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 Kenny B. Wukong

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PostSubject: Kenny B. Wukong    Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:51 pm

Name: Kenny B. Wukong

Age: 10

Bounty: 0 B

Species: Human

Occupation: Musician

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Xing Shi Island, Grandline

Appearance: Kenny is short, like every other 10 years old kid, reaching about 3.5 feet. His body is unusually muscular for someone as young as he is. His black hair firmly stands upwards, with random bangs of hair breaking in the middle of their length and falling over his forehead. His hair adds about half a feet to his height. he has a pair of green eyes and a somewhat sharp nose. He wears a blue vest with yellow lines over a black sleeve-less shirt. The coat is sleeve-less, revealing Kenny's unusually muscular arms. He wears a pair of white silk pants that are tied to his foreleg with green bands, above a pair of dark shoes. He has a green sash tied to his waists and black wristbands.

History: Kenny was born on the dojo island of Xing Shi, known for it's endless amount of fighting dojos and fighting styles. He was born to the Wukong family, a not so famous family that owned the Wukong dojo. The master of the dojo was Kenny's uncle, Kazuki Wukong, commonly referred to as Son Wukong. In the dojo, the Wukong family and all other students practiced the Monkey style of Kung Fu, a style that was chosen by the forefather of the Wukong family to represent the family around the world.
As all males of the Wukong family, Kenny had to start his training in the young age of 3. The hyperactive boy, who until that time had no patience for anything in the world, found great interest in the martial art and began training. He trained endlessly, he simply loved fighting and it gave him a gateway from the boring life of a 3 year old. He arrived at the dojo every morning and left only to go home and sleep. The boy, who was training like this for two years now, became strong and skilled, defeating every other fighter in his age group and even older fighters.
When Kenny reached the age of seven, the slower training, the one where you had to think to succeed, started. The hyperactive kid didn't have the patience for these exercises and soon started to skip training in the dojo and went on to train by himself. He went to the harbors, and trained himself by punching different logs and what not. Without the guidance of his uncle, or any other experienced master, Kenny's fighting style became childish and random, with more emphasis on being "cool" and "awesome" than anything else. But the kid became stronger and stronger with each passing day.
When he spent time in the harbor, he met different pirates and marines. He enjoyed talking to them, learning about the world outside of Xing Shi island, where he could live freely and do whatever he liked. He asked to hear stories about piracy. The stories he found the most interesting were the ones about the greatest pirate who ever lived: Gol D Roger. He asked every pirate who came to the island to hear stories about Roger, until he practically knew all of the stories by the word. He adores Roger, for the way he lived his life, being both awesome and cool while living freely in the open seas. He looked up to the legendary man, hoping to have a life like he had. Roger, was Kenny's hero and model, his goal. His reason to train took a sharp turn, he trained to become strong enough to sail the seas and become a strong pirate like Roger was. he practiced the harmonica that was given to him as a present from his parents and played it in the harbors to collect money. He arm wrestled with different pirates, and beat all of them, both to test his power and win money from bets. He collected his money in a jar that was labeled "Do not touch, my future is in this jar!". He meant to buy a ship with the money he gathered and start sailing as a pirate, living like his hero, Gol D. Roger. The Wukong family was pro piracy, after a crew of pirates once helped the dojo survive against an attack from a rivaling dojo, and were proud of Kenny's goal.

Personality: Kenny is extremely hyperactive, he can't just sit around or do nothing, he must have something to do at all times. This fact is what made him as powerful as he is since the only thing he had to do in his uncle's dojo was train. His hyperactivity causes him to speak amazingly fast, sometimes fusing words and getting misunderstood. His kid's innocence makes him misunderstand many elements of pirate life, resulting in many awkward questions such as: "Why do we need so much gold?" and "What is the best part of a woman?", making the people around him blush with shame.
As a child, Kenny is powered by the will to be cool and awesome. As a result, he takes other people's thoughts about him very seriously, and makes sure that every action he takes will make him look cool, as seen in all of his fighting moves.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:
Martial Arts and Physical Prowess: Kenny is much stronger than normal kids. His martial arts training allowed him to develop the speed, stamina, agility and strength of a grown up martial artist. He can jump to great heights and run at respective speeds of normal aged martial fighters and can arm wrestle with grown men and pack a punch. When using all of his strength he can manage to break wood and bones but that's it, nothing sturdier, at least not without the help of his Sugar Gear. He knows basic moves of the Monkey Kung Fu that were taught to him by his family before he formed his own set of cool moves. His fighting style revolves around fast movements and attacks, with an emphasis on being cool.

