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 Iah Ace Heart(DEAD)

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PostSubject: Iah Ace Heart(DEAD)   Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:39 pm

Name: Iah Ace Heart
Age: 19
Bounty: 30,000,000 belli
Species: Human
Occupation: Assassin
Allegiance: Pirate
Home Village/Ocean: East Blue
Iah has deep cold blue eyes, which are big and really beautiful, he has black eyelashes that are really long and nicely shaped, really manly, eyebrows. His skin is really white and he has jet black hair that goes down to his mid neck and is in a boyish cut, which fits his face and really looks good on him. He is about 185cm tall, being really tall in comparison to other guys his age from where he grew up, and weighs around 60kg, he has a well defined body, defined six-pack and muscles in the arms, but nothing really gross nor excessive, he is really good looking.
He usually uses black jeans that really good look on him, they're kinda skinny but not that much, and they fall to the middle of his butt, showing his boxers a little. He wears a black belt that has a heart made out of silver, and also some skulls randomly placed in the black leather belt. He wears a plain white t-shirt that isn't really baggy and embraces his torso really well, his six-pack visible. He sometimes wears a leather jacket that looks really badass and awesome. He uses black leather biker boots, that are usually untied, and add to his badass appearance.
Iah Ace was born into a family of two, his parents and him, he was really happy as a baby then his sister was born, he loved her too, obviously, but then his parents died, he didn't know what it meant at that moment, since he was really small, around 3, and he was separated from his sister, the only one who he had left, she left to his aunt's in Red Village, and he was sent to another Aunt's house, which was in Orange Town. His childhood was regular, nothing much happened in special, he grew up like any normal kid would do, his aunt was sweet and nice, he felt at home with her, even got to call her 'mommy' sometimes, and she didn't mind, she loved him as if he was her own child, even if it was her sister's, and she didn't mind having him, she never did, but she also had great plans for the child, for Iah, like she called him even if he preferred people to use both his names, Iah Ace, and she was going to start with her plans soon, as soon as he was old enough, obviously, since she wouldn't do something that would hurt him in any possible way.

So as soon as Iah turned 9, the training started, it all started with normal training that he didn't mind, I mean, he thought everything was a game and that it wasn't anything out of the normal, he liked training as well, so it wasn't like he was forced to do something he didn't want to, he ran every morning and night, trained with the sword from 1 to 3, then in the dojo training karate and other things from 3 to 8 where he went to eat dinner and then went to run around town. He really liked being active, even if he didn't know why he needed to learn so many things.

He knew he had to be strong, and he eventually asked his aunt for why had she been asking for him to train, she didn't want to tell him at first, for some weird reason, but eventually she told him, when he was 11, 3 years after his training started, by now Ace already knew how to use Soru and Geppo a little, although he wasn't that good at it yet, and he also knew the basic attacks using the one sword style, ittoryu. She told him everything about her plans, something that Ace didn't like in the least, he knew it wasn't for him, she had planned for Ace to enter this special assassination squad that was going to happen some years from then, it was by the marines so that was why he was getting trained by marines and specialists, he had been chosen out of many children, specially because of the influence, which he had not been aware, of his aunt.

Iah wasn't happy about this, he didn't want to be an assassin, and not only that but he didn't want to be part of the marines, for some weird reason, he just didn't. He would be tied to moving around following someone else's orders and stuff, and he wouldn't be able to look for his sister, since when he turned 10 he decided when he was older he would look for his sister and find her, yes or yes. And joining a marine assassination squad wouldn't let him have the time to look for her. Yes, he thought becoming strong was necessary, but he didn't want to be tied to a squad from the marines. But, if he accepted, or pretended to accept, he would be able to get stronger by the training he needed to have before officially joining the squad.

So in the end he accepted what his aunt told him, not like she had actually asked him, but still. He continued training everyday, all day long, it was fine for him, he enjoyed training and becoming stronger, he knew that as it was coming along, each day he was closer to finding his sister, because as he grew stronger, he knew he was more able to find her, to find Alice. He didn't care that he would destroy his aunt's dreams by escaping the day he had to officially be a marine assassin. His dreams were first, ok well his sister's dreams were first, and then his, but he didn't know about his sister yet, about her dreams. He had to find her first.

