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 Technique tree rules

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PostSubject: Technique tree rules   Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:00 am

Note on technique trees: please make one list per source; say your character used two different sword styles and a devil fruit, which would entail three technique lists. Also note that every three levels you can have gained no more than five techniques per list.  This means 0-2, 3-5, etc. would share five techniques.  

After a user has passed a level, they may not add a technique in for that level if the technique list was not already made.  For example if a level ten character creates a technique tree, that character cannot have any attacks in that tree for anything under level 10.  That means all of the techniques he/she could have had made for 0-2, 3-5, and 6-8 are lost.  Around total that's 15 more techniques the character could of had if the technique tree was created at level 1.  

Technique trees are advanced moves, which basically means anything that's more complicated then punching a guy straight on (without added power or any sort of stance), kicking, or swinging a sword in the most awkward of positions (unless the person has swordsmanship in their profile).  The biggest difference in techniques and an attack, is techniques had a primary and secondary stat that deals damage; where as regular attacks do not.  By combining two equal stats with a technique, you can litterally deal double the damage. So basically, it's a big advantage to have a technique tree. We will not allow someone to try and behead someone's neck while spinning, why not? Because your character hasn't technically developed a style of fighting. I'll give an example.

A swordsman is attacked by three men. He has no technique tree. The swordsman blocks one man whom has more strength then him, so he uses the opponent's force against him and lets the sword slide by his. Then he turns around and slashes the man's back and stabs the opponent behind him with a quick flip of the sword and a backwards jab behind him. The last opponent runs towards him and the swordsman blocks the sword attack, since the opponent had less strength, and uses his greater strength to swing the sword and cut the opponent.

The first two attacks are part of a technique tree, the last one is what he can do without a technique tree. But a person can't do all of these things after buying 10AP, a person has to have these techniques inside the technique tree for them to count. A person can start with a maximum of five techniques and can only get five new techniques every three levels; a person starts at level 0 so they'd get five technique at level 3, 6, 9, 12 extc.

As a draw back to using more than one weapon, the strength each individual attack is lessened.  A good base would be the overall skill minus 10% for every weapon used.  For example a two sword style slash attack at 60% where both blades slash the foe would result in 40% damage calculated twice for a total of 80% damage.  Both attacks would hit with 60%, but face the 10% penalty for each blade resulting in each only doing 40%.  At tree blades the user with 60% would hit three times at 60% and face a penalty of 30% to each attack making the total damage 90%. A similar mechanism occurs when more than one gun is used, however accuracy take a hit rather than the users skill.

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PostSubject: Re: Technique tree rules   Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:30 pm

Another note on technique lists, for those of you that don't understand the significance of it: Yes, it DOES affect Devil Fruit users. The way it affects devil fruit users is complicated, but this will try to give a general guideline so that every user will find it easier to understand. It is not in any way the EXACT rules for technique-less characters, but it will help shed some light in what is and isn't bluntly a technique or non-technique related attack that involves a devil fruit.

Paramecia: Without a technique list the most a plant user can do is create flowers, make things blossom faster (but not too fast) and MAYBE controlling vines. Things of that sort. He can't control trees, he can't create plants, and he can't make random effects on his plants. He is weak, because he hasn't developed a style to create plants. He is only using what is around him or her in a reasonable way. A shadow paramecia that controls others shadows will not have that power in its complete form. In other words, he'll probably make shadows dance WHILE STILL BEING ATTACHED TO THE GROUND, but not come out of its place on the ground/wall and kill its owner. Nope. A paramecia that controls weather will only be able to intensify, slightly the weather is around them OR decrease its effects slightly. There is a very real limitation on what can and can't be done without a technique list because said person hasn't reached a point where they get creative with it. A person can have 100% DF mastery and still only control big plants if he's a plant user, or make shadows run around instead of just dancing if he's a shadow user (but never attack or morph its shape), and a person with weather will, at most, turn bad weather into neutral weather.

Logia: Logias are simple. Without their technique lists they can send an orb, or sphere, of their element at an opponent. They can also turn into their elements (if they have this ability) and coat themselves in their element. Other then those three things Logia can't create anything else. For those of you that hear 'sphere of their element' and think 'Flame Emperor' the answer is 'Nope.' A sphere that's thrown by a non-technique logia is roughly the size of a basketball. A normal one in the US, not some random country where basketballs are the size of people.

Zoans: Zoans are very tricky. If they don't have a technique list for their DF then they can't attack with a normal technique list while they are transformed. In other words, if a zoan transforms then their non-df technique list can't be used unless they have a DF technique list. An example: Monk knows kicking techniques, Monk transforms into his Panda-form, Panda-form does not have a DF list so the Monk can't use his kicking techniques while in that form. If the before mentioned Monk had a devil fruit technique list then he will gain access to his other technique lists while in his Panda form, on top of whatever powers or special abilities the Panda has in his devil fruit technique list (like biting people's heads off, kicking a person in the air with extra force and claws, and even adding to his current technique list's power). The good news is that Zoans can technically use their DF technique list to advance their technique numbers, so the before mentioned monk can put techniques in his DF technique list. Example: The monk has kicking techniques in his normal form but wants to include a spinning kick, instead of waiting three levels to get it he adds that technique to his DF list, however he can only use that technique when he is transformed and it MUST include the fighting style the the monk already knows (in this case kicking).

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PostSubject: Re: Technique tree rules   Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:57 pm

Added in primary and secondary attack stats.

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PostSubject: Re: Technique tree rules   

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Technique tree rules
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