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 Bolt Armstrong

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PostSubject: Bolt Armstrong   Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:27 pm

Name: Bolt Armstrong

Age: 25

Bounty: None

Species: Cyborg

Occupation: Sniper/ Captain

Allegiance: World Government, Marines

Home Village/Ocean: Karakuri/Grandline

Appearance: Before the transformation Bolt stood about 5'7 and weighted about 124 pounds. He was a tall lanky guy having very little muscle mass. Bolt had a yellowish brown hair, and black eyes. He always wore glasses, and a white doctor coat. After the transformation, Bolt now stands at twelve feet weight nearly two tons. His body has been modified with syntheitc implants giving massive muscles, and strength. Bolt still looks human with his clothes covering his metallic body. The only thing that shows he is a cyborg is that tatoo of BA 001 on the back of his neck. He no longer wear his glasses. He still keeps his coat as a reminder that he is still a doctor and not a mindless machine.

Upgraded Version
Bolt is not 17 feet weighing over two tons. His body is even bigger than before leaving massive scars around his neck, arms, and legs. His hair is black in a mohawk hair style. His neck reveal the "BA-02" tattoo. His hands were replaced with iron gorilla model hands. He attire is of a marine coat with blue pants. He wears no shirt.

History: Bolt was born on the island Of Karakuri. Bolt's family were good people. His dad was a scientist who only wanted to help people with his knowledge, and his mother was a doctor who only wanted to save with the power of medicine. It did not come as a suprise that Bolt wanted to grow up wanting to help people. He went to school where he was quickly considered a genius. His brain could absorbed so much knowledge so fast that he helped his classmates better than his teachers. At the age of sixteen, Bolt finished school and wanted to go to school to learn about engineering and medicine. He learned how to modify the human body with metal limbs creating cyborg, and how to create a homostasis environment inside a living organism. Bolt graduated at twenty become a doctor. He used his knowledge to help the physically handicap by replacing their damaged or lost limbs with robotic ones. The love of helping people and seeing a smile of their face was all Bolt needed, so no charge was given. His favorite patient was a little girl named Suzie who had lost her arm from an wolf attack. This generousity unforunately lead to Bolt be broke for most of his life, and without food. Bolt had to live with his parents who didn't seem to mind the company. He continued to help people, until the marines asked for his help. They fund his research and guard the island from pirates in exchange that work for the world government. Bolt agreed on the condition that he would never be made to make weapons or anything that would harm people. The marines accepted. Bolt worked for the marines at the age of twenty using his knowledge to give marine robotic limbs and enhanced body armor. He loved helping his patients though this time he was helping in the cause of peace. If Peace could be restored then fighting and war would end bringing an era of healing and understanding. Bolt dreamed of a world like that. Then he heard that a group of pirates invaded his island. The marines drove them back, but not without the death of Suzie in the crossfire. Bolt became enraged that such a child was killed by some pirates. He grew angry, and his whole mind set changed. He threw away his pacifistic attittude, and became violent. He began by modifing his patients making them nothing more than war machines with no free will, or memory of who they were. Then he modified himself replacing his organic tissue with enhanced metal ones. First was his legs, so he could become faster. Then was his chest. Bolt added more armor and strenght so that not even the fastest bullet could harm him. Then his arms with were filled with weaponry and robotic muscle enhancements. The trickest modification would have to be his spine up to his neck. He supported them with flexible metal braces so his movement would not be hindered. Bolt became a cyborg with metal armor and robotic enhancements with only his head unchanged. He requested that he be put on a crew so that he may fight. Bolt joined the metor heroes accompanying them to the battle against Maximillion where his body received lost of heavy damage. In order to prevent this from happening again the government decided to modify his brain removing his humanity so his feelings would not become a liability.

Personality: Bolt use to be a kind gentle guy, but now his hate and anger rotted his mind. All he thinks about is revenge and destorying all pirates. He wants to bring peace and justice so that no one he cares about may die. Bolt has a soft spot for women and children wishing that he could raise a family. He still loves to help people in need and offers his services as a doctor for free. Bolt hates pirates and is working on a weapon that will effectively wipe them out. He shows no mercy even to those pirates who may be good.

Upgraded Version: Bolt has now lost all his memories prior to becoming a weapon. He speaks in an emotionless straightforward tone. He follows his three objectives and obeys all orders from higher commanders despite what those orders may be. Bolt will destory anything that gets in the way of mission even harming innocent civilians to do so. The only expection would be marines, warlords, and government agents. Bolt has also lost any known medical knowledge to the operation. He also lost whatever love he had left for people, except maybe for his crew because of his objectives if nothing else.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: None
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:None

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1) Iron Rocket: lauches fists out of his arms from long distance
2) Steam Breath: Shoot hot steam from his mouth
3) Rapid cannon raid: Fires cannon rounds from his left arm
5) Purple apple surprise: fires poison darts from his right arm which cause the victim to become paralyze after 5 posts. The victim is then unable to move for 10.
6) Iron Tornado: rotates fists while punching a opponent

Weapons/Items: Lazer, bazooka, poison darts, Brass Knuckles, TNT sticks located on his chest, seastone, missles, breath dials and

Goals: 1) To serve and obey the government and all its affliations
2) To eliminate all threats to the world government
3) To protect his crew at all costs

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PostSubject: Re: Bolt Armstrong   Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:40 pm

Alright, poison darts paralyzing effect lasts 10 posts (as discussed by chat).

Approved unless said otherwise by a senior mod/admin

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PostSubject: Re: Bolt Armstrong   Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Bolt Armstrong   

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Bolt Armstrong
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