When the day came, Ace was around 17 by then, he was already accustomed to kill, it wasn't that bad, or at least he thought, I mean he was trained for being an assassin and assassins have no problem with killing, it was fine for them, and even if Iah didn't want to be a marine's assassin, he was fine with killing, right after being forced to kill so many times, it grew on him that it was fine. One of the things he received in his training, besides the training in whole, was this invisible cloak for the marine's assassin squad. He already knew two types of life return, which was really weird since no one from the recruits knew this, except of course the one chosen for the captain spot. Iah knew life return for his fingers, called Life Return: Claws and one to control his muscles Life Return: Muscles, a great knowledge of the human body because he loved to stay at home and read books that were his aunt's, which had the arteries and different things from the human body, which made him really knowledgeable about it. He also knew some rokushiki techniques, which would be shigan, and some variations, soru and rankyaku.

And he also was the best one for the spot in the assassin squad, he had been praised numerous of times, and they were thinking about making him the captain, but in the end a better person came along, Mariana Star. Iah really didn't care about her, he wasn't going to join the squad anyway, and he ran away from home. His aunt tried to stop him, telling him that she would call the marines so they would stop him and everything, and if he tried resisting he would be killed, and Iah didn't care, he really didn't, he killed her, even if she was like a mother for him, he had to be with his sister, his beloved sister, no matter what. Killing his aunt and running away from home, from the marines and running away from a obligatory spot in the marines got him a bounty of 15,000,000 bellis. Because his aunt was really influential in the marine's world apparently.

He didn't know what to do at first, he guessed starting to look for Alice, but he was only 17 and it would be hard to find her, he tried to get back to where she was supposed to be but she wasn't there, they told him she had ran away, because of a problem with the marines, this was what a local person told him, and then he looked for her anywhere near the place.. but he didn't find her either, he decided that he needed to work in something so he ended up becoming an assassin. Now he wasn't an assassin for the marines, which had been what he was going to do before but wanted to find his sister more than anything, no, he was an assassin for the pirates. Pirates would look for him and tell him who they wanted dead, he would agree and do it, then receive money for it. Now they usually were either normal people, who had some tie with the pirates, or marines. Killing people in whole gave him a raise of 10,000,000 bellis in his bounty, making it 25,000,000 and at that time, he had killed already around 40 people, 25 marines, and the others normal people that for some weird reason the pirates wanted dead.

Now everything would've been fine for Ace the way it was going, but as time passed by more powerful pirates were searching for his help, and he didn't know what to do, the targets were also more powerful and it was getting kind of risky, he didn't know if it would be good if he went alone. But, then he met Joyce Stapleton, or how he would call her most of the time, Captain Lost. He met her when he turned 19, like seriously on his birthday. And then she asked him to join her crew, they were the same age, and Iah didn't mind joining this girl's assassin squad, it actually meant that they would work together and get everything better. Now this intrigued him slightly because that girl, Joyce, knew about Mariana Star, the captain of the marine assassin squad. But he still trusted her. Being part of the known assassin squad made his bounty raise to 30,000,000 bellis.

Ace was part of the assassin squad for a while, some months, again. And then he finally found his sister, partly thanks to the bounty posters, which told him she's still alive. He met her at the entrance of the grand line and took her to another place. She didn't mind even if her 'boyfriend' was there, she wanted to be with her brother who she hadn't known until then. She was glad that she had actual family left. Nice family.

Iah is still with Alice and they're looking for a crew to join, as Alice left the Blizzard Pirates to be with her brother.

Personality: Ace is really handsome so he doesn't mind flirting with girls and being flirted by girls, he thinks girls are way beautiful than guys although he's bisexual, he came out of the closet when he was 16, noticing that he not only felt attracted towards girls but also guys, it was kinda weird at first but in the end he got used to it. He loves only one person in the world and that is Alice, his sister, even if he didn't remember her exactly, she was the only thing Iah has left, for that reason he looks for her, to meet her and make her happy even if he has to die to make it happen. He likes having fun, and doesn't mind killing, now he won't kill for no reason, unless it's an order from his captain, because he has more morals than that, although he eventually likes seeing blood to some, sane, point, if it's sane at all.

He likes reading and going out with friends as well, although being an assassin he doesn't have the chance of going out that much, considering that he has missions and training to do, which drains him a lot, but he loves doing it. Eventually, even if he wasn't like that when he was little, he grew to love training, he knew he would need to be really strong if he wanted to meet Alice, his beloved sister, and he would do anything for her, he really would do anything for her. His favorite book is Alice in Wonderland because he thinks about his sister while reading it, imaging if she would be like Alice Liddel or the opposite, it didn't matter to him though, he already loved her and it wouldn't change no matter how she was. He doesn't mind killing.

