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 Ability Point Store Available Options

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PostSubject: Ability Point Store Available Options    Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:18 am

Ability Point Store! Where all we ask in return for these marvelous selections is your soul ability points!

Your character can start with a total of 20 abilities points to spend on abilities (in usual cases), this is the special list of things that can be bought with ability points (or AP for short)

Any fighting style technique trees (such as swordsmen only, or kung fu only): 10AP each style. Note that hand to hand combat and weapon styles must be purchased separately.

Devil fruit technique tree: 10AP

Life-return: 10AP per form of life return. Needs to be specific.

Rokushiki: Each form is 6AP, providing the user already has superhuman stats.

Devil Fruit Slot:  For 25AP you get an extra devil fruit slot(you still have to purchase the devil fruit).

Character Slot: For 20AP you can increase your maximum amount of characters

Paramecia: Anywhere from 15AP to 40+AP depending on its effects. A standard paramecia will cost 15AP, a very powerful paramecia with outstanding potential can very easily break the 40AP mark.

Zoan: Anywhere from 15AP to 20AP depending on the species and its effects. A dog would be 15AP, an Elephant, or lion, would be 20AP.

Ancient Zoan: Anywhere from 20AP to 30AP depending on the species and effects. 20AP would be a smaller species with less potential, 30AP would be something like a T-rex.

Mythical Zoan: Anywhere from 30AP to 45+AP. Mythical zoans are powerful, and can easily have the power of a paramecia devil fruit mixed with the boosts that come with being a zoan.

Logia: Logia cost anywhere from 30AP to 50+AP. 30 AP would be a standard devil fruit that can transform into, control, and create their element with few exceptions. Logia are also considered to be naturals in nature. A paramecia can be turned into a logia by a mod if the effects are too powerful, hence increasing the cost of the devil fruit.

Gear: Logia and paramecias can get 'gears' for their devil fruit abilities. Gears are second forms that are a sort of 'power-up' for the user. An example of this is the rubber fruits ability to move quickly and enlarge his body parts to giant size. Of course, in that example a user would have to buy two 'gears'. Each gear is 10 AP.

Haki: 25AP per color of haki.

Second Form Haki: 15AP for the second form of haki.  

Growth Serum: With one of the following growth serums you can grow your character to the next weight tier.  Dwarves to human size 15AP.  Human size to half giant 15AP.  Half giant to wotan size 20AP.  Wotan size to giant size 30AP.  Giant size to Orz size 40AP.  Orz size to Wolf size 50AP.

IQ mutation: 5AP. IQ modifications can give the user 20% stats to be distributed however the person wants, 10% stat and one weak special ability (like seeing in the night, long distance, or breathing underwater), or two special abilities like the ones stated. A person can have special abilities of two different animals if they buy the IQ mutation twice, so it would cost 10AP to get a tiger's roar and a fish's gills.

Rumble balls: 5AP per rumble ball if a Zoan type buys this. 7AP per rumble ball if an Ancient Zoan type. 10AP per rumble ball if a Mythical Zoan type. First rumble ball comes with two forms.

Extra Zoan forms: 5AP per zoan form if a Zoan type buys this. 7AP per zoan form if an Ancient Zoan type. 10AP per zoan form is a Mythical Zoan type.

Cyborg Fuel Boost: 3AP per 5 fuel points without counting cyborg AP disadvantage.

Life-return Calorie Boost: 3AP per 500 calorie points.

Devil Fruit removal potion on self: 15AP

IQ removal potion on self: 5AP

Infinite Gunslinger Ability: 60AP  Allows any ammunition bought with beli to replenish in between threads, at no further cost.

Infinite Doctor Ability: 50AP Allows any usable medical supplies bought with beli to replenish in between threads, at no further cost.  

Infinite Shipwright Ability: 40AP Allows any usable ship repair supplies bought with beli to replenish in between threads, at no further cost.

Level Up Booster: 150 million beli and 10ap activation. Increases one character's level by one.

Level Five Bosster: 500 million beli and 10ap activation. Increaes one character's level by five.

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PostSubject: Re: Ability Point Store Available Options    Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:43 am

Store updated

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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Ability Point Store Available Options
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