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 Echo Spades(DEAD)

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PostSubject: Echo Spades(DEAD)   Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:52 pm

Name: Echo Spades
Age: 17
Bounty: N/A
Species: Human.
Occupation: Chain Scythe Wielder
Allegiance: Marine
Home Village/Ocean: Spade Island (Grand Line)

  • 17 Echo has a heart shaped face, her skin is really pale even if she works outside and tries to get herself tanned she won't be able to. Her eyes are deep blue and she has dark eyelashes that are really long. Her hair is blueish black and it is curly, she has it short and it's curly. She has a spades shaped tattoo under her left eye. She has normally sized ears, her eyebrows are thin and black. She has high cheekbones and a straight nose. She is 178cm tall and weights around 48kg. She has curves and everything but she doesn't like to be called sexy or anything like that. She wears a tight short sleeved black shirt that clings to her body in all the right places, showing of her curves and small waist. She uses mid-thigh shorts that are grey, they are kind of baggy but fit well and make her long legs stand out in a nice way; and black converse. She has no tattoos besides the spades, which is the proof that she belongs to the Spades Family and is the heir.
  • 7 When she makes herself look like she's 7 she is 130cm and weights around 28kg. When she's in this appearance, she has waist long blueish black hair that has sophisticated curls. Her eyes are bigger and brighter but still really long eyelashes and nice thin eyebrows. Her body isn't curvy at all and is plain, she's flat. Since her normal clothes are too big when she's in this form she wears an oversized t-shirt that is blue and also shorts that are kinda too big, but they at least aren't that big. She bought them and some she had when she was younger.
History: Echo was born in the wealthy family, Spades. But unlike the usual family children, she wasn't pampered and praised when she did something; no because Echo was the heir of the family, so she had to work hard to receive praises or compliments from her parents or other family members. She lived in the Spade Island, one of the many islands in the grand line, which was property of the Spades' family, obviously. Although they did let other people live in the island without putting taxes on them or anything like that, because the Spades Family had enough for supporting their family and also the villagers. Echo's parents, Ana Sophia and Alec Spades, were really nice parents that preferred keeping their daughter down to earth unlike most members from her family. Ana Sophia was the kind of mother that would do anything for her child to be save, she was extremely beautiful and fun to be with. On the other hand Alec was strict and pressed on Echo to learn lots of things and be an open minded person, but he also loved his daughter and would do anything to make her happy and save.

Growing up in Spade Island was really fun for Echo, when she was little she was only able to be in the mansion, she wouldn't be able to go out to the village or anything, since she was too busy with her studies. Ever since she learned to walk she was put in different classes, she studied language, how to be an assassin, to use the chain-scythes and other things. The thing that she liked learning the most was how to use the chain-scythes, it was really difficult for her at first but eventually she got the hang of it and improved really fast, she was better than her own teacher but she still got a lot to learn. That and learning the art of an assassin, never letting your target to notice your presence, and being as quiet as you can be, hiding your presence and other things, she always had fun doing that, she trained hard because at first, being the small child that was loud and everything, she always failed and that made her want to be better at it even more.

When she was eight she was told that she was going to be the heir to the family and that that was why she was training so much, because she had been complaining on all the hard work she had to do. She didn't like this at all though, she thought that being the head of the Spades Family would mean that she can't do anything that she wants to do. Being the nice girl she has always been, Echo wanted to enter the marines, because that way she would be able to help people and be happy doing this. She made a tantrum and talked to her parents about her dreams, her parents didn't want to accept it at first, the only heir of the Spades Family going to a Marine base to become a marine didn't sound like something socially acceptable but they eventually gave in, it was about her daughter and all they wanted was for her to be happy. Although they did had to make a deal, she would take charge of the family business and also become a marine, when the time of crisis in the family happened she would need to take a break from her marine life to solve everything.

At first Echo didn't want to continue her training because she wanted to join the marines right away, but eventually she gave up with that, she was too young to join the marines, she was only eight after all. Echo continued her training, she worked extra hard now knowing that it would help her once she joined the marines. She trained and started learning Soru, because her parents hired a marine to teach her that, now it wasn't a bad marine or anything because she was joining the marines eventually. She was training at the island, after she was finally allowed to be outside the mansion, due to her being older and everything; when she found a weird looking fruit, she was 11 at the time. She wondered what it was and was starving at the moment, she was too far from the mansion to reach there and then considering that she was REALLY starving, it had been at least two days since she had last eaten and wanted to eat something, ANYTHING, so she ate the fruit, it tasted horrible, she wanted to puke and drink water but she knew that she needed something in her stomach so she wouldn't faint, she didn't want to worry her parents with sending someone home for help. She crunched up her nose when the sour aftertaste invaded her throat, she didn't like it at all.

When she came back home her parents were really worried about her but they didn't punish her or anything like that, thhey were glad that she was safe, or rather relieved. Nothing happened for a while until she turned 12, she was at the island's village and was talking to some boys when one started fliirting iwth her, she blushed a lot and ran away, while she was running she noticed something weird going on with her body, she was shrinking and her hair was becoming longer, in the end she looked like a 7 year old girl. At first she didn't know what happened and after a while, she got back into her normal shape, although that was because she had calmed. She tried to research about this asking her tutors and everything, she found out that the fruit that she had eaten a year ago was a devil fruit, one that would give people the abilities that were inhuman... she also found out that she would never be able to swim again.