Sugar Gear: Kenny is an extremely hyperactive kid. He knows no rest and is even walking and running in his sleep. This hyperactivity affects his behavior and patience, but when it mixes with sugar consumption, it reaches monstrous levels. After consuming sugar, Kenny's body reacts as if it has been installed with a nuclear powerhouse. He becomes extremely energized, his stamina, speed, strength and agility are all boosted instantly, reaching peak human levels, or even super human, depends on the amounts that was consumed. While under the effect of a sugar rush, Kenny can run as fast as a cheetah, and has amazing reflexes that allow him to react to most dangers. His strength is boosted to the point where he is able to break bones and crack stones with a simple punch. While under the effect, Kenny doesn't grow tired, his heart is racing in about 240 beats per minute and all of his body functions are accelerated, even his healing factor, allowing him to keep fighting even after getting his bones broken. These amazing effects only last for 10 minutes at a time, which is the amount of time it takes for Kenny's young body to stabilize the body back to normal. After the effect wears off, Kenny will experience exhaustion and dizziness, that will last for the same time as the sugar rush - 10 minutes. After sugar rush wears off Kenny may enter another one by consuming more sugar, but the rushes that will follow the first will be weaker and more dangerous to Kenny. His heart and body can risk 3 consecutive rushes before overloading and crashing, resulting in fainting and even mortal danger to Kenny. The more sugar he consumes, the stronger the effect is, the longer it lasts, and the stronger the after-effect and the strain on the body is. Caffeine also creates a similar effect, although much more violent and risky. When consuming caffeine, Kenny will achieve greater power than with sugar but the effect lasts for a mere minute and leaves Kenny exhausted.

Musical Talent: Kenny is an excellent musician, and can play on two main instruments: a harmonica and his own mouth. Kenny's musical talent was discovered when he started beat-boxing. He enjoyed it so much he decided to attempt and learn how to play a real instrument. Unfortunately for him, His hyperactivity didn't allow him to sit down and patiently learn how to play several instruments so he only managed to learn one: the harmonica. Now, he can mix the two and beat box while he plays the harmonica, creating music that is unique to him.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

  • Power Shoulder Tackle!: Kenny will dash towards his opponent and tackle him with his shoulder with all of his might, easily making much heavier opponents than him loss their balance.
  • Face Smashing Punch!: Kenny will send an explosive uppercut at his opponent's jaw, able to lift a grown man off the ground and breaking his jaw.
  • Legendary Cannon Kick!: This attack is used when Kenny manages to get behind his opponent. Kenny will assume a handstand and will send an explosive two-legged kick at his opponent's back (for maximum damage) or butt (for maximum awesomeness).
  • Raging Bull Rush!: Kenny will place his hands on either side of his head, with the index fingers pointing outward. He will then charge at his opponent with great speed, performing a powerful headbutt. The fingers have no use in this attack and are just meant to make the attack cooler. If the attack hits, Kenny will continue his rush, pushing the opponent along with him and ramming him against different objects.
  • Rolling Thunder Punch!: Kenny will stretch his right arm to his side and start spinning it with great speed, making it seem like a spinning fan. After building enough momentum, Kenny will deliver a powerful punch to either the opponent's stomach or face, sending them crashing to the ground or flying back respectively.
  • Tornado Dance!: This technique is the result of Kenny looking for "The coolest way to dodge an attack", and is highly influenced from the monkey Kung Fu taught to him by his family dojo. By forming either of his hands into a makeshift spoon, and spinning his arm with great speed, Kenny can create a pulling force similar to that of a helicopter's propeller. This force can allow him to pull himself away from attacks on the spot by using it to propel himself to different sides with great speed. This technique can also be performed by stretching both of the legs and spinning, creating a large propeller that pulls Kenny's body. The pull that is achieved is strong enough to send Kenny flying 3 meters towards a certain direction with one motion. By aiming either his arms or legs up and performing this technique repeatedly, Kenny can lift himself up and even fly like a slow helicopter. This is Kenny's way of moving through the battle field and it's speed is enhanced when under the effect of Sugar Rush.
  • Twisting Twister Kick!: Kenny will perform any number of 360 spins on one of his legs. After the spins are finished and momentum is gathered, Kenny will jump and send a powerful kick to the opponent's neck, powered by the amazing centrifugal force that was built. This attack becomes more powerful with every spin that Kenny performs before the kick.
  • Splitting Headache!: Kenny will jump forward and deliver a powerful headbutt aimed at an opponent's head. This causes both sides of the attack to feel great pain and even cracked skulls, but since Kenny's skull is used to the attack after practicing it for a long time, he should receive less damage, making the attack worth it. The attack's name is derived from the fact that Kenny can split rocks with it.

Weapons/Items: A bag filled with candy, chocolate bars and several cans of Bang! energy drinks, A harmonica

Character Flaws: Kenny's greatest weakness is his hyperactivity. He is simply unable to sit down and listen up unless he has something to do. As a result, planning ahead and forming tactics and strategies isn't something he is good at.

Goals: To live like the greatest pirate who ever sailed the seas, Gol D. Roger.

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PostSubject: Re: Kenny B. Wukong    Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:12 pm

Hide your candy, cause this guy is BACK!
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Kenny B. Wukong
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