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 Life Return: Circulatory

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PostSubject: Life Return: Circulatory   Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:03 am

Technique list name: Life Return: Circulatory
Overview: Life Return is a rare skill that works to boost the userís control over their own bodies to extensive levels. These powers can range from control over the digestive system to control over the lungs, or even over hair. These specific techniques improve the capabilities of the blood and the circulatory system, and also help the immune system to a small extent (through the clotting factor techniques).
User: Universally accessible
History: The Life Return is a very unusual ability which focuses on total self mastery, it is said that one can unlock such a state by hours of meditation and intense physical training but it may be possible to learn this ability from other means. Though no standardized method or teaching the Life Return exists, it is popular among the Navy and World Government officials, who typically face pirates with Devil Fruits. These techniques are used to help increase the user's longevity and their stamina, as well as allow them to recover quickly from wounds.

-Level Zero-

Name: Basic Circulatory Advancement
Type: Life Return
Description: Through the efforts of the user, his or her circulatory system works just... a little bit better. It becomes harder for artery blockage to occur, it is less likely for a random clot to appear in the blood stream, and the heart pumps blood more efficiently through the body. So, in summary, everything works better.
Effect: The user's body run a little bit better than usual, enabling the user to live a healthier life.
Level learned: Zero
Stat Requirements: 5% Skill, 5% Talent

-Level One-

Name: Heart Strength -Basic-
Type: Life Return
Description: The user strengthens their heart a little bit through constant effort, making it able to perform up to ten beats per minute higher than the norm without being prehypertensive.
Effect: The user is able to reach a higher normal heart rate than is normally healthy, which helps the user be able to move slightly quicker and with less wear and tear on their heart.
Level learned: One
Stat Requirements: 7% Skill, 6% Talent

Name: Capillary Strength
Type: Life Return
Description: The user, in order to compensate for an increased blood pressure caused by Heart Strength, strengthens the durability of the walls of his or her capillaries, veins, and arteries, helping to prevent any blood vessels from bursting due to overexertion.
Effect: Evolves to compensate for then increased capabilities of the heart created by the Heart Strength techniques.
Level learned: One
Stat Requirements: 8% Skill, 7% Talent

-Level Two-

Name: Clotting Factor -Basic-
Type: Life Return
Description: The clotting factor of the blood is both a lifesaver and a lifetaker: too strong of a clotting factor can cause blood clots in the brain's vessels and cause strokes, while too weak of a clotting factor makes bleeding continue unabated. So, the user of Life Return helps fix these problems. Random blood clots become harder to form in the bloodstream, while small wounds, like scratches, bruises, and needle pricks all clot nearly instantly, stopping the bleeding from that area.
Effect: Small wounds and scratches heal quickly, and clots rarely happen in the blood stream.
Level learned: Two
Stat Requirements: 10% Skill, 8% Talent

Name: Calming Breaths -Minor-
Type: Life Return
Description: Focusing can be difficult, as can keeping calm during dangerous situations. With the adrenaline and blood pumping, a personís ability to reason and plan through their actions is seriously inhibited. So, what the user of this technique does is simply slow down the rate at which their heart beats, helping calm them down and enable them to think rationally.
Effect: The user is able to calm him or herself down in stressful situations, enabling them to think rationally and act calmly. This isnít enough to tranquilize themselves completely, and make them able to act as if nothingís wrong, but it does really help the user calm down.
Level learned: Two
Stat Requirements: 12% Skill, 9% Talent

-Level Three-

Name: Adaptibility
Type: Life Return
Description: The user of Blood Life Return has noticed a little sticky situation regarding blood: it isnít all the same type. A, B, AB, and OÖ there are so many kinds. So the user simply modifies theirs. The user becomes able to change their blood type between the main four blood types, usually staying with AB for normal situations, and when they have to give blood, they normally change it to O-.
Effect: The user is either able to receive every blood type in existence, or give blood to every person in the world.
Level learned: Three
Stat Requirements: 15% Skill, 10% Talent

-Level Four-

Name: Heart Strength -Medium-
Type: Life Return
Description: The user's heart has strengthened further than in Heart Strength -Basic-, enabling their heart rate to exceed 30 beats higher than a normally acceptable heart rate without being hypertensive. The user can also slow their heart rate down quite a bit, down to 20 beats lower than a normal heart rate.
Effect: The user's heart rate can reach higher levels without being dangerous to the user's health, allowing them to maintain their 'best' for a longer period of time.
Level learned: Four
Stat Requirements: 15% Skill, 11% Talent

Name: Heart Efficiency
Type: Life Return
Description: The body needs oxygen for its cells to function, and uses blood to transfer oxygen from the lungs to the body, and carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs. The body's normally pretty good about doing this, but sometimes you need the body to perform better on a regular basis, as well as perform stressful tasks with more ease.
Effect: The body is able to survive with less oxygen for longer than usual, and the body can run on higher heart beats per minute for longer due to increased oxygen exchange rates.
Level learned: Four
Stat Requirements: 18% Skill, 12% Talent

