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 Forge Island (Needs approval)

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PostSubject: Forge Island (Needs approval)   Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:12 am

Name: Forge Island
Flag: A blue Anvil with a palm tree sticking out of the top
Location: (borders of the grand line)

Ruler/Territory: (The Redbeard Pirates)

Geography: (A tropical island complete with several forests a large stretch on two sides of the island and ending in rocky cliffs at one border leading to a sheer drop into the sea. Many of the forests have springs and lakes were the crocodiles swim and the hogs feed on the fruits from the trees growing there. The island its self is shaped like an anvil Thus the name of the island is derived from this )
Weather: (weather conditions Tropical but this island has seen its share of monsoons and hurricanes)
Population: (Several small villages consisting of humans and fishmen)
Wildlife: (mostly populated by crocodiles and hogs with large tusks A few seakings are known to swim the waters around the island. )
Economy and production: (fruit for food and wine production, crocodile skins for export, a good source of pearls from the areas around the island which locals have been known to dive for )

Defense: (A Large fortification is built at the top of the cliffs on the north side of the island overlooking the islands coasts in all directions, This serves as a base for the Redbeard Pirates who have taken the island as their own and guard it fiercely protecting both the islands people and the pearl and wine trade from the island )
Military: (Local militia but they Depend heavily on “Niirohige” and his men for major threats)

Philosophy and beliefs: A veritable melting pot of cultures and beliefs everything from island deities to the established faiths of normal society.
Government: Local provincial government led by a Governor/Redbeard crew. After arriving on the island “Niirohige” first won over the residents with his gold and goods then invested much of his fortune made in previous years in establishing Forge Island as a legitimate trading post.

History: (Traveling looking for a place to call their own the residents of this island settled there 200 years ago taking refuge, for their melting pot of cultures and beliefs. The colony of Forge Island was established and began to trade with passersby. Over the years fewer and fewer people came to the island as the grandline became more and more dangerous. The people of Forge Island though attempting to keep their civilization all the while became almost fully dependent on their natural resources pearls being in large supply these were the major exports bartered to the few passing ships for supplies. Finally the island was discovered by the Redbeard Pirates who settled it as their base rebuilding and restoring the massive fortress at the base of the cliffs.)
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Forge Island (Needs approval)
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