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 Rip Veronica Black Killed BYe Derge

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PostSubject: Rip Veronica Black Killed BYe Derge   Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:53 pm

Name:Veronica Black



Species: Human

Occupation: Musician


Home Village/Ocean:Capital of Salamanthia (Grandline)

Appearance:A Women With one red left Eye,her missing eye is covered by a black eye patch, She has long curly black hair, and a black nobles dress, She carries her Brothers Spear,Her posture is good, and a Violin Strapped on her back

History:Growing up was wonderful as a princess she learned to play the violin learning about her kingdoms history and learning how to be a princess, She always Adored Her Older brother Dart D Black He always played Tag or catch with Veronica in his spare time but Veronica was proud that her older brother protected these lands. One day bandits kidnapped her and took out her right eye and sent it to the king as a warning about how serious they were the king paid the ransom and then had them hunted down and executed Her mother died when she was born, while her father never had time for her being so busy with being a king and all and kinda resented her for her mothers death. One Day Invaders Came to Salamthia Her father being lost in action, Royal guards pulled her from the decaying castle and dragged her older brother dart with them hideing in a hut on the cost while the world government seized control Of their Island, Planning to escape Salamthia as posing as Commoners on the next cruise ship .After Her Adventures through Turnus, And Salamthia at whitch time Veronica got seperated from her crew as she fell into a casm trapped with no way out. she found and ate the tremer tremer fruit. Useing the fruit to creat an earth quake she was able to escape the casm.

Personality:a very bright and happy girl, will do anything for her older brother, loves to sing and dance and play games,sometimes she crys when people mention how her mother dies or how her father doesn't love her, When she was kidnapped from the bandits she learned a couple strange words that she rants in a trance like state (Very traumatic Loosing your right eye) When you make her mad she pouts and gives your a funny face.


Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: Gura Gura no Mi (tremer tremer fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Effect:To cause Shockwaves,tremers and quakes

Special Abilities:.
1)Air Punch.A punch that literally cracks the air itself and sends devastating shock waves through the air in the direction it is facing These shock waves are able to pass through and damage almost any substance.
2)tsunami. Uses shock waves to create a Small Tsunami
3) Foucs!: to focus her power to a single point.concentrated, explosion-like attack increase its striking power and range.
4) Massive Stomp.Quake bubble on her foot to make a making a small quake stomp
5) Quake Bubble Shield. stretches out a quake bubble to form a protective barrier capable of blocking.
6) Area grab. Grabbing an entire area and rapidly shift it slightly.
7)Chasm. uses termers to cause a chasm in the ground for enimeies to fall in
8)Mirage of Death,Uses her spear and a series of strange movements to create 5 illusions of herself
9)Burning Slash,Takes Her Hot spear and attempt to cut them in half diagonally
10)Royal Spear Style, Veronica uses a fighting style passed down in her family, Useing her spear she attacks in unpredictable ways and like stabbing the ground and useing the spear to jump closer to the enemy while pulling it out of the ground to attack,

Weapons/Items: Violin and Salamthia Royal Spear.

Goals: Wants to be with her older brother and to be with her Future Husband Unholy forever

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PostSubject: Re: Rip Veronica Black Killed BYe Derge   Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:30 am

Looking for approval this is my third df user
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PostSubject: Re: Rip Veronica Black Killed BYe Derge   Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:18 am


APPROVED....., lol
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PostSubject: Re: Rip Veronica Black Killed BYe Derge   

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Rip Veronica Black Killed BYe Derge
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