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 Shane Lewy

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PostSubject: Shane Lewy   Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:19 am

Name: Shane Lewy

Age: 17

Bounty: NONE

Species: Gray Reef Shark Fishman

Occupation: Pirate

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Fishmen Island


Shane was an average size Gray Reef Shark speice fishman. He weight 56 kg. Shane have black spiky and curly hair which wasn't really long. Sometime Shane was seen wearing a Shane usually seen with a red sash tied around his waist. He often seen wearing a short-sleeve white shirt and 5 button however he button only 2 of them. On his right arm, Shane tatto a logo of a skull within a word "Bone" ran across the skull. A scar also been spot on his chest, but just a short scratch. Shane have a light blue skin tone. He also was seen wearing short black Jean. Sane also wear pair of sandal. He got Black pointy eyes and thin curve eye brows which can barely be seen since the eyebrow aren't thick.


"Go Namor!! Go Purple Heart Pirate!!" Shouted a group of fishman. The teen fishman are the Purple heart Pirate's fan. They idolized them as they alway cheer for the Purple Heart pirate. Their hope was to let all the Human know that Fishman are the best. At that time Fishman don't really like human and willing to tutor human like a long last enemy.

"You Know! In just some more time I'm gonna became a strong fishman like Namor and join the Purple Heart pirate." Shouted a fishman. His name was Shane and he alway picked on because he was weak. He dream of joining the Purple Heart Pirate and became a strong fishman "You, join the Purple Heart Pirate!?!? Shane stop telling me your stupid dream sound so silly! Everybody know that you're the weakest around our age!" Shane went raging due to his bad-temper "Don't mess up people dream!!! You never know a guy future!!! You know nothing!!!" The other fishman punched Shane in the first. "Your dream is to get punch! Admit it're weak!!!!" The other fishman walk away within his group leaving Shane on the floor.

Shane tried his best to train himself however thing aren't developing. A weak guy is still a weak guy. Shane also wasn't popular as no one really like him. Thought, he face some much obstacle, he tried his best to face it as a true hero won't go down easily. Thought, he got the cheering from his lovely parent.

Among the Purple Heart Pirate and Namor, Shane idolized another fishman. It's a guy who was known as the people hero, named "Ken". Ken was a popular average age fishman. He help people's work and catch robber. He alway put a certain smiley face. 

As one day the bully are bullying Shane...he helped Shane. He give a big wide smile to Shane as he encourage Shane to move on. Although there are bad people around the world,at least some are not. Shane asked Ken to became Ken assistant. And it's expected from a nice guy like him to accept 

The two fishman work together as one is a teen at the age of 14, an unpopular guy and a popular well known middle age guy. Shane tried to train himself as he assist Ken, not that it work. As day passes the two guy gain more thicker and thicker relationship, as they share good time with each other.

Everything came out so first and people wouldn't believe it until they see it for their own eyes. Ken wasn't a fishman! He just wear fake fishman's legs and fake fishmen's arm. He have been pretending and stayed with the people, help their work for the whole time. Some fishman ignore the fact and think it's ok wherever they have rejecting feeling in their mind. However some fishman are completely against it as their clause was "Human are monster creature" while they hate Ken.

Ken ignore the current situation he's on and show his usual smile. He tried to help other like normal but thing aren't just went right. They did talk to him but there's awkward atmosphere around. Ken was desperate as he heard one of the fishman shout at him "You low life creature shouldn't belong here!"

Shane really pity of Ken and his heart are still the same, Ken was his hero. As a kid Shane don't really know how bad human are, his parent never told him to hidden the sad truth. At least he knew that Fishman and Human shouldn't belong together. The fact that Ken was a human already ache Shane enough but it hurt more one day when Ken tell Shane to leave him.

"Why!?!" Like a normal person would do, we would ask for reason. Shane does the same. "No reason,really. Your parent must be worry to death about you. I think I'm going to leave this island..." Ken answer hidden his face as he really sad about it. "Don't say like that!! Let's help other with our normal routine! You're such a good guy!!!" Shane tried to answer his best to stop Ken from going. He really wanna stay with him. "Good guy, you say...I have the worst ancestor...helping is not enough to erase all this sinful blood I got here. The sinful blood is just too much" Shane was shocked by Ken's answer. Sinful...Ancestor...It took some time till Shane notice it. "Are you helping person just because you wanted to erase your sin? Enough with the lying...I understand you!" A tear drop from Ken's eye as he answer sadly "My ancestor really done some bad stuff toward all the fishman. I help fishman to show that there are still good people around the world! There are still hope around the world! There are still happiness!! The light in the heart is still light!" Ken tried to speak as tear flow from his eyes. Shane too was shocked by the emotion. He idolized the right guy...and he learned that there are still people with light in their heart.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard outside. People panic all over the island. "One Pirate are attacking us!!!Human are attacking us!!!!" The shout was heard as family hide into their house. "It must be Ken! He finally called his allies! I know I should have eliminate him" The rumor are whisper. All the suspicion are on Ken. As Ken himself was innocent.

