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 Enzo D. Edmond

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PostSubject: Enzo D. Edmond    Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:10 am

Name: Enzo D. Edmond

Age: 26

Bounty: 20,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Scout, Sniper, Spy

Allegiance: Pirate/Revolutionary

Home Village/Ocean: Alabasta, Grand Line


Human PointEnzo a bit above average height and is 6’2 and weighs in at 165 pounds, with a semi muscular build. Starting from the top, his hair is golden becoming darker as it goes up. His hair is medium length and hangs over one of his emerald green eyes. He has a very pointed chin his ears are slightly pointed as well. He has a usually clean-shaven face, but sometimes has a light beard if he hadn’t shaved in awhile. He has decently tanned skin, not completely pale and not brown either, just in between. When he is not on the job (Scouting, Spying or sniping) he wears a white tee shirt with a white dress shirt over it. He also wears black dress pants and dress shoes. When on the job he wears a ski mask, a camouflage tee shirt or fleece hoodie, weather dependent and keeps the same pants and shoes.
Hybrid Point Enzo’s hands and feet turn into talons, and his eyes become that of a hawk’s; they are much more above average, sight wise. And, of course, wings spout from Enzo’s back along with a tail.
Hawk Point Enzo is now a hawk, with a three foot wingspan and is 39 inches tall and looks like such:

History: Enzo was born into a middle classed family in the capital of Alabasta, on July 12th with a mother, a father and two brothers. As his father and mother didn't make enough to support the family, Enzo had to begin training to do what his brothers already did, steal. Every day he would go with them into town and watch them prey on the innocent. Instead of 'vowing to enforce justice' and all that bullshit that usually happens, Enzo, as an innocent child being influenced, thought this course of action was quite alright, and, with the proper training from his brothers, became a decent pickpocket at the age of five. Then, when he was six, they hit the mother load. A huge ship full of treasure was left alone as the pirates who owned it went to explore the island. For the next 4 days, Enzo and his brothers lives were focused on moving the treasure to their home. They got so much that their parents actually got to move into a bigger home! On the last day of the plunder, Enzo found a small treasure chest, and brought it with him and hid it, hoping to have a small fortune to himself. Instead, all that Enzo found was a stupid fruit. He sighed, and decided that if the fruit was in a chest, in must be very good. He then ate it, and to his suprise, it tasted like shit. Warm, bitter shit. He ate it though, and in the coming days found some tings different about him. For one, he couldn't sit in water without feeling completely useless, and then another rather strange thing; HE COULD TURN INTO A FRIGGIN BIRD!! With this new power, Enzo found stealing much more easy, and he could successfully pickpocket people much more now by swooping down and grabbing their wallets. When Enzo turned eight, his brothers and father had taken up a new interest; fighting. His father Leonardo could began using swords, as did his older brother Isaac. His other older brother, Nico, however, began using guns, which interested Enzo greatly. Enzo begged his brother to show him what he knew, and his brother, after a bit of blackmail (Spying in his hawk form was useful for other things as well Twisted Evil ) agreed. His brother then began to show him exorcises on how to make his eyes more sharp, which was not very hard as he was a hawk humanoid. By time Enzo was fourteen, he could shoot a gun with extreme accuracy. He also wanted to put this skill to good use, so in the middle of the night, he and Nico ran away to join the revolutionaries. In his application, he put down: "Marksmen, Scout". He and Nico were put in a division of snipers, and was told to pick some weapons. Enzo's picks were simple: A knife, sniper and handgun. He then began training with his division leader, who resembled an American General, with his gruff attitude. He also began toying around with his knife until he was quite good with it. In this time, Enzo became rather infamous for his spying and learning the marines tactics and a few assassinations and was given a 20,000,000 bounty dead or alive. Enzo, after awhile though, became tired of the army scene, he wanted to roam free as a pirate, so at 25 he left the revolutionaries and his brother behind, hoping to start a new life as a pirate.

Personality: Enzo seems very serious to most, just because he is a scout and a sniper, they think he is a serious, uptight person. This however isn't true at all. Enzo is probably what most would call comic relief. He usually cracks jokes with friends and gets himself into awkward situations, like trying to steal a wallet from a women's back pocket. He is also obsessed with treasure and adventure, which both drew him to becoming a pirate. He also loves pickpocketing, and sees it as sort of a sport. Another thing he likes is playing with his knife, and if he wanted to he could put on shows of him doing so and get a fairly good audience. His all time favorite thing to do, however, is to fly. This makes him feel free, and alive. He also enjoys music, food and an occasional smoke. He dislikes hand to hand combat if both parties are aware its happening, but will do what he must and fight back.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Hawk / Bird Bird Fruit, Model: Hawk
Type: Zoan
Effect: This fruit turns the user into a hawk or a hawk hybrid, and grants fight and long distance vision

Special Abilities:
Good Aim: Enzo's aim is, without a doubt, particularly amazing. His aim was gained from his training with his revolutionary 'platoon'.
Above Average Sight/Hearing As part of Enzo's training, his hearing and sight were increased dramatically. He could now hear things from 70 yards away clearly and see across a half a mile realitivly easy.
Decent Hand to Hand Combat Enzo is decent at hand to hand combat, which he learned for in case he was put into a close combat situation. He is especially good with a knife.
Stealth Enzo, as he is a scout and a spy, is amazing at sneaking around and is very difficult to catch
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Claw: The user uses his claw to attack the enemy (Used in hybrid or full form)
K.O Chop: Chops the enemy quickly in the back of the neck, usually knocks out the person if hit
Unexpected Kick: The user comes up from behind his enemy and throws a swift kick to the back
Backstab The user sneaks up behind the enemy and stabs him in the back

Enzo's Weapons

Goals: Have an Adventure, Join a Crew

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PostSubject: Re: Enzo D. Edmond    Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:39 am

Done, Approval Needed.
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Enzo D. Edmond
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