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 Serious:Reaver's chronicles "Overcoming part 2" (Closed)

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PostSubject: Serious:Reaver's chronicles "Overcoming part 2" (Closed)   Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:27 pm

On the isolated isle of Dragboon there is said to be a mystery of some sorts. Those who walk the forest at night are spirited away. There souls become eternally damned wondering around the forest for all time. A little boy screamed with fright hearing about the islands curse for the first time. "ayhhhhhhhhh! oooooh noooes!!!!" The childs grandmother gave him a big warm hug comforting him. "Sweetie thats why you dont ever go into the forest at night." The grandmother continued to stroke the childs head untill he fell asleep. The humble villagers of frogbutt village slept soundly withing the ocean of west blue. For no one ever dared be fooolish enough to wonder around at night.

A Fishmen ship arrived at Frogbutts dock the next day. Thanking the fishmen for the lift Reaver jumped off the ship onto the sandy beach with his huge pack strapped to his back with his belongings. Walking across the soft sand towards the edge of the forest. "Hmmm the merfolk told me the local will age is due North East from here.... Lets see"
Reaver pulled out his compass. "I better get a move on its almost dark id rather not have to camp in this forest."

Entering the forest Reaver travled through the overgrown forest. Walking in the vast maze huge trees and vines and bushes and tall grass. Reaver Noticed all the wonderous flowers and cool looking bugs. Grabbing a bottle from his pack Reaver scooped up a ferw good speciemens. Time past fairly quickly as reaver climed over fallen logs and treaked along. The Sun started to set as Reaver finally arrived in Frogbutt Village.... (Lol)

The villager stationed on night watch grabbed her spear she hurried over towards Reaver. With a frightened look on her face she approvhed her warily. The sunsets light glicened on her dark tan skin as she brushed her black hair to the side. "Stranger what is your perpose here and at this hour!"

Reaver a little nervas around girls stuttered. "Um just a humble merchant I came to trade with your village." The Woman on nightwatch snorted with disbelif. Giving Reaver a hard stare untill he showed her some of his goods. "Well ok sorry I just gotta keep my people safe... well merchant welcome to Frogbutt village =)" The woman escorted Reaver to a small Inn where reaver paid the husky man at the counter and fell asleep for the night.

Morning came as usual as the villagers went about there daily lifes. The streets where busy as Reaver traded his goods with local shops updateing thier merchantdise while buy some cheap mundane items along with some low priced meat. A shrieak could be heard from the market as an insaine looking woman ran through the village screaming and sobbing uncontrollably. "My boy's gone! Jacks gone... Into The Forest! noooo!" The village grew silent as the mothers eyes where a pale white with true terror. an oldwoman came to the shrieaking woman and fell to her feet begging for forigveness. "I told him about the forest sweetie its all my fault!" feeling incredibly guilty the grandmothers cried with her daughter.

Meanwhile the villagers started a serach party after serval hours the village cheif shouyed out to his people. " We have another 2 hours of Day ligt hopefully he did not go too deep in the forest! so stick to the forest edge and do not venture to deep we do not need anymore spirited away!"

After hearing The Mystery of Dragboon himself Reaver decided to also go looking for the boy named Jack. thinking to himself Reaver thought (" im sure the villagers would reward me for solving this mystery and bringing the boy back')

Ignoreing The Cheifs warning Reaver ran as fast as he could deeper and deeper into the Forest. Night fall came to be and Reaver found inself lost in the vst forest of Dragboon. A strage errie mist covered the landscape as the yellow moon elped create starnge illusions within the mist.

Reaver drew His Katana "stay back ghost!" Reaver sliced through the mist hitting nothing. Growing more and more paronoid Reaver jolted in panic somthing in the mist pricked his neck. Slapping his neck Reaver cursed "damned mesquitoes What hu?............" Reaver fell into Darkness

Reaver awoke wearing strange rags and stripped of his weapons and gear. Trying to move but as his luck would have it was all in vain Reaver's arms was tied to a strange totem pole. Men in Tribal clothing wearing Skull masks watched Reaver and 4 others tied to poles as well. The boy Jack an old man the woman from the night watch Reaver had recently met and a strong muscular man with scars all over. Reaver turned to the woman "Hey howd you get here?"

