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 Agthala's RP Index

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PostSubject: Agthala's RP Index   Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:55 pm

Main Section Characters
Sakura Jioni - Pirate (Musician/Assassin)(Dark Isle Assassins)
Ikari Rabu - Pirate (Cyborg Shipwright) (Flame Fist Pirates)
Morpheus "The Shaper" Hypnos - Pirate (Helmsman)(Two-Sided Adventurers)
Krankheit "Plague Doctor" Jikken - Pirate (Doctor)(Two-Sided Adventurers)
Miles Raleigh - Pirate (Shipwright)(Echo Pirates) Devil Fruit User
Olrar Silversmith - World Government (Cipher Pol 9 Agent) Devil Fruit User
Tirian "The Monk" - Pirate (Fishman Helmsman)(Purple Heart Pirates)

Advanced Section Characters
Ikari Rabu - Revolutionary (Cyborg Shipwright)
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Agthala's RP Index
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