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 Miss Blue-Monday's Weapons/Equipment

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PostSubject: Miss Blue-Monday's Weapons/Equipment   Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:35 pm

Weapon Name: Gegetsuburi (五形頭; "Five-Formed Head")
Description: A wrist-mounted device, using which the user can launch five needles at their opponent. The device is usually used to surprise the enemy, as it may be concealed under long sleeves. The needles can also be dipped in a deadly poison, increasing their lethality. This is often used in conjunction with the poison set.

Weapon Name: Fuji Kujaku (藤孔雀, Wisteria Peacock)
Description: The Fuji Kujaku are small jewels in wires that resemble the dot in a peacock's tail feathers. The user loops one end of the wire around one of her pinky fingers then swings the peacock jewel to create a slicing, spinning disk for her to attack with. She keeps a number of slashers woven into her clothing so she can quickly draw them in order to fight. They seem like an unimposing weapon at first, but when handed to a skilled user with good fighting abilities they can cleanly take off a man's head along with the back of the chair he is sitting on.

Weapon Name: Ryūmon (龍紋, Dragon Crest)
Description: Roughly 4’6” tall from hilt to tip, though this sword looks to be awefully bulky, it’s made out of a light weight but extremely durable metallic compound that was developed especially for it. It has Kanji text written on both faces of the blade and a large, circular locking mechanism in the middle of the hilt to hold the two piece of the sword together. By turning the locking mechanism, the sword can also be broken apart into two long katana to allow for a Two-Swords Style.

Weapon Name: Poison Set
Description: A set of custom poison bottles.
  • Blue Bottle: Enters into the veins of the target and spreads a hot, searing pain that feels like they're being burned on this inside.
  • Green Bottle: Causes severe itching to all areas exposed by the poison, and does not need to enter into the bloodstream, as it can be absorbed through the skin. Itching in most cases can be so severe that the victim will scratch incessantly until they start scraping their own flesh right off. It can be washed off with water.
  • Red Bottle: The poison must be ingested into the victim's stomach. When coming into contact with the stomach acid, it increases the acid's strength tenfold, causing it to then burn the lining of the stomach, causing extreme pain, violent vomiting, and rapid internal bleeding.

Weapon Name: Minazuki (肉雫唼, "Purify the Flesh")
Description: Its basically a normal tantō, however, it gives off a white streak of light when its swung. Mainly for cosmetic effect, but if used effectively the streak can be used to blind an enemy and strike efficiently.

Weapon Name: Sakanade (逆撫, Counter Stroke)
Description: A simple collapsible steel bo-staff, that can be folded and pocketed to allow for convenient carrying. Being made of steel, it is very compact and capable of withstanding a lot of damage, possessing high tensile strength. It can also be broken down and readjusted into two Eskrima sticks for double-handed bojutsu combat.
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PostSubject: Re: Miss Blue-Monday's Weapons/Equipment   Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:46 am

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Miss Blue-Monday's Weapons/Equipment
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