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 Suzume Suzume no Mii ((Hornet Hornet Fruit))

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PostSubject: Suzume Suzume no Mii ((Hornet Hornet Fruit))   Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:25 am

Name: Suzume Suzume no Mii (Hornet Hornet Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Effect: The Suzume Suzume no Mii, in effect, turns its eater into a living hornet's nest. The user's body is capable of protecting and storing hornets (at first, only two normal colonies' worth), which can be used to serve surveillance purposes, attack in swarms, or perform sneak attacks on enemies ('cause they're hornets, who's gonna suspect a hornet as an agent of destruction?). The Suzume Suzume no Mii actually grants its user the ability to communicate with hornets, enabling the hornets to serve as excellent and nearly undetectable scouts. The hornets, at later levels of mastery, can actually be produced by the fruit user's body, saving the user the aggravation of having to find replacements for lost servants. The place the hornets inhabit is a hive that looks similar to the honeycomb structure created by bees, and it is located somewhere on the user's body (not necessarily the same place for every user).
User: Gustav Klein, not created yet.
Growth curve: Each % 'rank' opens up new techniques that require both that % 'rank', as well as a specific level. Said level may vary.
0% The Suzume Suzume no Mii turns you into a hornet's nest... and the hornets don't necessarily like you.
10% The hornets inhabiting the user's body will not attack the user, and the user can give them simple commands.
20% The user can now clearly communicate with the hornets from his body, able to receive information from his/her scouts and communicate more complicated plans to his hornets.
30% The user is capable of brainwashing hornets from the nearby area and driving them in inhabit his body, in order to avoid having to wait for his body's hornet population to replenish itself.
40% The carrying capacity of the user's body is increased from two colonies' worth of hornets to four.
50% The fruit user becomes capable of producing hornets on his/her own using nutrients from his/her body. Naturally, this leads to the user becoming extremely voracious in his/her attempts to ensure he/she has enough food.
60% The user can accomodate more deadly hornets now, including the strange Asian giant hornet. He/she also gains access to a tiny hornet for use as an extremely discreet spy.
70% The hornets created by the user use a hive mind brain system, making it unnecessary for a hornet to fly back to the user to report its findings.
80% The fruit user can modify the genetics of their produced hornets to a small extent, enabling them to change the poisons contained in the hornet's stingers. The user can also now accommodate up to eight colonies' worth of hornets.
90% The fruit user can modify the acid produced by the Asian giant hornet to perform different, more deadly functions. The user also gains access to hornets with a hard carapace like body, so he/she can use them to make shields or 'walls'.
100% The user gains access to a unique hornet that can only be created inside the user's body. This hornet is extraordinarily cannibalistic, and it will feed on its own kind, using their nutrients and bodies to fuel its extraordinary growth. The hornet will rapidly grow from a small, three centimeter long hornet to a fifteen meter long monstrosity. The hornet remains under the user's control at all times, and it has the capabilities of the Asian giant hornet, allowing it to spray a large amount of acid in a wide area in front of it.
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Suzume Suzume no Mii ((Hornet Hornet Fruit))
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