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 Tirian "The Monk"

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PostSubject: Tirian "The Monk"   Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:29 pm

Name: Tirian "The Monk" ((No Surname))

Age: 30

Bounty: 0 Beli

Species: Dunkleosteus Fishman

Occupation: Fighter, Helmsman

Allegiance: Neutral (Is not picky on which side he chooses)

Home Village/Ocean: Fishman Island, Grandline

Appearance: Being a fishman of a Dunkleosteus, Tirian is much taller than a normal person, reaching his top height at about eight feet tall. Due to this, Tirian is also much heavier, and weighs up roughly sixteen stone. Tirian has a pale grey skin tone. The colour of his Iris is Yellow which takes up most of Tirian's eyes, having almost no white. Tirian wears no shirt, yet wears plain white Gi trousers and brown Sandals.

History: Tirian hails from Fishman Island, though living on the coast of the island, living with his mother and father. His father was an aggresive man and was known to start fights for people merely looking at him in the wrong way. Tirian's mother was the complete opposite, which was extremely strange for a Dunkleosteus Fishman. She was extremely timid and had a tendancy to run from people she didn't know if they began talking to her. Due to her extremely timid nature, Tirian's father tended to take advantage of her, saying that "These scars will make her more truthful towards her soul." Tirian would usually try to protect his mother whenever this happened though was smacked out of the way with ease. This began when Tirian was eight years old.

After being smacked away with ease by his own father, Tirian would find a secluded area in which to meditate. The meditation helped Tirian relax and stay calm, rather than staying angry. After the meditation, Tirian always felt as though he could sense other parts of his body he usually had no control over, though this only lasted for a few seconds before this "new sense" went away again. Tirian continued to do this throughout the course of his life, each time the "new sense" becomming more and more significant until the sense stayed with Tirian. Tirian began to realise the futileness of his efforts to help his mother due to him being weak. He began to train his body with this new sense added to equation, hoping that he could then protect his mother until his father decided to leave or stop.

Two decades passed and Tirian was attending the funeral of his own mother. Only himself and his father were attending due to other relatives not knowning and other people not even knowing her due to her timid nature. Tirian glared at his father as they walked away together; "I know it was you who killed her. What happened exactly?"
Tirian's father merely laughed before speaking; "Your weak mother drew a knife across my throat. I pummeled her into the ground, telling her that she should not have defied me." Tirian's father continued to laugh before being punched in the stomach by Tirian.
Tirian's father coughed before standing up straight once more, looking at Tirian. Tirian began to speak; "You should be thankful I am nothing like you. I will not end your life, but I will not tolerate you. There's nothing left for me here, so I shall leave. And father. Remember that no matter what you do, your child will always hate you."
Tirian walked away from his father, who had a shocked look across his face, to begin a new life. A new life away from the dread of Fishman Island.

Personality: Due to Tirian not wanting to be like his father, he took a lighter view on life which makes him seem much happier and more relaxed. Even in the most horrible of times, Tirian seems relaxed. He also is rather gullible as he believes that everyone is as good-hearted even when someone seems to be the personification of evil, Tirian will believe that that person still has some good left within them. Due to Tirian's nature, he feels that everyone is family to him, usually calling everyone either "Brother" or "Sister".

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: N/A

Special Abilities:

  • Dunkleosteus: Due to being a Dunkleosteus Fishman, Tirian has several things more special about him than a "normal" fishman. First off, Tirian's teeth are four long teeth. These teeth are as sharp as a normal katana and the jaw can clamp down at the force of a crocodile. Aswell as this, Tirian's bones are much harder around his head and shoulders, but due to this, also makes him slower.
  • Life Return: Due to Tirian training since he was a young child, Tirian has some control over Life Return, but compared a master at the art, he would be considered a Novice.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

  • Bone Crusher: Tirian increaes the density of the bones, making them harder, making the punch stronger.
  • Warm-Up: Tirian contrats and relaxes his muscles for a time, building up strength within his muscles. Tirian would last for shorter time in physical exercise straight after this, due to the muscles quickly becoming tired.
  • Blood Rush: Tirian sends his blood around his enitre body for a few seconds, gaining a large energy boost for a couple of minutes before his body "crashes".
  • Muscle Tense: Tirian tenses all the muscles in his body, planting his feet firmly on the ground. Tirian can take more punches than usual, much like Tekkai, but is still nowhere near the strength of Tekkai.
  • Bone Size: Tirian concentrates on his bones, making them grow or shrink. This can only go to a maximum of about half a foot in either direction for now.

Weapons/Items: None.


  1. To reach perfection in body and mind.
  2. To protect those close to him.
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PostSubject: Re: Tirian "The Monk"   Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:49 pm

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Tirian "The Monk"
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