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PostSubject: Deleted   Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:27 am

Name: Xzelaxer Zate "Three Blood"

Age: 17

Bounty: NONE (Bounty Hunter)

Species: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Allegiance: The Order of Black Rose

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue


-Height: 175 cm

Xzelaxer have a gray spiky hair. At the back of his hair it's reach half of the neck only. He have black eye. Scar on his left cheek. Have a normal color skin of Asia people. Average size muscular young man. Nearly Alway carry his weapon "Three Blood" while putting on Kantana on Left side, another on right and spear cross the back sideway (not straight). Usually wear black trouser and black boot. Have a black and white shirt.

History: Xzelaxer is a descendant of a man that have lived proudly but got owned at the near end of his life. That man is Xzelaxer's great Grandparent. That guy involved in a Legendary Story for kid. The story was said that:"

Once upon a time, In a single village...There are Three Brother,Actually they're not exactly brother or have the same bloodline but they swear they will be brother (Like Ace,Luffy and Sabo). They like battling and are the best of them all in the village. The oldest brother own his Beloved Spear. The elder broter got a Kantana, wherever the youngest brother own another Kantana. No pirate dare to attack the village because of The Almighty Brother. One day...Destruction occur. The Three Brother have something in their mind. Who's Stronger among them all? The Three guy went into a very very deep forest argue all way long for who's stronger. The fight tool place and that forest. Sound of echo all over the forest. Animal ran away. Forest was cut. The three's power are quite equal. But after 3 day and night of battle the winner is decided...It's The Second Brother. The other was already died. He took all of the weapon to himself. He walk home within grave injury but this long walk make him realize the fight was pointless. He regret about his doing and commit suicide with the Weapon. All of Three of the weapon have blood on it. Long time pass...the story became a Fairy Tale for kid and no one know the story are true or not. No evidence was shown. But the weapon was named "Legendary of Three Blood" but then was shorten into "Three Blood". "

And that is it. Xzelaxer was so surprise one day when his father told him that he was a great grandchild of the Second Brother. Xzelaxer with surprise ask his father why the Three actually Fight because Xzelaxer noticed that how could they wanna know who's stronger when they all fight on side with each other before. The suspicion was correct. The real reason behind the fight wasn't just testing strength. The book of Tale just framed them. The fight involved with Pirate's Strategy. Within the power of the Three Almightily no one dare to came in so they decide to...Eliminated Them All. They came up with an interesting plan. They have a guy who can Transform into the exact shape as The three Brother. Acting a Bad Nasty guy and make the Three Brother argue then Fight. The plan came out better than expected. It was fast and The Pride of man have been adjust inside the forest. After the battle end The Second Brother realize something about the Pirate but it was too late. Within regret he can't continue on but commit Suicide. 

Xzelaxer asked about the Three Blood Weapon. His father answered that it's now right here in his Father room. Xzelaxer was shocked. Xzelaxer snapped up with some idea. Pirate are all over the world making the Sea became worst. What if he eliminated them all? And the Three Blood weapon will be rise in fame and he can also prove his descendant are the best. It was decided and he beg his father to teach him Weapon Technique. What can we say so from a descendant of a strong guy? Xzelaxer work hard everyday. Finally, at the age of 17 he smile and say goodbye to his Dad and went straight away to the Marine. He beg in front of the Marine gate to make him a schibukai but this is just nonsense. Schibukai is the 7 Warrior of the sea and they can't accept a kid within no bounty on his head. Having enough he set alone on a small rowing boat as a Pirate Hunter

Personality: Outgoing, Carefree and Love Party. Like a good fight and hate to lose. A Lazy guy who don't want to do anything at all. Usually humble and not so proud of himself.


Ship Flag: A single black rose is the emblem

Devil Fruit: NONE

Special Abilities: Using a Custom Weapon. It's a set of Weapon. Have 2 Kantana and One Spear

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

- Single Sword Style: Shadow Slash
* Standing sideway,raising the sword forward the foe. Black aura came from the sword than Xzelaxer making a slice technique and the black aura fly towar the opponent as a cutting technique
- Single Sword Style: Sideway Slice
* Moving sideway quickly around the foe than jump up and try to slice the foe
- Two Sword Style: Dominate Hurricane
* Cross up the two hand, heading his face down than release the inner power of sword costing a quick slashing technique of hurricane
- Two Sword Style: Slashing Combo
* Jump up a little bit higher than the foe and do a two sword slicing technique
- Two Sword Style: Super Slice
* Use a slicing technique rapidly costing the power of cutting fly to the foe and there's lot of them
"Note: Since there are lot of them and Xzelaxer is doing it rapidly, the power may have reduced
- Two Sword Style: Cartwheel Sword
* Xzelaxer jump to the foe and move himself quickly like a fan making the sword go like him too making the foe hard to defense
- Spear Style: Aura Thrower
* Throw the spear engage with power
- Spear Style: Long Whirl
* Xzelaxer jump high up to the sky and above the foe and he fall back within his spear whirling rapidly creating air, foe unable to open their eyes because of the air whirling around. And when their eyes are closed they can't defense so Xzelaxer will strike
- Spear Style: Phoenix Floater
* Xzelaxer do a pose of Phoenix than make a slask technique toward the foe while the power shape like a Phoenix
- Three Blood Style: Legendary Blood
* Run quickly toward the foe while taking out his two sword than thrust his two sword into foe and while the sword are in the foe body, he then withdraw out his spear quickly and make a finishing thrust
*If the user manage to block the two sword: Xzelaxer will fight with his two sword till the foe can't protect anymore, which mean their guard are down to zero he put back his two sword quickly than take out the spear to finish the opponent.
- Three Blood Style: Triple-Combo
* Within his Two sword he do a slicing technique and let the power fly to the opponent's side (it's not gonna hit) while the technique is flying half way through, he withdrew out his spear and do another technique make the power fly in the middle and it went straight to the foe which mean the foe now can't escape because both side are surround by sword technique and middle are the Very fast spear power
"Note: Spear power go faster than sword's"

Weapons/Items: Three Blood

Goals: Make the "Three Blood" weapon well-know all over the world and the strongest weapon.

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Need Approval please!
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Need Re-Approval, Please!!


- Alleigance: The Order of Black Rose
- Appearance: Add Picture
- Ship Flag: A single rose as an emblem
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Thanks, Hysteria!
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