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PostSubject: Deleted   Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:19 am

Name: Axorato " Sea Hunter " Katsura

Age: 19

Bounty: 0 Beli

Species: Human

Occupation: Pirate, Sniper, Inventor

Allegiance: The Xros Hearts

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue


-Height: 177 cm

Axorato have black short hair. His body was well-built. He have white skin tone. Axorato have black eyes. He usually seen have a pistol hanging on his pant. He wear black boot, black trouser and a shirt with white color on the upper,a stripe red on the middle and black under the single red stripe. When Axorato was facing a tough foe he wear some sort of glasses. Not a glasses, it have only one side and string attached. It look like a normal one but the wearer can direct the foe when he's aim the target.


At the age of 11, Axorato was not a popular kid at school. People usually prank him...and bullied him too. Axorato try not,to go up against them. He don't want to cost trouble too much an yet he alway kept his coolness. One day, the anger broke out. It was a day when a group of bully insult about his family. The truth is that, his parent was an assassin...when they're alive. Axorato was not happy to got the blood of a murderer inside him. He train himself hard. He practice his aiming, and physical body too. He alway hit the right spot when it came to shooting. The bully really anger Axorato as they talk about his parent and he went on beating them, making them unconscious. The bully was the Best of the school, and when Axorato beat them...everything that happen will be expected. Axorato got into a fight all day long, everybody afraid of him as he keeping on defeating one after another. Not even a son of a pirate that he's afraid of. Good thing, it increase his physical body. At one time, he eliminate a pirate crew all by himself. The father of the bully guy found out his son was picked on by Axorato and got pissed off. Yet, when he was sailing with his crew not so far from the coast but not so near to the coast, Axorato take out his pistol which he make it himself and fire a bullet containing substance of exploding in it and when it hit the ship, the ship was on fire and it was burned in a blink of eyes. Axorato was known  as a cold blooded evil guy when he destroy the Pirate Ship. The people misunderstood him, he was just a normal guy and live helping people out. Having enough, he set sail out of the island where he lived at the age of 19.

Personality: A level-headed guy. He have good sense of humor. Also a serious guy. He usually said something scary when he was facing his foe. It's not really lie but he make it sound like so scary.For Example if he's about to fire out the bullet contain fire. Normally, it would just burn the foe but he said that "this bullet have a fire devil in it. One hit and you're done for. It will burn you to ash"

Ship: The Xrossed heart(it is a ship with three masts, 10 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, one prisonroom with one normal cell and one seastone cell, it has 5 trainingrooms, 2 storagerooms and one living and dinningroom

Ship Flag: Flag:the jolly roger skull with crossed swords instead of bones and with a blood pumping heart in his jaws

Devil Fruit: NONE
Type: NONE
Effect: NONE

Special Abilities: Sharpshooting, Sniping

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

- Dragon Pistol
* Fire out a bullet containing fire substance in it also have timer and when it's flying for 15 second, it became a Fire Dragon power

- Frozen Ice
* Fire out a bullet containing frozen substance in it and when it hit his foe, they will be instantly froze.

- Piercing Bullet
* Within his sniping gun, he fire it toward his foe. It went very very fast like a light speed and so strong to pierce through his foe or even a metal.
(Note: It wasn't usually use because it take long time to snipe and it take long time to recharge. So if it hit the wrong target, the guard will be off)

- Net Wrap
* Fire out a bullet with timer of 15 second, and after 15 second it became a Net to wrap the foe

- Lightning Rain
* Took out his bazooka. He didn't fire it to his foe but fire it to the sky. Suddenly, alot of bullet rain down. Most of them are a water substance bullet but like 25% of them are bullet containing lightning. It cover big area, unless soru user can escape the zone. Say what...The user body contain with water because of the bullet rain, imagine getting hit by electric...

- Fury Four
* Use his shotgun to fire out 4 bullet containing 4 element.
Left Bullet: Poison
Right Bullet: Sharp Material (will pierce through)
Above Bullet: Light (Have nothing special, like a normal bullet but can release out light to blindfold foe's eye)
Below Bullet: Explode

- Mr. Lava
* Take out his Lava Shotgun and star to shoot Lava.
(Here is the link to that weapon:
Weapons/Items: Bazooka, Pistol, shotgun,Volcano Shotgun, Sniping Gun, and Bullet contain difference substance in it

Goals: Became one of the best Sniper

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PostSubject: Re: Deleted   Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:10 pm

You'll need to get the bullets approved in the weapon's section before this is checked, since they seem pretty unique.
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PostSubject: Re: Deleted   Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:39 pm

Need Approval Please or Correct me if I'm wrong at some place
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PostSubject: Re: Deleted   Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:23 pm

Approved, even though he seems like he should really not have such an expensive sounding ship.
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PostSubject: Re: Deleted   Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:31 pm

it is my ship gael.
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PostSubject: Re: Deleted   Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:04 am

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