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PostSubject: Axeleration!   Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:42 am

Technique list name: Axeleratrion (Derived from Acceleration)
Overview: This is not much of a style but more a set of moves that Axel uses. They are a series of basic fighting moves and moves that Axel picked up from his basic marine training, but mostly, it is Axel's way of using his cyborg body for combat. His cyborg modifications give him different advantages in the fields of strength and endurance, and he becomes stronger every time his body is upgraded, gaining more options and more advantages.
User: Axel F. Spades
History: After passing basic training, it was time for Axel to reach the battlefield, but before he could rush in, he needed to have a weapon. And so, with the help of the marine's wider range of supplies, he upgraded his body into it's third model: Axel-F-III, and equipped himself with various weaponry to help himself in getting his revenge.

NOTE: Since Axel's cyborg arsenal will be updated every time he will level-up, I will keep the technique levels low and update every time his cyborg body is upgraded.


-Level Zero-

Name: Righty Tighty Hook!
Type: Cyborg Move
Description: A simple right-handed hook delivered from Axel's extra-powerful robotic right arm.
Effect: The punch is powered by the vast amount of gears and pistons in Axel's right arm, pacing more force than a normal punch. Thanks to the fact that Axel's fist is actually made of metal, not only does he not feel any pain that might comeback from the surface he punches, but he also deals heavier blunt damage, making his punch a dangerous weapon. This move provides Axel with +1 Heat point.
Level learned: Zero
Stat Requirements: 20% Strength

Name: Lefty Loosy Fingerbang!
Type: Cyborg Move
Description: Axel will form his left hand into a makeshift gun, pointing his index finger forward, his thumb up and folding the rest of his fingers in. The last digit of his index finger will then pop open and fold downwards, revealing a hidden gun barrel. Then, by using his thumb as a gun sight, Axel can fire gun shots from his left forearm.
Effect: The shots aren't the most accurate shots since Axel is no gunner, but you don't need a lot of skill to hit someone with a gun. A gunshot deals heavy to lethal damage, depending on where it hits. This move provides Axel with +1 Heat Point.
Level learned: Zero
Stat Requirements: 10% Perception

Name: Teethbutt
Type: Hand-to-Hand Move
Description: Axel will smile, exposing his impressive row of sharp, interlocking metal teeth. He will then aim a headbutt at his opponent's head, hitting them with his metal teeth.
Effect: Axel will take next ot no damage from this attack thanks to his metal teeth that will receive the full blow. On the other hand, his opponent will have a face full of metal to take care of.
Level learned: Zero
Stat Requirements: 20% Strength

Name: Fender Block
Type: Hand-to-Hand Move
Description: Using his right arm and left forearm, Axel will block and incoming attack from hitting any non-cyborg parts of his body.
Effect: Axel's right arm is covered in steel plates, and can easily act as a steel shield and block sword thrusts and punches without any damage. This move doesn't add any Heat Points since no mechanism but the basic ones are involved.
Level learned: Zero
Stat Requirements: 14% Endurance

-Level One-

Name: XLR8 Drive
Type: Cyborg Move
Description: By consuming a beverage with a high alcohol percentage, anything above rum, Axel can increase his engine's output. His engine will supply more energy to his body, boosting all of his cyborg parts.
Effect: Thanks to the greater amount of energy that is supplied, Axel gains a boost of +10% Strength when using his right arm, and fire bullets in a mush faster rate when using his left arm. While under this effect, any technique that adds Heat Points will add +1 additional heat point, and Axel will gain a Heat Point in every post in which he doesn't use any technique. The bonuses remain active until the amount of Heat Points exceeds Axel's Endurance value, forcing him to refuel.
Level learned: One
Stat Requirements: 14% Endurance

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PostSubject: Re: Axeleration!   Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:50 pm

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