The woman smiled "I saw you go looking for jack I didnt want some ousider getting the best of me so i followed you but I got lost and ended up here hehehehe guess i found you and jack after all my names voilet btw."

Voilet was interupted by one of strange men. "Siolence people of Froggbutt. We are the People of DragonHead!!!!" Soon as the skull masked man said that tbe others cheered. "Entering our forest was a true test of courage for us it means you will tested in order to destroy the cheetah god Rajin Fang!!!!! You will all particapaite in our blood rituals and train with us for our anual arena the Champion of our arena will take our sacrid seastone sword and slay The Chetah god Ranjin Fang!! "

Useing a suringe the man injected reaver and the other 4 with a strange liquid. "This is a slow posion that takes a toatal of 2 months to take full effect. It will slow down your movements and make you feel numb what this will do if make your training even more intense. We will give the antitote to the arena champion before the final fight with Rajin Fang! Now release them!" The oldman started pushed a masked man out of the way trying to make a break for it. By doing so recieved 5 posion arrows in his back.

The woman screamed with rage as the boy cried. Reaver and the man kept there composer. After serval incidents of disobendiance and being beating down the remaining 3 along with reaver too kpart in thier rituals drinking blood and training. Reavers senses and movement was greatly happmered but he mannaged to dodge a few arrows and parry off the trainers. but his body was greatly strainged and the sword wounded and an arrow in his leg Reaver fell to his knees and passed out from blood loss. Resting for the rest of the day Reavers eyes were blurry and could barley move the posion started to grow stronger. Jack cold go through the training so the tribesmen decided to use him for bait for Rajin Fang. Voiolt and the man know as Destro survied the traing as well. This continued for7 weeks. Now Reaver Violet and Destro will have 1 week left for the arena against the Dark tribes strongest to find Rajin Fangs Newest Champion or his sacrifce.

The tournament proceeded over the next 4 days untill only remained. Reaver aced off Agasint Violet while Destro awaited the winner. Each contestant wielded a sword as they stared off at each other.

Violet moaned "I feel the weight behind this poison it hurts! I cant live like this anymore Reaver I need that antidote!"

Reaver though weary smiled at Violet "Have you forgotten why we are here in the first place? have you forgotten Jack and all the others who were sacrificed by Dragon head? Well let finish ths and may the winner end these fiends and there god!"

Reaver sped towards Violet Parring all of her thrusts except a few stabbs to his side. They soon stood back to back. Violet smiled " seems like im unharmed I guess you were no match......"

The rags she was wearing fell off in shreds exposing Violets tender neckade body. Falling to her knees she tried to cover up. A Blade pressed agaisnt her neck. "No Violet I win..."

Preparing to Fight Destro they patched up Reavers wounds and sent him out. As soon as Reaver entered the Arena Desytro was upon his Slashing at Reaver with unbelivably heavy blows. "This guy is hampered by the posion? He must be a monster!" Destro smiled as he slashed Reaver across the chest. Reaver jumped back to try to minamalize the slash but was sent flying the the sheer force. Tubmling backwards he quickly got to his knees clutching his chest. "Damnnit Im gonna have to end this man there no profit in my death.."

Slowly standing up Reaver used a new technic hed devoupled training in these past 7 weeks. "Tradeing off styles two parties. Mercy and Blood tactics Single sword technic!" Reavers body blurred as he danced around Destro with vast speed. Useing the back of his Katana to crush Destros muscles and bruise his body and then he switched out to his blade to slice through the bruises on Destos body. Blood spilled everywhere and Destro body looked like it was ravaged by beasts and scattered around the arena.

The Tribesmen cheer and presented Reaver with the anitdoe. Reaver then gave it to Violet and Jack as they permitted him to rest for the final 2 days before the gfight with Rajin Fang.

Upon awakening Reaver Noticed somthing strange. With the posion gone his moter capabilitys where back and his movement qand strangth returned however doing through the training with the posion had almost doubled his Speed and strenght. As they Presented Reaver with the Seastone sword they traveled to the high peak in Dragboon Where a blackened scorched forest awaited them. Lound cracks of thunder boomed acrossed the cloudy nights sky. As the tribe tied Jakc around a tree and started to drum calling forth there gone.