-Level Five-

Name: Clotting Factor -Medium-
Type: Life Return
Description: The user's control over their clotting factor has improved greatly since Clotting Factor -Basic-, and now, instead of just little cruddy cuts like paper cuts and tiny knife cuts, now bigger cuts are clotted quickly. Up to four inch long gashes in the body can be healed in the span of a single post, allowing the Life Return user to continue to fight despite potentially devastating wounds.
Effect: The user's wounds clot far quicker, and when combined with Skin Life Return, can quickly vanish and act like they were never there.
Level learned: Five
Stat Requirements: 20% Skill, 15% Talent

Name: Calming Breaths -Major-
Type: Life Return
Description: People have to lie, and that can be a pretty difficult thing to do if youíre agitated or attached to some lie detector of some description. This technique allows the user to regulate their heart rate to a normal level, making their lies more convincing.
Effect: The user is extremely calm when using this technique, and even the most sensitive of lie detectors or the most skilled analysts can tell the user is lyingÖ unless, of course, the person analyzing the user has extremely strong and accurate intuition.
Level learned: Five
Stat Requirements: 23% Skill, 17% Talent

-Level Six-

Name: Wound Sealing
Type: Life Return
Description: Not everyone has a particularly strong clotting factor. Even those who have decent clotting factors can still bleed quite a lot from bigger wounds. Usually, people need to have their wounds wrapped up and have the bleeding stemmed before they can begin to heal and have their wounds clot. The user of this technique doesnít have to worry about that. The user opens a capillary or vein through any means necessary on their person, and after converting their blood to type O-, they have their blood drop on the wounded targetís wound. After this, the userís absurd clotting factor takes over, quickly clotting the wound and stopping the target from losing any more blood from that wound.
Effect: The affected personís bleeding is stopped through a biotic method, helping to prevent the target from losing enough blood to cause their death. Unfortunately, the targetís wounds are only bandaged by a clot, which can quite easily be torn open and cause the target to continue to bleed. The normal application for this technique is to provide temporary first aid, and then get the target out of the conflict area and to somewhere safe. (Works extremely quickly at level eight, once Advanced Clotting Factor has been obtained.)
Level learned: Six
Stat Requirements: 25% Skill, 18% Talent

-Level Seven-

Name: Heart Strength -Advanced-
Type: Life Return
Description: Further increasing the heart's capabilities from Heart Strength -Medium-, the user of this technique can raise their heart rate up to 60 beats per minute higher than the average, making them able to go at their max for far longer than a normal human. At this point, it's nearly impossible for the heart to stop functioning: heart attacks and the heart exploding are a joke at this point.
Effect: The user's limit is increased to incredible levels, making it impossible for their heart to just give out on them, this also makes them able to reach their limits and stay there for extended periods of time.
Level learned: Seven
Stat Requirements: 30% Skill, 20% Talent

Name: Blood Replenishment
Type: Life Return
Description: Blood loss is a bit of a problem for most peopleÖ it usually takes human beings a day to replenish a the volume of a single liter of bloodÖ and thatís IF the person has ingested lots of water. It takes up to two weeks to get the blood cell count up to snuff. So, the user of this technique fixes this problem by simply replenishing their blood supplies far quicker than normal humans.
Effect: The user of this technique replenishes a liter of blood every fifteen posts, allowing them to sustain far heavier blood loss than most people ever do.
Level learned: Seven
Stat Requirements: 30% Skill, 20% Talent

-Level Eight-

Name: Clotting Factor -Advanced-
Type: Life Return
Description: The user's clotting factor has gotten positively ridiculous at this stage. At this point, even eight inch long gashes from swords, gunshot wounds, and any amount of bruising don't last long, healing almost instantly due to the user's incredible clotting factor.
Effect: The user usually doesn't lose much of their blood once cut, and really, really big wounds can be healed in three posts or less.
Level learned: Eight
Stat Requirements: 35% Skill, 22% Talent

Name: Instant Clottage
Type: Life Return
Description: Sometimes wounds get bad. Really bad. So, the user has to focus on these wounds specifically to ensure that they're clotted. These clots are less sturdy than the ones created in normal clotting, so they're more prone to breaking and flaking off, but quite honestly, they're for the really big wounds the normal clotting factor can't effect.
Effect: Really large wounds clot almost instantly: however, all other wounds the user receives for five posts clot at normal rates until the user's platelet count recovers.
Level learned: Eight
Stat Requirements: 35% Skill, 25% Talent
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PostSubject: Re: Life Return: Circulatory   Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:44 pm

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Life Return: Circulatory
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