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 Victoria Heartthrust

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PostSubject: Victoria Heartthrust    Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:19 am

Name: Victoria Heartthrust



Species:Long Arm


Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Appearance: Long Dark Red Hair wth black highlights.Pink eyes with black eye shadow and pink lipstick. She has a slimb but muscular body with Black boots saggy black jeans and a a sleaveless white shirt. She stands a bout 5ft 5 inches tall and weight about 125 pounds.
Vitcoria has a heart tatoo on her back and a scar across her nose. She normally covered in bruises from sparing or recent battles she was in. Has an intriging smile that makes her seem amused most of the time. Her Blade spear is holstered in a leather wrap on her back.

Growing up in a little village in the Grandline. Victoria was born into her families trade. Being in a Shipwright family was pretty fun. Her father would bring her home little ships her carved for her as he encouraged her to design blue prints even if they where crazy and non practical she she was a child. Going to Schol was No picnic people would tease Her about her name,hair or her long arms. Sense her family was the only longarms on the Island. Surpirzingly enough Victoria hated her Arms she enjoyed running and kicking more and thats what she did. She would kick the crap out off those bullys making them forget about her arms and worry about her feet. She became known As The Kicking terror in Her school

(Life As A Shipwright)
After finshing School her parents taught and trained her how to become a fine turning Ship making machine. Learning the fundamental different ship designs and about all the Trade secrets. After finally selling her first ship Victoria became excited and more enthusiastic even if it was a small ship she wanted to do more learn more. Recieveing a strange request in from a buyer who had purchased the materials already Her father left it for Victoria to handle.

(Hair Dresser Training)
When she finally finished his order The Man had ordered a Ship Had spent all his finacnes on material and none left for labor. Pleading for mercy not to be turned into the marines he Noticed her beautiful hair offered to train her in life return hair technics and Give her His Speachil Bladed Gravity Spear for payment. Training vilagently With the Mysterious Hair dresser. She Learned How to use Hair life return technics and the properties of her spear. Victoria felt like she could do so much more then just Being a shipwright she now wnated to be a pirate to feel the freedom of the seas and to make the ship of her dreams

Personality:aShe is a very Quite woman who likes to bottel up her emotions however her emotions burst's out unexpectingly somtimes, Either seddingtears in a weepy state, Or Full of Anger and rage, or filled with love towards somone she likes. She Really competiive shes doesnt act entusiastic about it due to her bottleing her emotions up but is always the first one to accept a challenge. She loves to run to strech her legs and condition and comb her hair in her down time.

(Blizzard Pirates)
After running into Roko Cloud. Victoria quickly joined them. She mostly Stuck to working on the ship and locking herself up in her bcabin to work on new designs but now she yearns for adventure.

Ship:The Windwalker.

Ship Flag:Frozen Skull

Devil Fruit:None

Special Abilities:
Life return: Manipluates Hair to attack

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
(Hair Techs)
1)Hair Spear. Makes hair grow and pierce an enemy directly afer hardening her hair to steel point.
2)Hair Gorgyole. She cloaks herself with lenghtened hair and compresses it to be as hard as steel. In this form she cant move at all but she can block most attacks from almost every angle.
3)Fur Block. She uses her hair to block an attack by making it as hard as steel.
4)Mane Shadow. She extends her hair going down from her back and legs to the floor and "coats" the floor. Then if a foe steps in the area that has hair she climbs her hair up her foe and immobilizes him/her.
5)Hair Blind, lengthens her hair and manipulates it to bind her opponents
6)Hair Whip, Hardens her hair as she whips it around at high speeds to cut as strong as any sword

(Kick Techs)
7)Shoulder Kick! A quick downward kick targeting the opponent's shoulder, meant to knock them off balance or drive them into the ground
8)Shin Kick! sends a hard kick to the opponent's shin. This can be used to attack or block an incoming kick.
9)Disarm! runs forward, jumps into the air and kicks the opponent's hand to do damage and knock a weapon from their hand
10)Backflip Kick! lunges forward and does a backwards somersault in midair, to land a powerful lkick on the opponent's head.
11)Spinning Kick! After spinning 50 times, kicking using the momentum of the spins to increase the strength.
sweeping kick! usually performed from the back targeting the opponent's back, very useful for sending an opponent flying in preparation for another kick.
12)Jaw Breaker! lands on his hands underneath an opponent's chin, then uses both hands to spring upwards to deliver a blow to the opponent's chin with both feet
13)Round House Kick! throws three powerful near-simultaneous roundhouse kicks with one leg to the opponent's throat, chest and stomach
14)Spinning Kick! After spinning 50 times, kicking using the momentum of the spins to increase the strength.
15)Kick Barrage! A barrage of hard kicks launched at multiple directions,
16)Summersualt Kick! leaps into the air and begins to perform several somersaults in mid-air. After spinning enough times, descending at a 45 degree angle and delivers a piercing lightning kick strengthened by the momentum of the spins.

(Spear Techs)
17)Windmill counter! Counter's any physical attack and useing the momentum into my next attack doubling my damage or into another Windmill Counter
18)Dusty Spear! By spinning his spear around quickly, a cloud of dust is formed.
19)Flurry Thrust: Thrusts spear at enimy super fast speeds making the spear blurry and it stabs at enimey 50 times
20)Heavy Slash:At 5x earth gravity the Spear slashes with super strength able to slice through steel
21)Gravity slash: If Spear Slashes an eniemy they Gain twice there weight for 1 post

Weapons/Items:Bladed Gravity Spear

Goals: To Go on grandaventures and create new amazing ships

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Looking for review
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Victoria Heartthrust
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