Ken rushed outside to see what happening. He overheard the conversation nearby that it was a man with a pistol in his hand wearing black uniform and many scar on his face laughing crazily. The royal army are now on their way to stop the guy, the royal army can stop him but it may take some time before they arrive. "That guy!!! The cold-blooded man. He made it this far not because he was strong but because he betrayed his crew mate. Listen Shane!! This is my important order! If something happen...Follow what I ask you to!" Ken speech as he put his on Shane's shoulder. He didn't wait for the answer as he rushed toward where the pirate are. "Can't it be...Stop thinking stupid already!" Shane thought to himself as he felt something might happen. He try to dismiss it out of his mind.

At the place, the solo guy are rampaging like a mad person. "Moahahahahhahah! I'm gonna die least I'll be taking some of you with me!" The solo guy shouted as he try to aim his pistol to the running citizen. He walk pass a mermaid which was hiding herself inside a barrel. As he nearly walk pass he realize it and open the barrel's cover. "Oh, cool! You're not getting away from my eyes dummy!!" The guy said as he try to aim his pistol at the mermaid which was shivering. Suddenly the Pirate guy was pushed away making his pistol flew on to the floor. "You really are uncool. You're just a chicken with a pistol in your hand!" Ken speak within his usual smile while Shane stop behind Ken breathing heavily. "It's Ken! Why the heck was he fighting his own allies?"

The pirate guy took out his blade as he frown. "Are you trying to interrupt my show, Weakling!?!" "No, I'm making the show more interesting!" Ken speak as he run up toward the pirate and deliver a punch that the other guy dodge with ease. "So you're just acting cool an bluffing. That punch won't hurt me!" The pirate kick Ken in the face as he follow up Ken not letting Ken land he used his blade and thrust inside Ken. "KEN!!!!" Shouted Shane as the other fishamn was shock and some was sad about it.

Ken knew he was dying and will die anyway he hug the pirate closely not letting him go. "Let me go you bastard!!" Yell The Pirate which was struggling his way to break the grip. "As if I'll. Shane, Pick up that pistol and fire!!!" Shane hesitate. "But Ken!!! You was there hugging him!!! You'll also die!!! And I won't let it happen!!"  "Are you trying to Refuse my last order!!!! Do me my last favor!!!" Ken shout as he struggle to speak according to his wound that will tore him apart. "But..but!" Shane speak as he hold the pistol shivering. Shane closed his eyes and pull the trigger. When the bullet was fired, Shane cry. Ken and the pirate fall to the ground.

"Stop...crying...dummy...Like I told you...there are...there are still...Good People!" Ken speak his last word as his eyes started to close. Shane remembered Ken word as he can't stop his tear but cried out loud "KENNNNN!!!!!" The other fishman see it for their own eyes and understand the fact. "There are still good people"

Personality: Shane try to adjust his personality according to the current situation. Sometime he act like a happy person to hidden his bad feeling. Shane also was a calm fishman. Dance act like a mature guy despite he was just a teen. Shane don't really do something ridiculous and reckless. He idolized "Namor" and can't stand it when someone look down on him. He was also bad-tempered however easily to calm down. He like working and hate boredom. Shane also an impatience guy. Shane was an active guy, loyal and willing to do whatever his master or someone over him order him to do. He don't really hate Human because of the fact that the Steel Village help them. Shane also love attention and cheerfulness.


Ship Flag: 

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:

- As a fishman..usually fishman got their strength 10 time stronger than normal human. However because Shane was a weak his power are not really strong like other fishman

- Swimming Skill. Every fishman have it. They can breath under water an really good at swimming

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): 

1). Sliding Tackle
*Shane slide down tackling his foe

2). Crumble
*Shane punch his foe in the body

3). Face Smash
*Shane punch his foe in the face

4). Elbow Drop
*Shane jump up to his foe and grip his foe neck within his leg. He sit on his foe shoulder than drop his elbow on his foe head

5). Knee Killer
*Shane run up toward his foe than attack with his knee right into his foe chin

Weapons/Items: NONE

Goals: Became a strong fishman like "Namor"

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PostSubject: Re: Shane Lewy   Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:37 am

Is there anything wrong with him? Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Shane Lewy   Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:54 am

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PostSubject: Re: Shane Lewy   Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:14 pm

just change the occupation that is "pirate" to the Alliance, as the alliance is pirate.

Everything else seems fine so it'll be approved once you change that ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Shane Lewy   Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:00 pm

I've changed it Smile

Thanks so much, by the way
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PostSubject: Re: Shane Lewy   Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Shane Lewy   

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Shane Lewy
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