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 Hirou Island

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PostSubject: Hirou Island   Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:44 pm

Name: Hirou Island
Flag: Trident going through a solid gold crown. 4 Gems in each corner; Ruby (Top Left), Saphirre (Bottom Left), Emerald (Top Right), Black Onyx (Bottom Right). The background is completely white.
Location: South Blue

Ruler/Territory: King Jiko Qyrien

Geography: The island itself is shape much like a plant-cell, being much like a stretched hexagon. The island is surrounded by a large mountain range, covering all but the south side of the island. Within the mountain range, at the most northern point, is the fabaled Mount Etoi. This mountain is the largest of the mountain, also acting as a beacon for sailors, or pirates. The peak of the mountain cannot be seen due to clouds obsurcing it. The island gradually grows in altitude the further north you get, with one point at the tallest point of the land being a larger hill. Around the mountainous areas of the island, in the sea there is a coral reef close to the surface of the water, yet stop at the western and eastern-most points of the island. These reefs stay close to the island, making it unlikely that ships will be harmed by them. The places that are not the beach, mountain area or the small settlement of Humans, is a dense jungle. In the mountainous areas, closer to the bases than the top, IQ are found but are kept clear of due to many rumours around the town about it being as close to the Devil as Devil Fruits are.

Weather: The weather on Hirou Island is rather warm when not in the mountain range. The hottest point on the island is the Fortress, which resides ontop of the hill and can reach the temperature of 35C during midday. The highest recorded temperature for the island was 40C. The lowest point usually is around 15C at night. In the winter, the temperature can reach as high as 25C, and usually drops to about 5C at night. In the mountain range, due to the high altitude, the temperature is much colder, reaching to an average of 0C in the summer at night. In the winter, the mountain range is much colder, seemingly uninhabitable, having an average of -10C. In the centre of the island, is it rarely windy due to the large mountain range around the island. The only wind comes from the south. The most common type of weather in Hirou Island is either the island being sunny or rainy. The rain can last for an extremely long time, being one or two days without stopping, but is not extremely heavy. The sun itself can glare on the island and creates extremely warm summers but keeps the island at a more reasonable level in the winter.

Population: Hirou Island has a vairety of different races that are natural to it. When the humans moved to Hirou Island, at first they found nothing but soon came across two tribes in the jungle. These two tribes are the Longarms and Longlegs. Ever since the humans moved here, the two tribes have been constantly fighting each other. It is unknown why this has come to be. For a long time, the Humans thought that it was only them and the Longones but after exploring the island more, the Humans managed to find a gaping enterance in the base of Mount Etoi. In this mountain lived the Dwarves, who seemed to be solitary beings. The humans left these people alone. Though the only races are the Humans, Dwarves and the Longones, the island does have the necassary materials to harbor Cyborgs, though only one has been created as of late.

Wildlife: The island has a large range of animals, most of them not being too dangerous. The most seen of animals to the Humans is the Super Sparrow who resides in the mountain range of the island. This species is most seen as it can be seen flying over the single town several times in a day.
The Super Sparrow is not the only bird that lives on Hirou Island though, there is also the South Bird and the North Bird. The South Bird was natural to the islands but the North Bird was brought there by Humans who voyaged to settle on this new island. After many generations, the North and South Bird have interbred to create the Eastern and Western Birds, but this is rare. All of these birds are found in the Jungle.
Though both of these Animals are relatively kind towards the inhabitants, the Island does have rather aggressive animals on the island too. These animals are the Wild Panthers and Wild Boar. Though they are not overly seen as they tend to keep away from the Human Settlement, they are usually found in large clusters.
The weirdest creature to be found on the island is the live Den-Dens (Den Den Mushi without phone attatched). These stay closer to the Human Settlement, most likely as a way to find a safe area in which no dangerous animals are found.

