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 Island Sheet

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PostSubject: Island Sheet   Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:09 am

Location: (N,S,E, or W Blue)

Ruler/Territory: (who owns the island)

(Four line minimum starts here)
Geography: (topographical, shape, land form, and other geographic information)
Weather: (weather conditions and climate, include the biome)
Population: (include species if applicable)
Wildlife: (include line breaks for each organism, optional and not subject to minimums (note that new spechies cannot be created but that many types of animals exist in one piece))
Economy and production: (Include natural resources and how much money the islands owners get from it a thread)

Defense: (all natural and man made defensive structures, this can include being protected by a crew of pirates or marenes)
Military: (if the island has its own defense force, describe, optional)

Philosophy and beliefs:

(two paragrpah minimum starts here)
History: (include discovery, founding, any wars and segnificant events).

No characters, all dead.
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Island Sheet
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