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 Jimi H. Hide

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PostSubject: Jimi H. Hide   Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:45 pm

The Original:


Name: Jimi H. Hide

Epithet: The Black Sheep

Theme: Rufus

Age: 21

Bounty: 50,000 B

Species: Human

Occupation: Navigator

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Indigo Cove, South Blue


Human Point: Jimi is a tall and muscular guy, reaching as high as 2.2 meters and weighting over 90 kilograms. His skin is light brown, almost yellow. His eyes are green colored but are usually hidden behind his pitch-black shades, which he wears even while indoors and even while he is asleep. The most unique feature of Jimi's appearance is his hair. Jimi owns a huge Afro that adds an additional half a meter to his height, along with an impressive pair of mutton chops on either side of his face. His Afro is black and is thick enough to store an entire arm in it. Jimi takes a lot of pride in his Afro, owning a wide set of special combs to take good care of it in any situation. Dealing any kind of damage to Jimi's Afro is punishable by death, or at least by fatal hospitalization if Jimi is in a great mood. While Jimi uses his devil fruit abilities to increase the volume of his hair, his Afro can grow to huge dimensions, able to become as large as a human being. Jimi wears a pair of black disco pants and a white puffy shirt under a bright racing-red jacket. He keeps his matching knuckle dusters in his pants' pockets. His teeth are so bright that they send a weak flash of sun reflection each time he grins, a fact that is true for each of his transformations. Jimi often poses in various exaggerated boxing and disco moves to emphasize his words, utilizing a lot of movement in his speech. Jimi can communicate with both humans and sheep in this form.

Sheep Point: In his sheep from, Jimi's Afro turns into a thick ball of black wool that covers his entire, now sheep-sized body, leaving only his head and the bottom of his four sheep legs visible from underneath it, along with a tiny wool covered sheep tail from behind. His pupil become rectangular to match those of a sheep, although still covered with his shades that are presented throughout his transformations, and his head is decorated with a small version of Jimi's original Afro, with a pair of small coiling sheep horns on either side of his scalp that are barely showing through the Afro. Seeing Jimi in this form without grass, or any other green in his mouth is a rarity, as he gains an unstoppable crave for vegetation in this form, often stopping in mid-task just to munch on some grass. He is incapable of speaking in human languages in this form, and is limited to releasing echoing bleats.

Hybrid Point: In his hybrid form Jimi turns into a monstrous mix between a sheep and a human, much like any other Zoan user and his respectful animal. He grows to become 3 meters tall and his weight is boosted to more than 110 kilograms. His body maintains his bipedal form and posture and becomes extremely muscular. His feet turn into sheep hooves while his hands simply grow in size. His pants are reduced to a small trousers version and his shirt disappears, leaving his red jacket and shades. His chest, shoulders and upper back, along with the entire upper section of his abdomen up to his neck becomes encased in a ball of black curly wool, leaving his stomach and lower back bald along with his neck. His Afro grows larger, with big coiling sheep horns protruding from either side of his head. Patches of Afro hair that resemble protective pads in shape grow on his elbows, knees, wrists and back. His forearms become as thick as logs, throwing his limbs out of proportion as his legs remain in their original thickness. In this form Jimi can communicate in human language and in sheep language, with a monstrous tone added to his bleats.

History: Jimi was born on a pirate ship, with his father being its captain. His abusive father and poor excuse of a mother didn't want a kid on the board to hold their crew back, making them hand the week-old toddler to Jimi's mom's older brother, Max, who lived a simple life with his wife on Indigo Cove of the South Blue and owned a small furniture business. Max hated Jimi's father and the fact that he allowed his sister to be reduced to the life of a pirate, and agreed to take care of Jimi in hopes of saving him from a similar life. To prevent Jimi from ever finding out about his true origins, Max and his wife decided to tell him his real parents are dead.

