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 Nathan ''Green Beast'' Shardo

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PostSubject: Nathan ''Green Beast'' Shardo   Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:14 pm

Name: Nathan ''Green Beast'' Shardo

Age: 22

Bounty: 0 Belli, 55,000,000 Belli

Species: Human

Occupation: Swordsman

Allegiance: Bounty Hunter, an independent pirate yet loyal for the Dusks... [The Dusk Pirates]

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue, Orange town

Appearance: Nathan wears low boots. The boots are black. Under the boots Nathan wears black socks. His legs are muscular. He also wears jeans. The jeans are blue and baggy. On the jeans there is a big pocket on the right side. The jeans also have a belt but the belt isn't strained. Still on the belt there is a sheet of a katana. His katana handle and sheet is green, black and the handle is a little yellow. He wears a big black T-shirt; the T-shirt has a lot of holes and scratches. On his arms he wears always bandages the bandages are from his fingers up till the elbow o both arms. Nathans body is muscular as his arms are. Nathans face is more of a serious kind with green eyes. His hair is middle long. but most of the time he hides his face under the hood. So yes he also wears a cape. The cape isn't on his back fully. The cape is over his left shoulder. The hood is attached to the cape which is brown. Nathan is a right hander.

History: Early life - Nathan was born in East Blue, in a little town called Orange ton. He lived there with his mother and father. He was a young happy and in the town well known kid. People always smiled when they saw him, even though he was one of the biggest trouble makers in the whole town. One time he burned the shop down, he also sunk a ship at the harbor! We can't say people weren't mad at him. But he was a great young child who also helped a lot to redeem himself, so they forgot his pranks and mistakes fast. When he grew up he wanted to be a marine.
There was never an attack in Orange Town. But in the outskirts of Town there was an old guy living, who apparently was a Bounty Hunter in his young days. The old guy always told stories to Nathan. But there were also a lot of stories about him told. Well not really any bad stories but people said he was sailing the Grand Line on the most god forsaken places there are. He wasn't trying to get to the end but just explore the whole Grand line and every little mysterious hole there was. He was a so called adventurer and he lived by killing pirates, so he was also a Bounty Hunter. The stories also said that he is a great swordsman, and if that’s true he is the only actual fighter in the whole town.

Stories the old guy told to Nathan were mostly about his adventures on the Grand line like killing Sea kings, stealing from pirates, finding treasure, helping towns, peoples and all that stuff, only the word being alive was almost every story spoken from the old guy. On the sea you can do what you want and are totally free the old guy said, ''you know Nathan, people in town surly told you about pirates right? Well no... They are not as bad they said, I never was a pirate myself but I acted like one and I've made same decision sometimes as pirates. So do you think I'm a bad old guy now? Well I don't really know if that makes me pirate but I never sailed under a pirate flag so I probably never was one. Anyways as it is, as it was I lived with no regrets! Remember Nathan that whatever you choose, don't regret it afterwards!'' Those words got into the head of Nathan.

Still he didn't care pirate or not, just the whole thing of being alive inspired him to go out to see and the Grand line someday. How will you live there asked him curious the old guy, Nathan smiled and said I will eat and drink! The old guy started to laugh as hard as he could. It's clear that the old guy knew he eventually had to fight to survive. So he told him all about himself protecting when pirates attacked him, protecting people in town, cutting ships apart with only one little sword. Nathan asked the old guy if he could teach him as a swordsman.

The old guy tested Nathan and started saying that he would never be a good swordsman, and that he is too clumsy, Nathan got eventually angry and the old guy said he shall show his skills then. It was the old guys plan to make him angry and drive him into practicing right after he asked him. That night they were fighting till the morning with some bamboo katanas. Parents of Nathan weren't scared because Nathan was not home it. It was not the first time when Nathan stayed by the old guy the whole day and night. He also ate there. In a town with just one kid Nathans best friend and also his master was the old guy.

