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 Tundra island

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PostSubject: Tundra island    Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:01 am

Name: Tundra island
Flag: World Government
Location: Grand line

Ruler/Territory: Head Chief Takasham

(Four line minimum starts here)
Geography: Tundra Island is about 1,800 miles from coast to coast. The island has a oval shape like appearance. The surface of the island is covered with snow and ice complete with tall mountains called Angel's Bliss at the middle of the island where the city captial, Sub Zero, is at. Since there is little reuseable land, the island has tribes scattered all throughout the land next the mountains. There are giant iceburgs that have broken off from the main land forming huge mazes surrounding the island. Only the most skilled of navigators could sail throughout the iceburgs to reach the island.

Weather: Tundra is a winter island that could reach temperatures below -4 and onlt higher than 32 degrees. Winter can lasts for six months here which means that there are only three months for spring and summer. Fall doesn't exist in a since the weater quickly changes to freezing temperatures. During the winter, the island have vicious snow storms three times a day. The snow raises from ground on average four feet with deadly ice to slip on. There are about a period of four hours between snow storms giving people enough time to do chorus and gather food. During the snow storms, the temperature could reach below -89 degrees with winds going as far as 69 miles per hour. In the spring/ summer the tempertures could rise to 32 to 53 degrees. It is the only time when it stops snowing long enough for vegetation and grass to grow for farming.

Population: Due to the extreme conditions of the island, only 1,500 people live on the island.

Wildlife: The hiking bear lives up in Angel biss where they rarely leave the mountains except for food. They are usually friendly to humans. The only exception is when you don't greet them with a bow. Then they will force you to sit a traditional japanese style for one hour which could cause cramps. The Lapahn thrive in this environment. They are to be avoided at all times for they are very aggressive to protect their territory. The dense snow and slippery ice does not hinder them in the least. In fact it even helps them to catch prey. They are very valuable to the people of the island with fur worth about 50,000 beli, and meat costing 1,000 beli. The White Walkies are used for transportation on this island. Due to their thick fur, the white walkies are not bothered by the weather. This makes them ideal for traveling long distances at days at a time. The white walkies could also climb vertical surfaces up the mountians which takes a weeks journey. Snow birds are scared to the people of this island, and are illegal to harm them. The wolf units used in Impel down are native here. They are resistant to the cold, and hunt anything in sight. These wolves are a constant threat to villagers are known to attack dragging dozens of villagers leaving blood stains in the snow. The Domo Peguins lives on the coasts of the island moving the iceburgs surrounding the islands to trap fish. They sometimes accidently crash the iceburgs unto incoming ships which could be dangerous. Sea lions, seals, and snow foxes could also be found here.

Economy and production: Tundra has very limited natural resources. The biggest export for this island is in fact cola which suppiles near half the world. A large factory is located at the capital. The capital itself is a tourist attraction itself. Its a city made of ice.

Defense: The island is protected by large iceburgs that constantly drifts in the sea largely thanks to the Domo Peguins. The cold climate also makes a power detterent against pirats and other invaders. The capital is the only place that is fortified. The entire city is protected by a wall of ice hard enough to withstand the cannons of a warship.

Military: Each tribe has its own warriors. Their uniform inculde a mixture of Domo Peguin and White walkie fur to protect them from the cold. Underneath their uniforms is leather armor lined with seal blubber to soften blows and attacks from weapons. The testament of their strength is that each are strong enough to go on par with a bear. Their weapons included a spear, a tomahawk, sometimes a bow, and a knife. The capital itself is guarded by 1,000 warriors each capable of fighting a sea king single handly. They are trained much harder than the other warriors in its sister tribes. Rank are determined by the animal that hunter kills as a child during their trials as a man. A sparrow warrior is the lowest mainly infantry. These guys hunted a Type B "Small friendly" creature as a children. These make up the majority of the island. A bear warrior is second lowest. They hunted a Type A "Big Friendly" creature as children. These guys make up the high officals and officers. A fox warrior are the generals of the army. They found Type D "small savage" creatures as children. The rarest of the army are the wold warriors which make less than 5% of the army. These make up the future chiefs are the tribes

Philosophy and beliefs: The people of this island are a tribal group. They are believe greatly in fate and ancestor worship. According to their customs a person ancestors determines what kind of destiny a person has. If a person comes from an honorable family then he himself is good person, and if a person comes from a coward then he himself must be evil. For this sole reason, they believe that pirates are evil and that the marines are good. They also believe in the way of a warrior training their children at a young age to survive on their own. They are judged at the age of 10 to survive an entire month on their in the wilderness. If they are meant to survive then fate when allow them to come back. At the age of 16 a boy considered a man. At the age of 13 a girl is considered a woman. Males and females alike are only allowed one mate for a lifetime, due their beliefs that fate will choose a suitable mate for them. All conflints are to be settled by a duel. They believe that fate would allow the person who is right to be the winner. They are also not fond of travelers since their people have been isolated for so long. On the first day of spring they would have a ten day festival celebrating their legendary hero Hakasam. Though they are largely traditional, the people are slowly modernizing by building a factory and even getting their warriors to join the marines.

Government: Each tribe is ruled by a chief that makes all the decisions of the tribe. Each chief can make up his own counsil which helps him make up his decisions. Though each chief can make up their own laws and customs All degrees are final by the head Chief who lives in the capital. If the head chief dies without an heir then the appointed which is choosen by the head chief before death will take over.

(two paragrpah minimum starts here)
History: Tundra island was once a tropical island at first 1,000 years ago, but since the rapid movements of the earth's plates the island was actually moved to another location practically overnight. The tundrians had to adapt from their hot climate to this frozen tundra hence the name of the island. Unlike the present the tribes were not allied and often fought wars for the limited amount of useable land. Chief Hukasam, The Screamer, was the first head chief of the island. He united the sisters that were one separated. He taught them that if they could work together rather fighting that they could survive in their new home. Hukasam was the first to make it up Angel Bliss, and even sculped the city out of a large piece of ice to symbolizes the resolve and strength of the people. Hukasam was appointed head chief at the age of 22, which is the youngest ever recorded. He personally lead raids across far away island despite the iceburgs. When Hukasam and his men returned they were always victorious with food and other necessary things to ensure their survival which is how the festival got started. Hakasam soon died at the age of 24, but his idea of unity and strength would never be forgotten. 300 years later, they later joined the world government.

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PostSubject: Re: Tundra island    Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:25 am

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PostSubject: Re: Tundra island    Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:15 pm

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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PostSubject: Re: Tundra island    

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Tundra island
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