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 Which Straw Hats are you like?

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PostSubject: Which Straw Hats are you like?   Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:23 pm

So since we seem to have a lot of people who seem to know what Straw Hats their personality and manorisum fits the most. I chose to make this thread to keep a record of it instead of just having it pop up once in the Chatbox.
Just follow these's simple guide lines to make it easier for people to follow.

Straw Hat I'm Like: (Name)

Why Am I like said Straw Hat:(Please make it at least 2 paragraphs.)

I am also like (Name another Straw Hat): (doesn't have to be as long, maybe just a paragraph)

Straw Hat I'm like: Monkey D. Luffy

Why Am I like said Straw Hat: The reason I'm like Luffy is because our personality and way of life are practically the same. Luffy's since of Justice is strong to a point to were he thinks he should fix certain things that are wrong such as a women being abused by a man, he'll take the man down. Some one steals from the elderly, he'll go get it back. The same way is with me. If it find something that I feel needs to be stopped or helped, I'll devote all my time into fixing what has been wronged. I've really always had that since of Justice. Though I don't like being the Hero so I don't come for the glory, I come because I know whats right.

Luffy loves to be around people who make him happy. He truly values the title "Friend" and doesn't pass it around like a high five. He chooses who he likes by their actions and personality instead of their shared interest like most of society does today and labels them as friends. I really won't call you my friend until I've talked to you and learned how you react to things and how you act in situations or what you believe in or how your heart is.

Luffy dislikes those who are cruel, and I am the exact same way. Those who treat people poorly or like dirt instantly send me into a hellish burning rage. Almost to the point of wanting to fight said person. Although I'm a bit more of a critical thinker then Luffy. I'll still do something rash and with instinct then using my head and planning it out. Sure that's bad, but its a rare occasion that I'll do something like that.

Luffy loves to eat and when he's hungry he's utterly useless. I'm the same way, if I'm hungry I completely shut down. Nuff said on that part. We all know Luffy love's adventure and exciting things, as do I. I actually love to free run in the wilderness and see different things like montians and huge open fields.

I am Also Like Sanji: I'm like Sanji for two main reasons. I'm a huge lover of the women I find beautiful, I actually get his entire personality. I NEEEEEEED LADY, okay I don't yell that, but you catch my drift. I also love to cook, I'm in Culinary Arts School right now to be exact. I plan on opening up my own restaurant in the future. I also have chosen Sanji's way of fighting, due to my long legs, its easy to execute his techniques. Still working on the Spinning Dish move and the Gyro Jezla
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PostSubject: Re: Which Straw Hats are you like?   Thu Jan 05, 2012 8:45 pm

I like to think i have a little of all of them, thats why i love the series...

Ruffy's simplicity, Usopp's courage, Chopper's kindness, Roronoa's pride, Sanji's depravity... lol
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PostSubject: Re: Which Straw Hats are you like?   Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:01 am

i would go with Captain Usopp-sama!
lol his fears and reactions to everything pretty much fits me like a glove.
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PostSubject: Re: Which Straw Hats are you like?   

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Which Straw Hats are you like?
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