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 Stanley Columbus (Inactive)

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PostSubject: Stanley Columbus (Inactive)   Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:27 am

Name: Stanley "Bad Breath" Columbus

Age: 30

Bounty: 0 B

Species: Human

Occupation: Navigator

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue

Appearance: Even though Stanley managed to get the internal damage of smoking under control, the external damage is still visible. He is 1.70 meters tall and weights about 65 kilograms, making him quite thin. He has a pair of green eyes and a shoulder-length crimson red hair that is neatly combed and fashioned for elegance. His hair has a few strikes of grey in it as a result of smoking, and his teeth are bright yellow too. He has small wrinkles under his eyes, also a result of the smoke. He usually walks with his golden pipe in his mouth, or a cigar in the worst case, and he has a single golden ring on his right index finger.
Stanley usually wears a black and grey Zoot suit, with a red tie. On his feet, he wears a pair of polished black boots.

History: The Columbus family of the West blue had more to it than most families out there. It all started with Stanley's granmother, Susan, who managed to develop an amazing mix of leafs and spices. Susan was supposed to make cigars for her father, from plants they grew in their yard. When smoked, the new mix was so addicting that one puff from Susan's special cigar could turn a perfectly healthy man into a dying chain smoker. The mix was kept in the family, and was reserved only for the most important occasions. One of these occasions was Susan's son's 18th birthday. On this day, Samuel Columbus had his first puff of the Columbus family mix, and his malicious mind discovered it's hidden potential.

From that day forward, Samuel studied the mix, and learned how to create it on his own. During this time Susan was very protective of her special mix, claiming that only members of the Columbus family should enjoy such a miraculous smoke, but as a pair of smokers, she and her husband didn't survive for long, and they both died until Samuel was 25. By this time, Samuel made new plans for the Columbus mix, plans that would make him the next kingpin of the West blue. He started manufacturing the cigars around the ocean, and created a new generation of smokers willing to spend their entire savings on more cigars. The business thrived, and Samuel became as rich as he ever dreamed. After 5 years of successful supplying, Samuel and his wife Melody had their first born: Stanley.

As a man who held a formula to more money, Samuel had to use it, but he trusted no one but his family with the mix recipe. This lead him to see his son as the future supplier of the cigar outside of the West Blue, where the amount of money could be easily multiplied. He hired the best sailors to teach his son the principles of naval navigation ever since he was 5, so he could successfully deliver the mix to the entire world.
The idea of following his dad's footsteps charmed Stanley, and he willingly studied navigation for several years. Then, on his 18th birthday, his father decided to honor him with the recipe, just like his own mother did on his own 18th birthday. Stanley smoked the mix, and was immediately addicted to it. Fortunately for him, he now knew the recipe and was about to be shipped away from home with a ship load of it, the ideal amount. And so, a few weeks later, he left his home island.

He started smoking the merchandise immediately, unable to control his addiction. His assigned crew couldn't stand against the inheritor of the Columbus empire and allowed him to do as he pleased. But it wasn't very long before he started noticing the signs of smoking on his health. He consulted doctors, who advised him to quit smoking immediately, but he refused to believe it was the only way. He escaped to a distant island, with only the mix to keep him company. He hoped to try and create a counter-mix, but he was not a doctor and couldn't do such a thing. His only hope was to train himself in sustaining the smoking damage.

He stayed on that island for 11 years, until he was 30, constantly practicing his breathing and focusing on his lungs. These training resulted in a form of Life Return, that allowed him to manipulate his body into absorbing the damages of smoking without harm. As the years passed, he noticed the damage stopped accumulating, and was even healed. He achieved his goal, and could continue smoking! But after so many years, his father found him to be a traitor, and refused to acknowledge him as his son, relying on his other 3 children to be the future of the Columbus family.

After discovering this horrific truth, Stanley swore to fix the pain he inflicted upon his father, by making himself a successful kingpin and making the money his father craved for. He turned to piracy, and transformed his life return into a fighting style. He used his navigation skills to cross over to the Grand Line, hoping to join a pirate crew and start rolling the bills.

Personality: Stanley is usually a calm, calculated guy who pretty much keeps to himself as long as he has his pipe in his mouth. Without the pipe, it's a whole different deal. When his pipe is absent, Stanley becomes a hot-headed jerk, who only needs the slightest of spark to ignite his rage. In addition, Stanley can be considered a slight pyromaniac, who's favorite hobbies are smoking and watching stuff burn. Even though he isn't the most mentally-balanced guy around he is quite smart, and is not easily fooled.
After losing his father's respect, getting respect fro others is an important issue to Stanley. If he finds someone's action disrespectful towards him he could easily drag it to a fight. Another aspect of Stanley's personality is his will to make it as a pirate, which makes him quite loyal to his crew and captain, as long as they share similar goals.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:

Navigation Skills: Stanley spent a great portion of his life studying navigation, before his mind drifted to smoking. He is familiar with most maps and all navigation tools. He also possesses some knowledge of climate and weather.

Herbal Mixer: Stanley possesses a great amount of knowledge concerning smoking and cigar rolling. He can produce herbal mixes with various effects from common plants, along with the highly addicting Columbus mix that he smokes, with a small touch that is meant to make the smoke more combustible.

Life Return: Respiratory Branch: Stanley discovered this special art on his own while looking for a cure against the damages of smoking. In his level, Stanley can control most aspects of his Respiratory system. He can expend and contract his lungs to control the amount of air he can inhale or exhale, he is capable of producing loud sounds and various voices, but perhaps the most useful aspect of this art is the control over the mucus membrane, which allows him to store and release any gasses or materials that enter his throat, while protecting him from damaging elements.

Smoking Dragon Style: Stanley's way of fighting. By combining years of smoking with a special branch of Life Return, Stanley can utilize smoking for combat purposes. By controlling his respiratory system, from the lungs to the mucus, Stanley can nullify any smoking damage from harming him. In addition, Stanley can store various smoked substances, such as smoke, tar and some combustible elements, in the mucus membrane along his respiratory system, and expel it at will. His control of his breathing also allows him to use his own inhalations and exhalations in various ways.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Smog: By releasing the smoke that is trapped in the mucus along his respiratory system, Stanley can shoot out a thick smoke screen from his mouth and nose. The smoke provides great cover and can choke anyone in it's area (About 5 meters in diameter). Stanley is immune to the smoke.

Styx: By focusing tar from his mucus in his mouth, Stanley can shoot out a concentrated ball of tar. The tar is very sticky and smelly, acting like a mix of glue and mud, which makes moving around a difficult task.

Phlogiston: By combining various flammable elements from his respiratory system and the flame that he carries on his pipe, Stanley can shoot out a 10 meters long cone of flames.

Aurora: Stanley gathers various psychoactive gasses from the mucus in his respiratory system, before releasing them in a misty purple haze. Anyone who is in the haze's area (5 meters in diameter) will be affected by the gasses, and will experience a calm, euphoric feeling, that is accompanied with blurry senses, slowed reflexes and a false sense of security. The effect fades 5 posts after leaving the haze area.

Gust: By stretching his lungs to their limit, Stanley can exhale a powerful gust, capable of knocking projectiles out of their trajectories and blowing enemies back.

Weapons/Items: A golden dragon-shaped pipe, A jar of the Columbus mix, a silver lighter

Character Flaws: No smoking = Rage, irritation, bad mood and all around sadness.

Goals: Gain his father's respect back by becoming a rich kingpin.

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Stanley Columbus (Inactive)
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