Appearing of Emeraude - Nathan got big eventually and was already 16 years old. He was training since the 9th year with the old guy. One night Nathan ran into the old guy’s house screaming: THEY FINALLY ALLOWED IT!! I'M GOING TO SEE!! This meant that Nathan’s parents allowed Nathan to actually go out to the sea. The old guy was happy for Nathan that he will go to see. So the old guy said with a calm voice: So the time eventually came. Old guy looked at Nathan and calmly said. You are a good swordsman now, but are you planning to go to the dangerous see with a bamboo katana? Nathan looked a little surprised and didn't answer.

''Huh... Nathan, you might be a good swordsman, but still how often did I told you! Use your head more than your skills...!'' The old guy said Nathan and continued: You will need a good katana for this journey; sit down Nathan let me tell you a story. Nathan was already 16 years old but got never bored or too old for listening the old guy’s stories. The old guys began talking about one of his adventures. He always remembered that he was in the most god forsaken places on the Grand line. And one time he eventually got on a way which would lead him to a sword, a sword that was actually a myth a sword that had thousand of legends told about.

The legend about the Nijigan no Ken and about the Emeraude. The legend said about a group of talented blacksmiths who lived a long time behind. And actually this blacksmiths decided to craft some of the finest swords. Called Nijigan no Ken which means ''Second dimension sword(s)'' which would represent swords which are way too different to be placed in the dimension we are in so they were called Second dimension sword.. And eventually there is or were 7 of them! Anyways the old guy was telling the whole night on how he found the sword. The old guy said where he eventually found the sword he was looking for. It was kept as a so called ''god'' to some villager on the island; well sadly the villager got mad after losing the sword and killed all of his nakama. With only one injured Nakama left and himself being deadly injured. He took the sword and went. He lost all of his nakama, the last one died because of being injured too much.
The old guy left the island this all was happening on, a so called secret island, stopped being a Bounty Hunter and went back to Orange Town where he was born. All because of his sadness losing all of his Nakama. He said he has this sword hiding on this island. And it belongs to him now, so he can go to the sea and become a great swordsman. They walked in the middle of the night to the other side of the island, Where they dug up a hole, in the hole was a chest. They took the chest out and opened it, inside was a green sheet, with a green and black handle looking out of the sheet at the end. When Nathan took the katana he felt the presence of the sword. He took it out of the sheet and got amazed of the blade. The blade was Sharp! And the katana in whole very Light, on the blade was a nice green flame sample. As soon as Nathan took the sword he was ready to set sail.

Saying good-bye and Open Sea - Nathan was fully prepared to set sail. One day before he was planning his set sail he went to the old guy. The old guy was happy for Nathan to leave but also sad. The old guy said to Nathan: Sit down kid, let me tell you one last story.. As always Nathan sat down and listened carefully. The old guy told him all about him 72 years ago the planning to set sail. He also had a family which he had to left and all the details. Nathan wanted to leave for the sea on the other hand he wanted to stay. His last day before setting sail he spent at home with his mom and dad. The next day he got up fast. And made his stuff ready. At the very end he took also his new katana Emeraude.
He went together with his parents to the old guy where they went together to the shore. At the shore a little boat was tied up, a boat made of the finest wood, it was the property of the old buy but he gave it to Nathan. So it was about 10 o'clock in the morning and Nathan left. The last words the old guy said to Nathan were: Use your head, trust your faith. Nathan remembered the words well and went to the sea. As the time passed Nathan got used to his new katana more and more. He knew it is something special. The old guy taught Nathan a sword style called Ittoryu or Ittoryu Iai.

Because Nathan felt so connected to the sword, he knew all about his sword he also created a new sword style, called Emerondo. Nathan remembered one of the things the old guy said to him; he shall use his head more. Well the sword style Emerondo is all about using his focus, concentration and head. Also the sword gave Nathan some sort of ability. Ability of a snake. He can now better see, better hear, better smell, he also feels the area around him, and also the flow and energy in the area. This helped him to read the enemy very good. And maybe even sometimes know what he is about to do. The sword style Emerondo isn't much about cutting everything there is but more just about hearing and feeling the breath around him. And to feel the flow so he knows how to strike.