Special Abilities:
  • Life Return: Claws: This life return ability concentrates in the fingers, the use of this is so the user is able to get his fingers really stronger and be able to be like claws, for animals. Ace got to acquire this ability after training a lot, since most of the training he did consisted in his fingers being stronger, he needed them to be stronger, so eventually he found out that if he trained hard and tried, he would be able to get his fingers stronger when he needed them, something called Life return, even if this technique wasn’t known so much because it was for the CP9s in the world government, he found about it in the book her aunt had, it was supposed to be about marines, he didn't know if her aunt liked marines or something like that, considering that she had a book like that, but not like he really cared. With the life return claws, he's able to strengthen the proteins in the fingernails, he manipulates his cells to grow them as well, and increases the calcium in the fingernails to make them stronger and harder, so they're not easy to break.
  • Great Knowledge of the human body: Since little Iah was always interested in learning about the human body, because, the way he thought about it at least, was that humans should know how their body works, because it's a weakness to not know how it does, so he read everything he had in hand about the human body, from the arteries to the important organs that were in the body, he also investigated about places that were really sensitive and that would cause damage to the enemy, he didn't exactly know why he should care about this, but it was in his blood, the crave for knowing things like that was in his blood, he didn't know why, he didn't really want to know why, but he just felt it.
  • Lots of Stamina: Due to training hard since he was 9, Iah developed lots of stamina and resistance to hard work and long races, and different things like that, he doesn't mind working hard and only gets tired after lots of effort, which means hours straight, with no rest.
  • Life Return(for Muscles): Life Return is a rare skill that works to boost the user’s control over their own bodies to extensive levels. These powers can range from control over the digestive system to control over the lungs, or even over hair. These techniques focus on the muscles, strengthening their capabilities, shrinking the space they take up, and turning them into formidable defenses.
  • Ittoryu: "One Sword Style"

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
  • Shigan: is a close-quarter combat technique, in which the user pushes their finger into a certain target at a very high speed, leaving a wound similar to a bullet wound, making guns unnecessary. It is a very useful technique that can connect rapidly and accurately, which works well with the rokushiki users' impressive speed and agile techniques
  • Shigan "Oren": This attack is simply a rapid-fire version of the normal Shigan technique that hits the enemy multiple times.
  • Rankyaku: is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by kicking at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body.
  • Soru: allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power.
  • Life Return: claws: cutting claws: Iah uses his life return to make his fingernails strong and pointed, he uses also shigan to hit his enemy with the power of a bullet and moves his arm creating a deep cut in the body of his enemy.
  • Life Return: claws: dagger: Using his life return abilities Ace makes his fingernails grow and be really strong, making his fingers be together and so the hand is like a really sharp dagger ready to pierce through his opponent.
  • Life Return: claws: human paralyzing: Using his knowledge of the human body, and his ability to strengthen his fingernails like if they were claws from animals, Iah quickly stabs slightly each sensitive point in the skin of his opponent, in soru like speed, and makes him be paralyzed for 1 post, although the opponent might feel a little sore after it.
  • Basic Muscle Advancement: Iah’s muscles simply work… better. The heart, the digestive system, the arm and leg muscles: all of these and more perform their actions more easily, fluidly, and when necessary, in sync. The muscles also need less oxygen to perform their functions, helping them last longer. This gives Ace a general boost to the machinations of his muscles, allowing them to perform actions more fluidly, with less stress, and generally with a lesser chance of something ridiculous going wrong.
  • Muscle Strength: Ace strengthens the muscles of his limbs, increasing their strength with more ease. Not too much of a change yet, but still impressive. Ace gains more physical strength.
  • Muscle Tensing: Iah consciously tenses every single muscle in his body, while implanting his feet into the ground as solidly as possible. Ace numbs some of the damage he’d receive from a blunt attack, and also becomes much harder to knock over or knock back. Unfortunately, this technique is nowhere near the level of Tekkai, so it has rather low limits.
  • Muscle Endurance: Ace consistently builds up his muscles’ endurance to pain and tearing, by strengthening the muscles in a different way than in Muscle Strength. Iah's muscles are less likely to tear and can take more damage from strikes without feeling as much pain in his muscles.
  • Muscle Compactness: In order to increase flexibility (and catch opponents by surprise), Ace compresses and hides his muscles somewhat, making his muscles seem smaller than his capabilities would suggest. Iah looks, on the outside, wimpier than he really is: this also helps Ace bend more easily, without potentially huge muscles getting in his way.
  • Muscle Persistence: Ace has almost no soreness in his limbs after strenuous activity, removing the problems associated with overusing the muscles. The muscles no longer get sore after strenuous activity, removing the negative effects of Muscle Efficiency.

  • Invisible Cloak
  • He has a short sword but he almost never uses it, he carries it in his backpack just in case.

Goals: Spend all of his life with his sister, Alice Heart. And protect her.

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Killed off by Mail.
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Iah Ace Heart(DEAD)
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