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 Fei Wu Shang "The Calm Tempest"

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PostSubject: Fei Wu Shang "The Calm Tempest"   Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:01 am

Name: Fei Wu shang "the Calm Tempest"

Age: 25

Bounty: 150,000,000 beli ((non existent now due to warlord status))

Species: Human


Allegiance: Pirates / Wu Shang clan/

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline/ Xing Shi island

Appearance: Fei is a eastern oriental girl with long jet black hair. She wears a traditional Chinese martial arts costume which is bright red in color with cloud designs on them. She is 5'3 and has a very well built tone to her body. However, she is not soo muscular that she looks like a man. she has dark green eyes as well as black, flat footed  traditional fighting shoes.

History: Fei Wu Shang was born as the 1st child of the strongest martial arts family on the island of dojos Xing shi island, the Wu Shang clan. Due to her being a girl, she was told at a very young age that she would never ever become the heir to the Wu shang dojo, something she had always wanted when younger and that she was to practice by herself or with the women if she wanted to practice martial arts. However, most of the girls in the Wu Shang clan stood no chance against her. Fei was born with abnormal skill and picked up Taijutsu incredibly fast. Even the elders of the clan could see that she was threat to everyone involved. Fei grew infamous, beating down dojos in Xingshi, training in at least 100 dojos in Xingshi. She then one day even fought against the junior world martial arts champion at the time known as Lee Go Ren, and defeated him in a unrecorded battle. It was rumored after that, that Lee Go Ren had pledged himself to Fei. Fei's brother who was supposed to be the new heir, immediately bowed to his sisters superiority without putting up a fight, simply because he knew that her strength was unparalleled in the Wu shang clan. Fei had developed the strongest bone shattering strike that had been seen in this generation, even surpassing her own father at the young age of 12. She then lead a coup against her father and the elders of the Wu Shang clan claiming that their old ways would stop the Wu shang clan from evolving with the times. Lee and Feng eliminated the elders and Fei stood against her father in front of the whole clan. Her father who was infamous for his 'quick draw pressure strike' technique was furious and went all out against his young daughter. He lost completely, and was exiled to leave Xingshi and Wu shang and never return. Fei who then grew bored of  fighting dojos and defeating martial artists, decided that she would turn to piracy as well. She left the island of Xingshi after being named the 5th star of Xingshi and went to travel along the grandline. She fought many pirates in her time there and nearly had a run in with Rear Admiral Martello as the man nearly sank Jaya island.  She terrorized the oceans plundering and looting with her crew. And the wu shang pirates quickly became very well known on the grandline. However as time passed, there was a pirate crew known as the Desperados who entered Xing shi island and decimated Wu Shang within a day. Fei had a grand and bloody battle with the captain of the Desperados, Avis Ridley which ended in a victory for Avis Ridley. Fei who was battered and brusied was then left to fight an entire marine battalion which had just arrived after the fight with Avis. Fei and her crew picked them selves up and fought their way out barely. fighting through the entire marine force which had attacked them. They escaped barely and proceeded to recover. Her bounty steadily rising after that escape. Then Fei who was now without a home had to sail the seas and decided to head for the New World, knowing that her goal lied there somewhere and that perhaps she would be the pirate queen. As she made her way for Shabondy, she fought famous pirate after famous pirate including a fellow rookie known as Antonio Bart 'the marine killer'. she defeated Antonio in two battles laying him out twice. She grew more famous throughout the sea for her prowess and even the marines knew that she was a charismatic icon for the pirate world to rile under.  Fei then arrived in Shabondy, but was again pushed into trouble having to make sure her old nemesis Antonio Bart would not stir up problems with the marines in this area. She of course failed and was forced to fight a member of the schibukai Wallys crew. She lost but had caused massive damage and was considered a powerhouse. Her first mate and long time friend Lee Go Ren proceeded to saving her and her brother from the clutches of the marines. After escaping the marines, Fei began to wonder , being chased from island to island. She eventually became exhausted fighting all sorts of enemies, she fought a marine captain and beat him in a rather close encounter , but it left her damaged. As she recovered she began training in Little Garden a prehistoric island in the grandline. Her training led her to meet a warrior named Azumi Kael , a martial artist training in the wild. Fei learnt a great deal from Azumi about how to train and how to increase her bodies muscle capacity. With these training techniques in her she began finding new techniques she could use, and she used it to defeat the two members of the Anubis pirates who had control over Little Garden.

Fei then began her journey again, reuniting with her crew and moving back into the grandline, she stopped by Shabondy only to find half the island in ruin.Fei then met Vice Admiral Ferdinand. She fought the Vice Admiral but then they both agreed that it would be pointless to carry on the battle as it would decimate what was left of Shabondy island, a island which Fei had previous had an affection for. Vice Admiral Ferdinand then suggested that Fei be nominated for the position of shichibukai since she was now considered a veteran of the grandline. Fei agreed under several conditions, one of which was to be on priority call in case Avis Ridley ever decided to vacate the shichibukai position. Fei then proceeded to grab Ferdinands marine surbodinates which the vice admiral did not mind, and use them as leverage for safe passageway out of marineford in case it was a trap. Fei met the fleet admiral and was then named Shichibukai on the spot.