Emeraude gave him a strong sense of a snake. He now fights almost using just his head, which doesn't mean that he has no skill. The skills he evolved by creating this sword style are short said amazing and deadly! Nathan ended up joining an organization for bounty hunters, to kill pirates and some kind also marines. But on what will be in the future we can say that Nathan only started. So here he is now, in the Grand line, hoping to make someday a name for himself. Which he sure will!

Personality: Nathan is a positive serious guy. He does laugh a lot and makes jokes but he is still one of the more serious kinds. Nathan most of the time trains so he would become one of the strongest swordsman living. He likes company and people around him, but most of the time he doesn't get this. Nathan is a polite person and always gives a lot respect to people around him and his enemies. Nathan always goes into dangerous situations if he has to reach something, he has been told to always trust his faith by a good friend so that’s what he does every single time he is facing a dangerous situation, he likes fighting a lot, and always tries to improve. He would do everything what it takes to protect the people he likes, well cause he actually has no friends where he is now..

Ship: It's a boat made of one of the finest wood. It's 3 meters in length, and has one mast which is 4 meters high. The mast has also a sail but the sail is weak and almost destroyed. The boat has no name.

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: None
type: None
effect: None

Special Abilities:
Sword style; Emerondo ;
1. Sword Style: It's a sword style Nathan created alone. He thought of it after he got the Emeraude sword, well actually the sword gave him influence about this style. The style can be done by using as many swords as the user wants. The style is about being focused and concentrated as about you and in the same time about the enemy, read his vision, thinking of possibilites in the sight of himself and the enemy, also reading the enemy through his soul, and behavier which explains also the fighting. Well thats about the vision of the style. About the fighting isn't very diffrent. The fighting is always done with a certain flow and is never done with aggresion. Nathan mostly fells the ''flow'' of things in the area so he knows how, what and when to strike. Also always listens to the ''breathe'' of the things around him and also his enemy. The techiques are always done with a [Light and Sharp] flow.
2. Meaning: The sword style Emerondo is actually the name of a beast which acording to legend represents the unexisted world, Emerald. The beast is in a shape of a snake, and also acts like one so does the sword style. It works just if the owner of the sword Emeraude is ''connected'' with it. The sword expresses his though the owner in this case, Nathan. The sword style actually works only if the wielder is connected with the sword and has the '7th sin'. The snake sin. The sword style can create also an aura to Nathan. With no actual use but just look, green snake eyes and the snake teeth...
3. How it works: How the Sword style works can be easy and complicated at the same time. But for example when the master of the sword style random cuts the air anywhere he wants, he can with deep focus actually make the cut damage travel through the air (of course if there is something between the cut start and the cut destination it would be cut too) and make the actual damage apply somewhere else and not where he swinged with the sword.' (similar to how a cut can travel with the help of schockwaves through the air) but in this case the cut dissapiers and travels through the vibrations in the area and the damage of the slice applys right before the target. The enemy can't know whether it will be from above or from infront or from behind. This is the very basic of how the Sword style Emerondo works.
Emerondo Guard - We could say it's a part of the Emerondo sword style fighting. But it's a defense style.. So we can actully have Emerondo on 2 parts.. The normal ''Emerondo'' and ''Emerondo Guard''. Emerondo Guard allows Nathan to moslty move attacks out of the way or maybe even deflecting them a little. The way it works is Nathan is trying to move the attack (bullets, cuts, schockwaves) out of the way by a little help of his sword when he also might deflect some attack or use it as his advantage in dodging, some sort of fluid movement.
Super human-speed - Allows Nathan to move at high speed.
Snake Sense/Sin - Actually a sense of a snake. Increases Nathans smell, hear and see. And also clears his mind, increasing his concentration and focus. Felling the area and the ''flow'' around him. Something similar on what Kung-Fu masters use [advanced Life-Return]
Arm Combat - Again this is possible just because his 7th sin, the Snake Sin. So Nathan can actually also fight without a sword, because of the Snake Sin he does know and feel the human body, which helps him by attacking the biggest weak points in the human body. While fighting he is using soru speed.
Cut Level - Steel

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):