Economy and production: The Island's main production is that of wood, as it is all around the Human Settlement and for a large, expansive area, though this is still strangly the least profitable. The Island also has several different methods of producing income, the second best option being the Slaves that go from the Island. During it's recent years, Hirou Island has chosen to capture people from the Dwarves, Longleg or Longarm Tribes and began to sell them. These are not sold on Hirou Island but are, infact, shipped off to another island to be sold. Most of the Dwarf population have been kept by order of the current King and are kept to mine the underneath of the Mountain range for any Gems or Minerals. These Gems and Minerals are also shipped out aswell but some are kept for the Island Inhabitants. The final way that the Island makes an Income is that they attach the electrical equipment to the Den-Dens and send them out. There is currently only one man on the Island that can do this.
Beli per thread to ruler:

  • Wood = 10,000
  • Dwarf Slave (One per Thread) = 700,000
  • Longarm Slave (One per Thread) = 700,000
  • Longleg Slave (One Per Thread) = 700,000
  • Gems/Minerals = 250,000
  • Den-Den Mushis = 10,000
  • Total = 2,370,000 Beli per Thread

Defense: The only natural defence of the Island is the ring of Mountain Range which covers the North, East and West. This can stop the island being viewed by a passing ship and can even stop cannons from firing upon the island. The unnatural defence, being the guards, is that of the Marines which followed Captain Jiko Qyrien while he was still a Marine. These guards are mearly the Recruits which followed the Captain and as such, the Captain believes that these people are mere people that can be thrown away. The guards watch the town and the beach for new people. The Military is also used for defence for serious issues.

Military: The Elites of the Marines that followed Jiko Qyrien became intergrated into the establishing Military, when Jiko became King. Before the Marines arrived, the military did not exist and few people had training with any sort of weapon. Afterwards, all men now have training with weapons and some females do aswell, but these numbers are not as great as the number of men. The leaders of this army are the two Lieutenants that joined Jiko and below them are the two Ensigns. The two Lieutenants are Senso Karo and Heiwa Giachi. Senso runs Division One with one Ensign under him and Heiwa runs Division Two with another Ensign under her. Division One's main task is to capture any Longarms or Longlegs to be sold to Slavery and Division Two's main objective is to watch the Dwarves and make sure nothing bad happens to them.

Philosophy and beliefs: Hirou Island has a vast range of beliefs and philosophies, differing from person to person, within the Human Society. The most common belief with the Humans, at the beggining of the Age of Oppresion, is that at the peak of Mount Etoi lives two White Snakes wrapped around it. It is said that when these snakes descend towards Hirou Island, the Age of Oppresion will end and with the snakes guarding them, the Age of Liberty will begin.
The Dwarves believe that they were created from the exact gems that they are now forced to mine. God imbued them with souls and tasked them with guarding Mount Etoi, which the Dwarves believe have God at the top of this. Eventually, thinking that they could not protect the Mountain by just standing outside it, the Dwarves dug into the Moutain and found a lucious bounty of Gems and Minerals. The Dwarves began to imbue themselves with this new find, making themselves stronger and larger. God became angry and cursed those who had not imbued themselves with more power to flesh and those that had lost their souls, making them mindless servants of the fleshed ones. It is rumoured, by Humans, that if you venture deep enough into the bowels of Mount Etoi, you can find the "Golems" unactivated and with the right phrase, reactiviate it and make it your slave for eternity.
Both the Longlegs and the Longarms have the same belief system. They believe that they were once one being. This being was the most dangerous to all mankind but due to it's own power, fractured into three parts. These parts were reborn into the first Longlegs and the first Longarms, and it's soul ascended to the Heavens to watch all of living creation. They held peace for several decades before the leaders began to bicker over which of the two races born of the Original were favoured. This did not take on a full scale war, but it was only when the Leaders started physically fighting that the rest ofthe tribes did too. It is rumoured between both of the tribes that the Leaders of today are still the leaders that were spawned from the Original and that if both of the Leaders died, the Original would see this and take both of their bodies and create his own wordly body again, to walk among them.

Government: The Humans are ruled by one man, Jiko Qyrien, who resides in a large, lucious castle on top of the large hill at the highest point of the island. Jiko likes to believe that all of his subordinates love hime as King, but in reality, he is nothing more than a Tyrant that is hated by the residents of the Island and even some of the Marines that joined him to free the island. The Longarm/Longleg tribes both have Spiritual Leaders which are the most wise of all of them. These leaders are always at each-others throat, trying to kill the other off in some way or another so that his own tribe may be forever loved by the Original. The Dwarves have a leader known as a "Gem Holder", due to their ability to hold a Gem within their hands without being hated by God. The leader and a small group of Dwarves managed to escape from Mount Etoi as the Marines came in to enslave them for digging up gems.

The Founding of Hirou Island:
The beginning of the Great Age of Oppression:
Catch up to Recent Times:
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PostSubject: Re: Hirou Island   Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:00 pm

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Hirou Island
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