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 Banks D. Gerald

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PostSubject: Banks D. Gerald   Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:09 am

Name: Banks D. Gerald
Age: 19
Bounty: none
Species: Human

Occupation: Juggler
Allegiance: The Big top
Home Village/Ocean: East Blue

He wears a clean set of faded light blue overalls that you can tell are old but still in could condition with no shirt. Gerald is a skinny but toned build (physically stronger than appears) and it easy to tell he is physically capable. He wears silver colored glasses with a rectangular frame by choice. He has a lotus blossom tatoo with vivid pink and red petals and two green leaves coming out the bottom on his right shoulder. His arms have got scars all over from juggling mishaps. Gerald also wears a milky white top hat with a blue matching the overalls around the hats base.

History: Born the child of Ray & Banks D. Lois. His mother was a fairly average looking woman easy on the eyes but her real drawing was her firey personaility. She was very load and her mouth got her to a lot of trouble. She was involved in organzed crime and was the groups "Enforcer". She did her job to perfection and loved it. Ray however was just the opposite he was soft spoken and and real cool and gentle spirited enough. He had a way with words and able to calm most the most savage person with just his words for the most part. And is this that allowed him to "tame Lois" so to speak. But given their total contrasting backgrounds the two pairing of would be a problem not only for the careers but their lives. They lead secret lives for many years and in that time had gotten married under pseudo names and and concieved Gerald. Know she was pregnant she had to get away/out before she began to show. She was pretty good at hiding her new life but her boss could slightly tell somthing was admist, given it was his business to know info that were ment to be kept hidden. The peace keepers had been watching Lois's organization for some time and was closing in to make make an arrest. Ray had purposly met Lois in as way to get to know more about the Dark Hand. But he didnt count on his love for her to become genuine so he was able to get Lois to be away from the Dark Hand when came time to arrest them. It didnt go smoothly at all, it was a blood bath and serveral key members escaped. The peace keepers arragned a pardon for Lois because of her cooperation. But this didnt mean that her and her husband were close to safe. They fled to east blue wear Gerald was born. They hoped that East Blue would bring him peace. When Gerald reached the age of five a report lead them to believe their location had been comprimised so they fled leaving Gerald behind figuring it was best for him not live a life on the run. They left him with a group of perfomers their last words to him were to follow the lotus and oneday they would reunite. They gave him a piece of canvas with an intricate pattern etched into a lotus.
The life of a performer was no easy task but Gerald started juggling at a young age. Although he remembered both his mother and father the whole circus functioned as his family now. Giving him a large support system. Jugglers were by no means special. So he was always looking to one up The Big Tops primary juggler, Chad. He would experiment with knives, guns, and even fire. But could never be out perform Chad. As a result Gerald was apart of the moving crew and would security tossing out rowdy patrons or those who refused to pay. Sometimes the show would attract pirates but given that it was east blue there were no real threats. But given the number of some of the crews the ring master and some of the performers would insist that he back down and just let them in or have their way. But Gerald would never back down no matter what. One day the ring master caught glimpse of Gerald praticing his act and for the first time saw all the scars that were on his arms. Between this and the fights the ring master feared for his safety. Out of concern for his adoptive grandson he suggested Gerald take his juggling on the road, that he wasn’t ready for the show and that he could gain a lot by seeing the world outside little east blue. Before he left he gave him his top hat saying a man wearing a hat gives mystery and it also besuited a top class performer.

Personality: He is a fearless man willing to stand up against the greatest of challenges and enemies. He developed this trait because his own parents choose to run and abandon him When provoked Gerald can be violent, self-fish It his belief that with enemies in front and love ones in the back it would be irresponsible to back down and let harm come to those he cares about. Gerald loves to party and compete. He can be very deceptive and often will play the role of a fool during a fight. He does this to lower his opponents guard so that he can assess their abilities/tactics as fighter. Gerald is unwware of how much he has grown to love fighting, when he fights he is like whole new person. He loves the flashy things in life and lives to be the center of attention and will perform any chance he gets. Because of his desire to be a better/more entertaining juggler he has worked with many dangerous objects. He will be luckly to survive despite his recklessness.


Ship Flag:

Special Abilities: Keen Intellect, accurate knife thrower. Brilliant Juggler. Strength of an Olympic level athlete

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
No named attacks as of yet

Weapons/Items: Six knives, flanged mace worn on back,

Goals: To perform for the world

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PostSubject: Re: Banks D. Gerald   Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:56 am

Appearance too short
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PostSubject: Re: Banks D. Gerald   Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:27 am

Trash please and thank you
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PostSubject: Re: Banks D. Gerald   

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Banks D. Gerald
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