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 Yuri''pelican'' air schneizer

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PostSubject: Yuri''pelican'' air schneizer   Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:10 pm

Name: Yuri ''pelican'' air schneizer

Age: 20

Bounty: 30.000.000 B

Species: Human


Allegiance: Revolutionary

Home Village/Ocean: Cutter island, North blue.


History: Yuri was part of a very wealthy family.This family earned it's fortune to the production of zeppelins.These zeppelins where no ordinary zeppelins as they where made with special components.In his childhood he was basically a spoiled brat, learning in top school, studying the zeppelins and learning their components and how to use them.On the other side this also put a-lot of strain on his mind.He had close to 0 friends, and those who he had where often after his money,Even though all this yuri remained nice and tried to endure the stress.Through the years the selling of zeppelins got less and less,until the company of the family made a big mistake.They began transforming their zeppelins into war machines,and they even created their own personal army with it.Not only that,but they also sold them too revolutionary's.This all seemed fine until a certain event happened causing the WG to notice their actions.

That event was the event that would later be known as the war for the sky.It was a small war between a few WG islands and a revolutionary's armada, using their zeppelins.This war did not last long,but did cost many lives on both side,and damaging the islands who where in the war.The WG deemed this unacceptable, but found the use of these zeppelin's also interesting, causing them to only forbid the selling from zeppelins to revolutionary's.This way the WG could buy some for themselves and tighten the grip on the revolutionary's.The air schneizer family had no choice and obeyed.But in their eyes the war was not yet over.Behind the back of the WG their gigantic company started producing a weapon like never seen before, it was called project drifter.The whole project was financed with the whole fortune of their family.They where now poor, but they had pride in the extend they where going to take back their land and destroy the tight grip of the WG.

They thought that they would eventually emerge victorious...but they were wrong.Not long after everything was financed the WG noticed the sudden gigantic expenses, and found out about the plan.It was vague for them though, they did not know what the weapon was,or where it was being build.
In order to find out they started a attack on the schneizer home island, cutter island.But the schneizer family was not going down without a fight.They deployed(almost) every airship they had and started a full scale battle.During the battle yuri was hiding in the estate,but soon noticed it was not safe to stay,as one blast after the other could be heard coming closer.The father of yuri then decided to let him only escape,while he would stay their covering his leave.The servants brought the then 17 year old youri to the aurora, the strongest air ship they had, and fled from the battle. Not long after the airship aurora had left the marines stormed into the estate, his father and the rest of the family tried to resist but it was futile, they where all killed, even though the order was to capture them alive.Now yuri is 'drifting' in the sky, hoping to find comrades to not only avenge his family, but also go to the secret location of the weapon, which was still being constructed because it was already fully financed.With this he hoped to destroy the world government and claim the sky for his own.

Yuri is a rather nice guy, who hates to be rude(even though he can be pretty rude).He hates people who think of themselves as higher,or better, though he also has a small feeling of superiority toward pirates and mercenary's.Yuri is someone who likes to go in constant discussion,and does not know when to quit.If there is one thing that would get him raging mad it would be damaging his ship,the aurora, as together with the secret weapon it is the only thing left from his old family fortune(or at-least that is what he thinks).He has most of the time low feelings toward other human beings,rather having them killed then having a scratch on the aurora.Overall you would see him more sleepy then in a awake state, as he often keeps working too late, causing him to be often sleepy, or even sleeping behind the wheel, But when he is fully rested some people may sometimes find him 'hyper'.

Ship: The aurora

Ship Flag: His family flag: A flag with a old zeppelin on it with clouds on the background.The color of the zeppelin is brownish.

Devil Fruit: The cloud cloud fruit
Type: Logia
Let's you control and create clouds,and control the weather.
(still has to gain it through rp)

Special Abilities:

-Airship knowledgeL: Yuri knows how the specific airship his company used to make work, how they where build, their components, Etc.

-Mechanical genius: Yuri knows a lot about mechanics, although he hasn't used it on a real motor, his knowledge is enough.

Learned Techniques: None(yet)

Weapons/Items: Ordinary revolver.

Goals: To find the secret weapon, conquer the air, and take down the WG if possible.

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PostSubject: Re: Yuri''pelican'' air schneizer   Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:42 am

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Yuri''pelican'' air schneizer
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