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 Cameron Lent

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PostSubject: Cameron Lent    Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:29 pm

Name: Cameron Lent

Age: 18

Bounty: 26,000,000 for multiple murders and association with pirate crew

Species: Human

Occupation: Cook, Gunslinger

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue

He has a rounded face with a pointed chin, resembling most manga style characters. He has medium length, wavy, sandy blonde hair with white highlights that curls out a bit at the bottom and sapphire eyes. His smile is what some people would call 'adorable', but can also be misconceived as mocking or sarcastic. But his usual facial expression makes him look extremely bored and dull. Cameron is about average height and weight for his semi muscular build, weighing in at 170 pounds and having an approximate height of 5'11 feet. His skin is extremely pale and smooth, with some freckles on his arms. His clothing choice, like anyone else, varies regularly but usually consists of a thin, black, unzipped hoodie with bright yellow draw strings. The hoodie is usually worn under a olive colored V-neck t shirt that is a bit over sized, and droops down a little ways, exposing the top part of a 6 pack. He wears a black leather belt tilted slightly diagonally on his waist line, and wears light grey slim jeans. He has lime green, converse shoes.

He was born into a rich family that was related to World Nobels (his dad was a World Noble, so Cameron's like...half World Noble I guess), and ever since he was born he was trained to be able to guard one, and join his fathers assassin squad along with his twin sister, Kathryn. At age 4 he was taught how to use gueppo and soru through games like tag and hide and seek modified to fit the training. By 8 he had learned those and now moved on to his weapon of choice, guns. At first he learned to just aim a bullet, and excelling at this, he had amazing aim by his 10th birthday. It was then that they began teaching him special techniques with guns, like how to curve bullets and such. He also learned how to use shigan at this age, and progressed at both. After this training was done, he began training in tactical skill until he was fourteen, at which age he could make up battle plans in a matter of 30 seconds in his brain by seeing a field of battle and enemy statistics. Then, in the last two years of his training, he was trained to use special ammo that his father, a blacksmith, made for him. In this time he also learned to cook from his mother so he could survive without restaurants. After training with his father for awhile, his rebellious stage kicked in. e began to question his parents and the governments beliefs. He finally had enough and went to his father one day. "Pops" he said "Would it make you pissed if I became a run away fugitive...or better yet a pirate?" he asked "Yes, very" was his father response. "Then get ready to be to be pissed" he laughed and grabbed his personal belongings and ran out the door and onto a ship. The ship left for another island and docked there, where Cameron got out. He then went to find work. He then found a restaurant he could wait tables at began doing so. Then one day, after the head chef called in sick, he took over and made better food then anyone had made before. He was then made head chef and had a good life until the news came out one morning and there was a 2,000,000 belli bounty on him to come home alive to his family. He then split that town and took a boat to a new island. He then began a chef career at this island and keeps doing so, hoping no one will find out about his bounty.

After awhile he found a pirate crew willing to take him in called the Blizzard Pirates. He made good friends with the captain, a loud 1/4 giant named Roko and a girl named Alice. He also accidentally at a devils fruit on his journey. He and Alice, after awhile, began dating, but this was cut short by her leaving to go train. Cameron decided he should train as well. He trained with the crew for a while, but then decided to go find somewhere better to train. At a bar on a restaurant, he met someone who would change his life. He was an assassin named Stephan Little, who was for hire. Cameron had seen his wanted posters, and wanted him to train him. He decided to pay him in exchange for training, which Stephan excepted. In the next 1 year, he was trained in the ways of the spy, only skipping a few things, like the art of the assassin, hand to hand combat and spy skills. During this time, he became Stephan's partner and did hits with him. This gained him a bounty of 26,000,000. After this, Cameron focused more on devils fruit techniques. He learned many from Stephan (kaze kaze no mi) that he transferred to sand and came up with some of his own. After a couple months of that, Cameron began to travel to the entrance to the grand line to see his crew again, and convinced Stephan to come with him. He is now waiting their.