Max had Jimi help him in the furniture shop, making him his sweeper and cleaner. Being a large boy from the very first moment, Jimi broke some of the furniture quite often, making the arrangement a clumsy fit. The boy and his uncle had a bitter-sweet relationship, with Max acting as if Jimi was his son while busting a fuse anytime Jimi didn't follow his orders, desperately trying to keep the boy in-line. When Jimi turned 12, an accident lead to a fire in the furniture shop, requiring a lot of repairs to be done and a lot of furniture to be replaced. In order to pay for the repairs, Max had no choice but to loan money from a local pirate, Don Gonzalo, the captain of the Mobster Pirates. Max had trouble returning the debt, earning him some unpleasant visits from Gonzalo's goons.

One afternoon, when the goons arrived to collect their fee and threatened Max, Jimi arrived at the scene. By that time, although only 12, Jimi was as big and capable as the goons themselves, who earned a black eye each out of the resulting brawl. Seeing the goons injured, Don Gonzalo paid Max and his family a visit the very next day, but instead of collecting the fee he offered them a deal - He will let the entire debt slide, no strings attached and in return, Jimi will have to come and fight in Gonzalo's personal illegal fighting ring, which earned him most of his money through betting and was located in his ship. Fearing that Jimi will get close to the piracy world out of it, Max refused, but Jimi disobeyed Max's will by agreeing to the deal, willing to help his uncle and aunt out of their debt while earning himself some time away from the boring shop.

In the ring, Jimi discovered his gift for boxing, maybe a talent he inherited from his father. Despite the fact that he was about 10 years younger than his opponents, Jimi never lost a round, earning Gonzalo an impressive amount of betting money. He enjoyed fighting, unused to the amount of excitement it provided him, excitement that he couldn't get in Max's furniture shop. He also enjoyed the company of the pirates, feeling more free than at home. However, Jimi noticed that Max was worried sick about him every time he left for the ring, making him have second thoughts. With enough victories under his belt, Jimi earned reputation, along with an epithet in the ring - "The Black Sheep", a nickname given to him thanks to his black Afro hair. When Gonzalo was challenged to place one of his fighters against a rivaling captain's fighter for a bet, he immediately picked Jimi.

Jimi was only 15 at the time and although he was strong and skilled, Gonzalo feared that he won't be able to stand against his planned opponent, gigantic wrestler nicknamed "The Mountain". In order to shift the odds to his favor, Gonzalo decided to provide Jimi with a secret weapon, a Devil Fruit, with the winning prizes easily covering the price of the fruit, whose exact powers Gonzalo did not know. Gonzalo gave Jimi the fruit personally, claiming it was a natural performance enhancer that will help Jimi win. Believing him, Jimi ate the weird swirly and bump-filled fruit despite its disgusting taste, before heading out for battle.

The opponent's size didn't fall from his epithet, and his strength was beyond Jimi's. The fight started badly, with Jimi barely managing to counterattack against his opponent's overwhelming strength. With the crowd cheering and Gonzalo swearing, The Mountain found it fitting to humiliate Jimi by making fun of Jimi's Afro as he struggled to get up from the hundredth time he was knocked to the ground. With his mouth bleeding, his bones broken and his body aching, the insults were the lost straw. Jimi could feel the rage building inside him, physically pressing against his body from within and stretching it out. His body changed, increasing in size as wool began to grow on it. The crowd went silence and The Mountain's mouth opened wide. He was no longer facing a 15 year old opponent, but a giant sheep monster. Jimi was as surprised as the rest of the crowd, suddenly filled with regained strength and energy to pummel his insulting opponent to ground. It took about half a minute before The Mountain's head was planted into the surface of the fighting ring, ending the battle.

After the fight, Gonzalo faced Jimi in order to congratulate him on his victory, but with his new powers on his side Jimi had other plans. He declared that he will no longer fight for Gonzalo, and that he demands half of the earnings from the fight. He was tired of working under Gonzalo, and wanted to start a life of piracy on his own and find new opponents to test his strength against, like The Mountain. Gonzalo simply laughed at Jimi face, telling him that he should worry about his uncle and aunt before making such rash decisions. Angered, Jimi considered punching Gonzalo down right there, but a sudden explosion that rocked the entire ship changed his plans. The Mountain's owner decided to attack the Mobster pirates instead of paying his debt, igniting an all out battle between the crews with a single cannonball. Using the opportunity, Jimi threw Gonzalo overboard and grabbed a few sacks worth of goods from the crew's treasury, before ditching their ship for the last time. The Mobster Pirates didn't survive that battle, disbanding right after it. Jimi was listed with the Mobster pirates, gaining a bounty as one of the only members who weren't jailed.

