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PostSubject: Solomon   Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:33 pm

Name: Solomon
Age: 11 (Adult for the race)
Bounty: 0
Species: Spotted Hyena
Occupation: Scout, Martial Artist
Allegiance: Pirate
Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line

Appearance: Solomon is a Spotted Hyena that reaches to the height of 4'3" and weighs in at about 7 stone. Solomon has short, light brown fur with black spots dotted all over it. The most prominent of these black spots are on his neck where 3 reside (Due to the other being covered by his outfit. He constantly wears one outfit and no other. This outfit was the one that was given to him at The Nezumahan Project. This is a white Gi, with a black rim (Around the collar and cuffs). With this, there is also a black belt wrapped around his waist.

Solomon was born into captivity in a World Government project known as "The Nezumahan Project". Solomon was taken away from his mother who seemed to be extremely ill, most likely to both malnutrition and just having given birth to a litter of Hyena Pups. Solomon was given his name by the man he would soon spend most of his life with in captivity. Solomon soon began to think that this person was infact his parent due to being around him most of the time and being fed a mixture of weird plant and meat from him. Soon enough, instead of learning to walk on all fours, Solomon began to learn to walk on both feet like a Human and was able to talk. At the young age of three, Solomon's "parent" began to teach him in the ways of Taekwondo. He excelled as he had nothing to do all day, everyday but train, eat and sleep. Solomon did talk, but only when he was going over a new technique with his "parent". At the age of eight, Solomon had finally become equal in his fighting capabilities with his "parent" and had managed to beat him. His training continued but his "parent" became more harsh and more demanding. Starting to mistreat Solomon and not even feed him if he did not meet to good enough standards. By ten years of age, an unknown inmate on this Island had managed to break free and was starting to release the inmates one by one. Solomon saw this as an opportunity and began to follow the crowd of Animals and started to swim away from the Island, going towards the closest one. He continuously island hopped, hoping to get away from the Island where he was brought up.

Personality: Solomon seems to be calm and collective most of the time but does sometimes have outbursts of emotion. These are quickly dissapated though and he goes back to his usual state. Certain people may call Solomon "cold hearted" due to the fact that he seems to hold no sympathy or empathy of any kind, but may feel for other people due to the fact he will take the option were the least casualties are expected.

Ship: N/A

Devil Fruit: N/A

Special Abilities:

  • IQ Enhanced: Solomon was continuously fed and surrounded by IQ for most of his life and has managed to gain the biological structure, intelligence and speech of a Human.
  • Hyena: Due to Solomon being a Hyena, he has increased speed and strength.
  • Hyena-eyes: Again, due to being a Hyena, Solomon has increased perception but also has night vision. The night vision is to the degree that he can see things as if it was day.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

  • Axe kick: Solomon jumps into the air and attempts to kick his opponent with his heel from above.
  • Crescent kick: Solomon raises his leg as his as possible, across the body. Going back across, he increases the speed and strength of the kick as the leg goes towards the opponent.
  • Hook kick: Solomon faces away from the target. He raises his leg as he jumps towards the opponent and extends it in mid-flight.
  • Ridge strike: Solomon keeps his hand firmly open and attacks by using the edge of the hand.
  • Palm strike: Solomon uses the bottom of the palm to strike. This creates more of pushing strike than a damaging one (Though it is damaging in areas such as the jaw and nose)
  • Knife strike: Solom keeps his hand firmly open, attacking with the end of his fingers (To make use of the short claws)

Weapons/Items: N/A

Goals: To show that Animals have the same rights as Humans.
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PostSubject: Re: Solomon   Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:19 am

Basically he's got the Hito Hito no Mi, without a Devil Fruit? That's a tad absurd, and perhaps even a little rulebendy, but... okay.

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