A pair of yellow eyes glared at the group from a tree a mile from the group The Cheetah Rajin Fang crackled and growled moving faster than lighting he almost instanlty killled 3 of the 5 tribes men that brought them there.

Opening his mouth shot a thunder bolt at one of the drummer roasting him alive. TheRemaining tribes men ran away in terror while violet attempted to untie Jack.

Reaver looked at VCiolet and Jack. "DOnt move a muscles I like this thing ate the lighting Deviil fruit and thats why I was given a seastone sword" Reaver rolled on the ground to the left to avoid a thunder shock and jumped backwards to his left to avoid shocking bite from Ranjin Fang.

"If You Until Jack Use the trees for cover!" Thinking to himself Reaver tried to come up with a plan barly able to dodge rajin's attacks. 'The only chance I have is to fight close to that goddamned cheeta and used this fing sword im gonna die at this rate ahhh!" Reaver was hit by a shock. Slowlying recovering Rajin Fang was already upon his Atempiting to Claw off his face and trying to his chest.

Reaver slashed at Rajin claw chopping it off white Rajin Fang bite into his chest. The moment the seastone connected with Rajin Fang he let go of Reaver and slowly backed away.

Recoving The Big Cheeta Rajin Fang Screeched in pain looseing its right claw Chared Reaver again speeidng around Reaver before he could react SLashing the back of both his legs and attemptying to bite the back of his Neck. Reaver rolled to fell on his back and plundged the seastone sword into Ranjinfang Ranij Fang clawed reaver chest untill the cheetahs life faded away.

Reaver layed there on the scorthced earth. Blood dripping on the ground his stomach torn apart. Violet and Jack ran to him. "Reaver hang on ill try and patch you up!" Grabbing a few medical supplies offa dead tribed man Violet did her best to sew up Reaver while he started to cough up blood. "here take this itlkl help the pain." Giving reaver a greeen liquid he felt much better as Violet helped Reaver get to his feet. It started to rain heavily as they trio went to find shelt came across a cave. Inside was skulls and humans bones scattered everywhere along with bloodstains on the walls and floor. "Reaver whispered to Violet this must be Rajin Fangs Layer Inside was a decent amount of Treasure the tibesmen in Dragonhead offered up to Rajin Fang this put a big smile On Reavers Face as they rested in cave for the next few days.

Reavers stomchaced Growled as he looked around the cave for some food. Finding a strange fruit he picked it out of a treasure chest. Violet was looking for food for the group at this moment with Jack. Reaver frowned looked kinda posionous but im gonna die if I dont eat this. "ewwww grossss! " Reaver tired to wipe the after taste off his tounge. SUddenly he felt a surge of power Reaver's arms tranformed tonto burning wings of blue flames "What the hell is going on?" Suddenly All of Reavers Injures were healed by the blue flames. His wings reverted back into arms. Reaver stared at his hands trying to grasp what just happend.

"Am I going insaine? Violet returned with jack after killing a bear. They began to eat around a small fire. Reaver didnt mention anything about the strange fruit or the wings for fear of what Violet would say.

The Next morning they returned to Dragon Head. The Entire tribe met with them at the entrance of the village Cheering Reaver. The Chief of the village emerged from his tent holding Rajin fangs Cheetah skin as he presented it to Reaver the chief procliamed "Reaver! our chapion you had set us free of our god and driven the blood lust from our heart please except this gift may Ranjin Fangs Furs keep you safe."

Reaver excepted the gift gladly but couldnt figure out there drastic change of character.

The Chief spoke again "We did what we had to do our sacrifces kept Rajin fang away from Dragon head as well as our cousins the Frogbutts. Now begone from here and never speak of this place to anyone."

Reaver took Violet and Jack back where they celebrated and rewarded Reaver with 1,500 belli and free drinks. After gettting compeltely wasted a fisherman offered to give reaver a lift to the next closet island which he excepted graftully.
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Serious:Reaver's chronicles "Overcoming part 2" (Closed)
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