betrayal of her father.

Descent to darkness
Nova was captured by the Hook pirates and forced to be their nakama being their cabin boy...well technically girl. They forced her to do all kinds of hard labor with little rest. Being the only female on the crew, Nova recieved unwelcomed attention from the men. The crew kept harassing her physically and even sexually. They made her do "woman's work" including cooking, cleaning, knitting, and other demeaning chores. Their cruelty turned her cold and heartles as she desperately plotted her revenge. When the crew docked on shore or when asleep they chained her below in the brig where she plotted her escape. Nova spent many nights crying to herself inside her cell. Then after 6 months the crew's jailor, Kettle, finally told her to shut the hell up "You will never get anywhere by crying and whining about your problems. When you are in a situation where you can't get out do you give up? No!!!! You pick yourself up, wipe the dirt from yourself, and rise up past the obstacle. Thats what makes the difference between men and children. Are you just going to lie there feeling sorry for yourself or are you going to do something?" Nova turned to her capture "Why...why are you helping me?" Kettle just wrapped his arms around "Because you are not the only person who the captain has captured. I'm also a slave on this pirate ship only my cell is this ship." Kettle revealed the bomb collar on his neck which would explode if he ever left the ship "I have been waiting for a chance to get back at the captain, but I'll never have a chance like this. Even if I kill him I could never be free not in these chains." Kettle threw his keys toward Nova "Now you have your chance to to be free. Are you going to wine now or are you going to take control of your destiny?" Nova released herself from her chains and her cell. She left the ship jumping overboard into the sea. For two weeks she was stranded in the sea being pushed from wave to wave. Any regular person would have died either from starvation, drowning, or exchaustion, but Nova simply had a strong will not to die just yet. She didn't live this long and suffered so much just to die a pointless death. Nova was washed up on the shores on Karate Island.

The Path of Piracy
Nova had been a slave, suffered unimaginable torture, and even survived two weeks at sea. This however didn't bring her peace as she once thought. There was a burning inside Nova now, but not for revenge against piracy or longing for justice. Nova just felt that a sense of doing what was right. She wouldn't let kettle's words go to waste. He released her so he may have sort of comfort in knowing that he could fight back against his captor. Outside she was a scared little 15, despite having the will of a full grown warrior on the inside. She decided that she would change herself becoming the most powerful person in world, so she may never be that scared teenager rotting in a cage again. Nova would live as she wanting all the freedom in the world. Nova got a job working at a local dojo. She wanted to train to become stronger, yet the master of dojo wouldn't accept her on the claim that his class was full. She decided to act like she was disappointed, but kept watch on the dojo on a hunch of the real reason why she didn't get accepted. Nova saw three new more student enter the dojo without any complaints. She knew that main reason why she was rejected was because she was a girl. Nova then changed her name to mast. She wrapped bandages around her chest to give her chest the appearance of being flat. Next she wrapped her head with th bandges so one one would regonize her as woman. Last she dressed in robes to cover her hips and femine figure. She then took the new identity of Harakhty which the dojo master was please to tutor. At the age of 34, Harakhty heard about the excution of gold roger and the begining of the golden age of the pirates. He couldn't wait to join in with the new wave of pirates. With his martial arts, Harakhty figured he would stand the best chance of becoming the king of pirates. A fitting title that would serve as her goal for it would show her strength around the world. It was a task where she could prove herself and the world she wasn't weak.

Personality: Harakhty is complex individual to say the least. He speaks in a blunt monotone voice though nothing he says is ever boring. Harakhty is cruel and sadistic to the point of being consider inhuman. Harakhty is very manipulatitve often using the weakness of others and human compassion to accomplish her goals. He is not above using dirty tricks to defeat an opponent, and disreguard fair play and sportsmenship. Throwing dirt in the opponent's eyes, cheap shots to the groin and ribs, and using hostages are just some of the techniques she would use. Harakhty also has the belief that violence should be used to get what you want. Needless to say, he doesn't feel remorse for the death of others excluding herself. She sees others as pawns and not friends to loved or cared about. A person is only as useful their talents will take them and if they become obsolete toss them aside like trash. There are times when he will grow fond of a person, but this is very rare and takes a lot of effort to do. Once some has earned his favor, Harakhty is loyal and will go out of his way to assit that person however he can. Harakhty does display a split personality between himself and Nova. When in his disguise he becomes a warrior who only is interested in becoming stronger just for the sole reason of becoming the best. When someone gets close enough to Harakhty or catches him without his mask, Nova takes over displaying her soft sweet side. Its probably the most vulnerable part of him. She doesn't like violence prefering solitude with close friends. Her voice is light but high. She loves talking about poetry, love, and adventure. Where as Harakhty is opinonated, blunt, and underhanded Nova is shy, honest, and nonviolent. The two personalities represent two stages of her life. Nova is the scared little abused enslaved girl, and Harakhty is the result of the brutality of her enslavement. Nova depends on Harakhty to fight and defend her, while she provides restraint and morality for Harakhty. The two provide a sort of a well rounded person, but Harakhty is always the most dominant one.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: Gura Gura no mi
type: paramecia
effect: allows the user to generate massive vibrations, or shock waves, which can travel though virtually any medium, including the ground, the seafloor, or even in the air

Special Abilities:
Life Return: Harakhty can use life return to control the muscular, nervous and cardiac system. He years at the dojo has trained her body in the most extreme environments pushing her past normal limits. Harakhty can expand or shrink her muscle mass making her more agile and fast or more muscular and strong. He can shut off the pain receptors his body allowing him to continue fighting despite being in massive pain. Harakhty can also control his heart beat stopping it for a few moments to pretend he is dead or speed it up to warm up his body in freezing environments.

Polearm user: Harakhty is proficient in using a spear

Navigation: Harakhty is an excellent navigator learning from her parents. She survived two weeks at sea from her knowledge of the waters in the grand line.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): None as of yet will add later

Weapons/Items: Log pose, bandages, and spear

1) To become a powerful pirate
2) To find her place in the world

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Harakhty D. Slain
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