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 Jake "Blitz"

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PostSubject: Jake "Blitz"   Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:03 am

Name: Jake "Blitz"

Age: 23

Bounty: 0 B

Species: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Hired Gun

Allegiance: Anyone with money, "It's Pirate Season!" (A marine Den Den Mushi broadcast, open to the public)

Home Village/Ocean: Unknown island in the Grandline

Appearance: Jake is a short yet well built man. After years upon years of training that he can't even remember he gained the body structure of a martial artist: relatively small but packs a punch. He is 1.70 meters tall and weight about 72 kilograms. His chin is quite pointy and sharp, as his ears and his short nose, making modeling impossible. His hair is light brown and is quite messy but short. His eyes are half closed when he isn't in one of his Sleeper seizures, showing his fire red pupils. His limbs are quite long when compared to his body.
When it comes to clothing, Jake walks around with a black leather jacket that is a few sizes bigger than his ideal size, equipped with a few pockets and long sleeves to cover his long arms. Under the jacket he wears a simple white shirt with a tight collar, fitting him perfectly. He wears a pair of dark-blue baggy pants that reach his heels and are tied to his waists with a leather belt. On his feet he wears a pair of black shoes with wide soles.


The first thing Jake can remember was waking up on the beach of a small island called "Coconut Kingdom". He didn't know how he got there or from where, he didn't know why or when, he didn't know anything but his first name. He couldn't have been there for more than a day since the powerful sun would have hydrated him to death, but from the solid imprint he left in the wet sand he was there for at least a few hours, probably 10. How did he know all that? He didn't know but it didn't bother him as much as the splitting headache he was having.
He was hungry and thirsty, but it seemed that he had nothing on him other than his cloths. This was problematic, but he figured he'll probably think straighter with a full stomach. He got up and marched towards a nearby village.

He found his way into a local bar and asked for food and water that he couldn't pay for. When it was time to pay and leave, Jake was in trouble. The bartender was furious, but fortunately for Jake, the bar was soon attacked by a small pirate crew. The crew took control of the bar and tactically emptied it from all of it's content before their captain got a handful of the bartender's beautiful daughter's good parts and left. It was Jake's perfect chance of escaping but he felt sorry for the bartender and furious at the pirates, he had to help. For some strange reason, Jake felt that he could take care of the entire crew by himself, something most rational people wouldn't dare to think. He himself didn't understand it, but he made a deal with the bartender. The bartender will supply him with food and drinks and in return, Jake will get rid of the crew that was leeching him and his daughter.

Jake found his way to the crews ship. He had no weapons with him, but his weird instincts told him that he could take care of the crew with what he had, which was a pair of jars filled with his own piss and a sharp belt buckle. He stormed the ship, acting purely on instinct. His instincts were far more complicated than those of other people, as if he was used to defeating pirate crews for all of his life. He manged to take control of a pair of pistols after distracting their owners with the special jars. From there on, the battle was over.

After earning his food and drinks for as long as he was on the island, Jake was off to building his life. He was still having the weird thoughts that he never could control. He protected the bar for a month and after the rumor about him spread around the island he became the hired gun of all of "Coconut Kingdom". But it wasn't enough. He was desperate to figure out where did he come from, why he couldn't remember it, and why was he having all of those weird skills. He left the island after living on it for almost a year to travel the world and attempt to solve that mystery. He became a bounty hunter, earning his living out of capturing weak pirate crews and selling them for their low bounties since it was the only thing he knew how to do, and because he had a weird need for fighting pirates.

Personality: Jake is a discreet man. His past as a secret WG agent haunts his mind even when he can't remember any of it. Keeping his cards to himself makes him feel safe, a feeling that he can't even explain, it just does. This habit of not trusting almost anyone, along with a long list of other unexplainable habits, are a result of the training he went through in his past. He is constantly making sure he is well armed, planning escape routes from wherever he is in case trouble occur, studies people's behavior to spot weaknesses, and many more weird actions, without ever knowing why he does those things, a fact that depresses Jake most of the time.
Even though he is riddle wrapped with an enigma, he can still socialize and even befriend others on rare occasions. He constantly tries to fight his weird instincts and build a personality that is completely his own: trying to talk as much as he can and share as much as he can, but most of the time his instincts get the best of him and he returns to his sleeper mode.