Returning home, Jimi left the sacks of treasure on his uncle's doorstep, along with a note that explained that he couldn't return to the furniture shop, and that he hoped that the sacks would be enough to pay for his absence. He added that he promises to come back and visit once he'll return to the area, before leaving the island on a small boat to become a pirate. Max didn't realize that you simply couldn't keep a pirate in blood out of the sea.

Personality: It is difficult to tell if Jimi is drunk throughout his entire life, or is just naturally carefree and cheery for no reason. Either way, Jimi acts most of the time as if he just won the lottery. three times. He whistles for his pleasure most the time, and accompanies most tasks, even the boring ones, with sound effects of his own creation. He laughs at the dumbest of jokes and enjoys anything from simply watching the sun to beating a man to pulp. His joy originates from his freedom, and as long as he's free, he's happy. He isn't fond of marines, as they symbolize limits and boundaries to him, but even then he can let things slide if the marines do the same. He enjoys dancing, most of the time to his own whistles and sounds. He is easily distracted and not so bright, while being a huge fan of women, alcohol, money and food equally. Thanks to his devil fruit, Jimi is incredibly fond of vegetables, and will often enter long discussions and arguments with sheep or other bovine animals that he meets. Jimi likes challenges, especially those that involve fighting, and is constantly willing to test his strength and skill against anyone who's willing to face the challenge. Jimi is very protective of his Afro, and will not tolerate a single insult or a single hair being pulled out of it. Jimi's personality remains the same throughout his transformation, although his sheep form tends to be easily distracted by grass and vegetables, often neglecting other things just to eat.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Muton Muton No Mi
Type: Zoan
Effect: Enables the user to change between three forms: Human Point, Sheep Point and Hybrid Point

Special Abilities:

Zoan Mastery: Jimi is an highly skilled user of his Devil Fruit. After using it for 6 years, Jimi can draw more out of it than the basic two additional forms that are given by each Zoan. In any of his transformations, Jimi can use his Devil Fruit to increase the volume of his Afro, turning it into a protective shield that is capable of absorbing powerful attacks. In addition, Jimi is capable of communicating with all bovine animals in all of his forms, and enjoys an enhanced sense of balance that allows him to remain steady even in earthquakes or on extremely thin surfaces such as wires. Another perk that Jimi developed is the ability to shift freely between human vision and sheep vision by changing his eyes alone.

Disco-boxing Skills: Jimi's fighting style revolves around the use of his devil fruit and his kickboxing skills. With the strength and speed boost he gains from his devil fruit, Jimi can deliver fast and powerful kicks and punches that can effectively break bones and dismantle opponents. His fighting style, that he likes to call Disco Boxing, relies on his devil fruit ability to control the volume of his Afro to block enemy attacks, while utilizing his strength to counterattack. While using his knuckle dusters, Jimi's punches become naturally stronger thanks to the fact that his hands become more resilient, allowing him to crack stone and break bones with ease. While in his Hybrid form, his strength is boosted further, allowing him to obliterate boulders with a single punch and dent metal.

Navigation Skills: After sailing for 6 years on his own, Jimi learned the basics of navigation both in and out of the Grand Line, and can safely guide whatever ship his on through the sea.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

The Afrosenal!!!

Weapons/Items: 2 Red Knuckle Dusters, Black Sunglasses, A Set of Afro Combs

Character Flaws: Jimi is not the brightest man when it comes to picking his battles. Whoever gets on his nerves, by either using violence on his loved ones or hurting animals for no reason, can be sure to find Jimi in the end of the line with a punch at the ready. Perhaps the most powerful berserk trigger of Jimi is his hair. If even a single hair gets off of his Afro by an opponent, he enters a state of mind that contains rage rage and more rage.

  • Enjoy his freedom
  • Become the world's greatest boxer

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Jimi H. Hide
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