She figured out that more of a curse this was a gift, she would be able to take advantage of her powers and become stronger, so she would be able to join the marines and be able to protect everyone she wants to protect. She trained hard for one year so she'd be able to control her powers better and then she joined the marines when she turned 13. At first it was hard for her to be on the marines, being a girl was one of the problems and being really hyperactive was another one. She worked hard and followed the tasks she was asked to do. At first the training wasn't really hard for her, knowing the basics and also how to perform soru, but eventually it got harder, causing her to work and train extra hard, so she'd be in the top 5 of her group, the best marine from her group was Mariana Star, who was an ace at everything she did but Echo also trained hard and tried to surpass her, it didn't always work though, Mariana would usually beat her with much effort. She developed a rivalry with Mariana but she got to forget about it when she was assigned to another group.

After years she got to lieutenant rank from her really hard work. She was assigned to the Hooded Knights and now she's traveling to meet them finally.

Personality: Echo is really tomboyish, she likes playing around and being really ungirly, she doesn't like people flirting with her or complimenting her looks even if she's really pretty, she finds it uncomfortable and annoying, also unnecessary because for her everyone is beautiful in their own way and what matters is the interior and not the exterior, so it makes her mad that people compliment her looks when she thinks they should take the time to get to know her and actually see if she's 'beautiful' in the inside. She's a hopeless romantic in the way she likes reading romantic novels and cheesy books like that, she believes that someday she'll find the perfect guy for her and that she'll know when he meets him properly, it doesn't matter if his looks aren't that good or anything like that. She likes playing piano and violin, she was taught since she was little when she lived in the Spades' Mansion, she's also really smart, knows about history and everything she should know because she was home schooled. Belonging to a wealthy family helped Echo to learn things and be really knowledgeable but she's also really down to earth, something that her parents taught her, she values money and works her way through life without depending on it. She values people and their lives and wants to do everything she can to protect her loved ones and the strangers that have done nothing to deserve being hurt by pirates, corrupt marines and any people who do it. She likes training and working out because that means that she'll be able to be stronger and that helps her accomplish her dream of protecting people, because you need to be strong to be able to protect people and also yourself. She thinks that justice is rather subjective since people have different points of view in it, but she thinks that someone who hurts another person without a reason deserves to be punished.

Ship: name of ship
Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Jurei Jurei no mi (Age Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Effect: the user is able to control her own age, able to reverse the aging process or increase it any time she chooses to.

Special Abilities:
Knowledge of an assassin: Since she was little Echo was taught the most important things on how to be an assassin, due to it being hard for her initially it made her want to become perfect in performing this art. The things you need to know to being an assassin are basic rules and some techniques, also things that will help being better at it.
  • Blend into the shadows, hold your breath and wait for your target to let down his guard.
  • Tune into your target; know his thoughts and actions
  • Strike your target down before he is aware of your existence
These rules were really hard to accomplish by Echo, when she was little, because she was really loud and wouldn't wait for the 'target' to let his guard down and would just try to attack him but as the years passed by and with the training, adding the training of the marines, she was able to perfect this even if she didn't become an assassin, because her goal is protecting people not killing them for money. She joined the marines with this purpose. The rule that she performs the best is bending into the shadows and hiding her presence because she's able to turn little and it's easy to hide and wait that way.

The dance of a feather: This ability was designed by Echo herself, she found out that kids have better flexibility and due to their small body they're lighter and faster when they want, so she designed the ability based in becoming little again with her powers and using her chain-scythes to make fast attacks and surprise attacks. She uses her 7years old form and because the chain-scythes are really light she's able to use them perfectly even with her 'weaker self' but due to her training even her 7 year old self is strong.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
  • Soru: allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power.
  • Scythe Tornado: Echo spins her chain scythes in a circular motion slashing everything inside of the chains range.
  • Hidden Hell: Echo hides in the shadows following rule number one of the assassins and waits for the enemy to drop their guard, then when the enemy is less expecting an attack use soru to run towards the enemy and swings the chain-scythes directing a powerful attack towards the enemy. It'd be able to cut her enemy deeply. Also both scythes swing towards the enemy, making it two blows, one after the other.
  • Feathery Blow: She uses her devil fruit powers to make to transform into her 7 year old self and uses 'the dance of a feather' combined with Soru to run towards her enemy and swing one of her scythes towards her enemy. Her movements are feathery like almost not touching the ground and the way she swings her scythes and handles the chain attached to them.
  • Feathery double blow: Just like the feathery blow technique just that she uses both scythes to attack, making it more powerful and make more damage to the enemy.
  • Steel Strangling: Echo runs around the enemy and kicks him/her in the stomach causing them to lose air and therefore not being able to move for some seconds, then she swings her scythes so they round the enemy and in soru speed she strangles her enemy with the chain attached to the scythes. Due to the seconds that the kick gives Echo the strangling is only able to do some minor damage to the enemy and it's easy to free after those seconds have passed by, if Echo doesn't do it fast enough the technique will fail. This is not a technique that can actually kill someone.
Weapons/Items: Arashi Chain-Scythes

Goals: Protect the innocent ones and also to take care of her family.

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Finished. Finally.
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everything seems fine approved
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Echo Spades(DEAD)
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