Ship: A small boat designed to host one man at a time.

Ship Flag: A white cloth sheet that has the words: "Hired gun" with a Den Den Mushi number on it.

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:

Sleeper Agent: As a result of a weird and unknown accident in his forgotten past Jake became a sleeper agent. His entire past, including his hard and painful training and every assassination he ever committed are buried deep within his subconscious with a wall of hypnotism protecting them. As a result, Jake has no knowledge of his true abilities, but he does have access to some of them. Whenever the adrenaline levels in Jake's body reach a certain level, an event that occurs whenever Jake is in danger, trouble, is hurt, surprised or excited, he enters a weird Sleeper Mode. While in this mode, Jake acquires a portion of his lost abilities through complicated reflexes, making him fight like a professional without knowing what he is doing.

Fighting Skills: When it comes to fighting, Jake can be a powerful opponent in all ranges. While in his Sleeper Mode, Jake gains access to his lost skills, which allow him to be almost as deadly as he was before the accident. He is moderate when it comes to fighting with bare hands, being able to defeat weak opponents with basic kicks and punches, but his true skills lie withing the boundaries of armed fighting. While using his weapons, Sascha and Natascha, which are probably similar to the weapons he used when he was a WG agent, his true power is revealed. He is dead accurate when using his pistols, able to fight in long ranged battles with ease. In medium range he can use his chains to bind and strangle the opponent while still being able to shoot, and in the short range, he can cover himself with powerful kicks and the use of his chains, which he can operate like a true master.

Physical Prowess: Jake has gone through an endless amount of training as a former WG agent and while his mind forgot all about it, his body still remembers. He is stronger than any average person. His powerful kicks can create cracks in stone and cause great damage to bones and their internal surroundings. He is faster than most, being able to run like professional runners without tiring himself too much. He is quite flexible and acrobatic, being able to pull high and long jumps along with a few gymnastic stunts such as somersaults, as well as performing various parkour-like moves..

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Breathtaking Kick: Jake will either kick or knee his opponent's chest, making their lungs expel their air supply, leaving them weak and short of breath. This technique is usually followed by Choke Point.

Choke Point: Jake will wrap a chain around his target's neck, tightening it to choke the enemy. When combined with the Breathtaking Kick, this technique becomes twice as deadly.

Imperial Bind: With a series of quick and accurate movements Jake will wrap his chains around a target several times before pulling his arms back and tightening the knot, binding the target. The force that is required to break the knot is much stronger than the force Jake needs to put out to hold it together, making an escape very difficult. The escape can be made even more difficult by binding limbs to limbs and so on. After the target is trapped, all Jake needs to do is pull the trigger on one of his guns to end the fight.

Barbed Defense: By surrounding his body with chains and moving them with great speed Jake can block incoming attacks. If the attack was to be a close range attack, Jake can follow with Chain Cage to bind the attacker.

Iron Snake Bite: By using the chains as whips, Jake can attack targets who are up to five meters away from him with cracking chain whips.

Limbo Dodge: By bending his body in angles that seem impossible to achieve, thanks to his flexibility, Jake can dodge incoming attacks such as punches and sword swings with ease after noticing them with his great instincts.

Slide Skating: By lunging forward or sprinting and then stopping, Jake can slide on the ground for a few meters, giving him just another way to move around the battlefield.

Weapons/Items: Sascha and Natascha

Character Flaws: Jake has to fight his mind all the time, trying to overpower the agent thoughts and live a normal life once every few hours, a task that is not easy.

Goals: Solve the puzzle of his past and find out his true identity.

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PostSubject: Re: Jake "Blitz"   Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:01 pm

Retiring this char as his crew has been deleted
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PostSubject: Re: Jake "Blitz"   Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:19 pm

Revived! Hallelujah!
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PostSubject: Re: Jake "Blitz"   

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Jake "Blitz"
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