Hebi ni kama - [Literally meaning; Snakes Bite] Nathan holds his sword vertically infront of him, concentrating on enemy, and then striking through his enemy with soru speed just like a snake.
Midori Sekai - [Literally meaning; Green World] Nathan slices with his sword diagonally. While also making weird movemenets with his sword, the result is the cut in the sky starts to extend and pointing in all kind of directions just from a single normal cut. Even Nathan himself can't predict where the slice is gonna spread too. The cut is a greenish colour which spread all around the sky and floor.
Emerarudo Arashi - [Literally meaning; Emerald Storm] Nathan start very fast cutting the air. He can do it just infront or all around him, He makes as much cuts he wants, and after his last cut all of the cuts he made are send flying at the same time. It seems like it's raining green cuts.
Hebi no Me - [ Literally meaning; Snake Eye] Nathan starts to rotate his sword infront oh him with both of his hands just like a propeller, before the blow his arms reduce a little and then again stretch again. It creates a circle cut which can makes holes in stuff just like a big bullet.
Hebi no Kurōru - [Literally meaning; Snake Crawl] Nathan uses his fast speed (soru) and runs side to side and also jumps a little in between in the area. When he stops and puts his sword back to it's sheet, the cut that was made while he was running around slices everything apart he ran by, moslty also the floor.
Kirichigae - [Literally meaning; Cross Cut] Nathan first slices vertical but the slice doesn't affects yet, and after that he slices one more time horizontal right in the middle of the last slice after that both slices take effect together, for some time they are going though the air as a cross but after few seconds it seperates in 4 slices which probably suprise the enemy.
Būmeran - [Literally meaning; Boomerang] Nathan hold the sword diagonally pointing down and the sharp end pointing toward Nathan, he uses his hand in the position to hold the owrd diagonally, he just swings it up so it points diagonally in the sky, and then the sharp end is turned towards the enemy, and then again Nathan slices fast an diagonally back to the position it was before, which creates a slice that rotates like a boomerang and goes through, around and back through the enemy slashing in the ground 3 meters away from Nathan.
Emerondo Secret Technique; Emerondo - The name is the same as the name of the actual sword style, because it's his most powerful and main attack. Nathan closes his eyes for about 3 secon when he opens them he has light green snake eyes. He ''disapiers'' and shows up after a few second, the result is all of the area is being cut by several cuts coming from all directions leaving no scape for even a littla air. Porbably cutting and melting everything in the area. It's done by using his super speed and running and jumping around the area slicing in all sides creating the slices to bounce one from another and make more slices out of one facing more ways.
Emerondo Guard:
Tsumujikaze - [Literally meaning; Whirlwind] Nathan is dodging the attack in the way that he feels with his Snake Sense where the bullets, slices etc. might go and jumps towards them diagonally while rotating like a Whirlwind. He has both of his arms streched down, and thats also where he hold his sword. Because of his position in the air and the position of the sword held in his hand plus the rotation all the attakc that eventually would hit him, just glide next to him away cause of the Whirlwind effect. The most important part has here still the sword.
Kanjite Ikiru - [Literally meaning; Live Feel] Best used against a storm attack ( a lot of bullets, slices etc.) This technique is something special before getting attacked Nathan puts his sword back to its sheet, closes his eyes and concentrates on the flow of the area. Because of his Snake Sense he might feel where the energy about damage, pain dead is the lowest and moves to that location mostly with soru speed. Chances that any of attack will hit the area he predicted it's safe is 30%.
Ikite iru Ken - [Literally meaning; Living Sword] Nathan focuses on the attack coming toward him , may that be bullets or anything else, using his super speed to move the sword and just reflects the thing coming up to him. This is only possible because of his high focus, concentrate and imrpoved see as hear.

Weapons/Items: Nijigen no Ken; Emeraude, Plate chest under his T-shirt.

Goals: To destroy everyone above him and become the best swordsman ever lived.

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Updated the bounty due to the recent events in the Dusk Pirates thread. Already talked with the captain (Maxulus).
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Nathan ''Green Beast'' Shardo
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