Cameron is what you would call a rebellious teenager. The way he dresses makes him seem like a punk kid and so does the way he acts. He has no respect for his elders, addressing them as "Geezer" or "Dinosaur". He laughed at people who want to 'become a master swordsman' other things because he knows its such an unreasonable goal, even though it is his own. He also isn't one for manners, and is one that would answer roll call in school with an "Oi" instead of "present' or even "hear". To people he is unacquainted with he seems blunt and kind of mean, but he is kind, witty and flat out fun when people he considers his friends are around. Cameron loves eating, as he will eat any good food nonstop. The only thing keeping him from becoming morbidly obese is his fast metabolism and the fact that exercising and working out don't bother him, he just says they are a normal part of life. He also enjoys his sleep and will tend to over sleep very often. He also seems to like being the smart ass, sarcastic one in any group he's in, constantly making witty comments, usually at someones expense. He hates preppy, rich snobs with a burning passion, claiming they are "annoying and let the money get to there head". He also dislikes people who go back on there promises.

Ship: name of ship

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Suna Suna No Mi (Coming Soon)
Type: Logia
Effect: Can Create and Manipulate sand

Special Abilities:
Has a very tactical mind and can make up battle plans almost on the spot
He has amazing aim, and has good enough eyesight and accuracy to shoot a person exactly where he wants from 100 yards away
He can curve his bullets by swinging his arm sideways as he fires his bullet
Cameron has advanced skill in almost any basic martial art known. He can use Kung Fu, Tai Kwon Do, Karate, Muay Tai, Kickboxing and other basics.
Cameron has many intelligences that are good for a spy to have. One example of this is he is very good at analyzing his surroundings, and can use them to his advantage. He is also good at knowing how to blend in with a crowd or not stand out. He also has good map reading and navigational skills, meaning if he gets a map of a building, he can figure out how to easily get in, kill whoever he needs and get out without any problem. He also has much trivial knowledge so he can become part of any society he needs to flawlessly.[/color]

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Gun Attacks
Bullet Storm: Uses Soru to run around the enemy and shoot them from all angles
Drill Bit: Spins the bullet by turning his gun swiftly, making it much more deadly and can crack many metals
Quick Draw: Flings his guns out of there sheaths by there triggers and shoots them while spinning, great surprise attack
Big Bang: Throws gun powered in the air and sorus away, but not before shooting a flame bullet into the gunpowder
Comet Strike: Sorus into the air and shoots multiple exploding bullets at the ground near and at the enemy
Point Blanc: Runs up to the enemy quickly and shoves both guns into there chest, then pulls the trigger

DF Moves
Suna Suna No Blast: Shoots blast of sand from his hands
Suna Suna No Wall: A wall of sand is made to block attacks
Suna Suna No Saber: A saber made of sand is formed in Cameron's hand
Suna Suna No Bullet: Shoots a sand bullet from his gun or fingers
Suna Suna No Projectile: Makes either a Throwing Disc, Knife or Throwing Axe out of sand
Suna Suna No SandStorm: Makes a Sandstorm

Assassin Arts

The Art of Camouflage: This is part of the art of an assassin that teaches them to be very open to their surrounding areas and adapt to them accordingly. This, through much training, makes an assassin calm in even the most high pressure situations so he will not reveal his location.

The Art of Patience: This is part of the art of an assassin that teaches them to be patient in any situation possible. Through training, this means an assassin could wait for hours on end without taking a step or even making the slightest movement.

The Art of Tolerance: If an assassin is discovered, to defend themselves they must have high endurance, fighting high pain levels to keep them from ever giving up. Also, if an assassin is caught, even in extreme torture, they must not reveal who they were working for. Through much training, an assassin is trained to have an extreme tolerance for pain.

Flintlock Rifle with Scope
2 Revolvers
Special Ammo

Goals: survive

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Bounty is suspicious, but Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Cameron Lent    Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:35 pm

Camerons getting the Suna Suna No Mi soon
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Suna Suna No Mi has been eaten
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Cameron Lent
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