Personality: Fei is a serious and very rational person. She does not bother with false truths or wives tales. The only thing that will please her is facts and absolute strength. She does not believe so much in luck or faith, but believes that power will determine ones luck or faith for that matter. Fei is not kind and not forgiving, but she is rational and would not unnecessarily punish any of her crew mates. She would also not disrespect a fair battle either. She dislikes fighting in a group as she believes that her best fighting is done alone. She despises most people who believe in tradition, but acknowledges her younger brother and Lee to be her truest allies. She does meditate, to control her pent up rage or anger.Fei is rivals with Avis ridley, and considers her the one true test of her strength, for that reason Fei has always maintained that if Avis were to surrender her Shichibukai title, it would be Fei who gets first dibs to kill her

Ship: Kaio Ken

Ship Flag: A skull and crossbones which is colored in bright red and there are patterns of clouds all around.

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: Excellent speed and reflexes along with very sizeable power. It is not so much power that she could cause an earthquake, but she could cause a minor shockwave , especially with her bone shattering strike. She is a master at taijutsu and knows all 5 principles. She is also fairly intelligent able to digest complex strategies and read enemy behavior pattern to ascertain their psychological weak points while remaining calm. After her extensive training on little garden and over a years practice , Fei began to develop skills in the art of Life Return.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1. Taihenjutsu: Slipping, falling , sliding, stepping ((mainly for movement and dodging movements))
2.Koshijutsu: striking pressure points and nerves to lock movement for set amount of time. ((5-10 posts)) also includes 'quickdraw pressure strike technique'
3.Dakentaijutsu: Bone shattering strike, semi bone shattering strike, Complete bone shattering strike ((Not completed yet and the strike shatters the bone its aimed at.))
4. locks and rolls and grappling ((forgot the name but this would work no?))

Life Return: Muscle Imbalance
Fei is now able to focus her muscles to the limbs of her body, making them deadly weapons in the progress while making the rest of her body lighter. Fei for example can move around her muscles from her legs into her palms and add to a higher level of offensive powers. She could also move her muscles to her heart aiding in making her stronger, although this has fatal drawbacks. Using this Fei can distribute her muscle throughout her body and create a balance with each strike or a imbalance in power. For example, if all muscles were pushed to her palm , each strike of her palm would be like thunder.

New Age Wu Shang style
A Formless martial arts which continous evolves and has no solid form unlike Taijutsu
1. Tiger Drill Kick: Already deviating from original taijutsu form, this kick is a power kick in order to either a) break through strong close range defenses, and b) once breaking an opponents guard, to drill a kick into their guts, devastating the opponent.
2. Snake way : A technique involving the shuffling of feet and sliding across the ground, however , instead of going in the straight path she goes in a twisted part from side to side. It also gives the impression that she is moving extremely fast, however, she is simply using her momentum and weight shifting to move foward, along with her leg muscles built over training.
3. T Rex cannon: Using both her palms, she thrusts into the opponent, this attack doesnt do anything outside, but targeting key areas, can damage and rattle internal organs inside the body.
4.Gulloitine head Smash: She has to use something for leverage and jump into the air, as she drops down, using the speed and velocity of the drop, she slams her foot down chopping her leg into the opponents temple, this is often a finisher and has many risks, however it also causes heavy damage since human heads are particularly delicate.
5. Tiger Drill kick: A full, on ground kick which drills into opponents defences and breaks them. this departs from Feis traditional Wu Shang style, but is probably one of her most devastating attacks, using the mechanisms for bone crushing strikes, she strengthens her feet instead, using the force of momentum to break through even the hardest metals.
6. Endless waterfall : a purely defensive move for close range combat, Fei is able to weave her head and dodge watching the punches moving fluidly she can use her reflexes and dodge at close range. This is particularly for close range attacks, as long range attacks would make for further eyesight which Fei does not possess. And if the move is unavoidable , regardless of the Endless waterfall, she would still be hit.
7.Circular palm: Another defensive tech which allows Fei to slap away power shots and powerful punches. In a way its a technique used to slap away and misdirect the enemies strikes to elsewhere. She has to slap at the enemies hand or shoulder in order to misdirect, this would include shockwave attacks as well.
8.100 bone shattering punches : An absolute final attack, firing 100 punches all capable of breaking bones with each strike. However, after using this technique she can no longer use bone shattering strike for a few days.
9.Neo tempest: Technique involves using the air pressure generated by continous palm strikes, creating a sort of typhoon effect which knocks the enemy out, each palm of air pressure is able to cause significant damage, however during this technique, Fei would be exposed from behind.
10. Herd Stamp: While using her life return, she moves all her muscle into her feet while in the air, She then slams her feet into the air, firing off huge amounts of air pressure which rains down on a 5 M Radius, creating craters with each strike.
11. Cyclone combo : Using her life return she begins a combo of strikes, shifting her weight and muscle into each strike on each limb , she uses different variations sometimes using her legs or foot as well, however, the end result is the opponent is usually lifted into the air, or the group of opponents are lifted into the air , flying in a circular fashion with their body severely damaged. Its a crowd control technique which causes wide spread damage, and because of the proximity of the attack, she has few openings during this technique other than it takes a huge drain on her stamina which is the reason she does not use this technique unless its a finishing move or there is a need for crowd control.
12. Tempest Finite : Fei would press everything to the utter limit releasing strike after strike in a fury, her palms now weapons that can kill a human, she uses her palms to massacre her opponent, causing a hole in their body if the strikes connect. This attack has severe drawbacks, because she focuses every last muscle into her palm she cannot move, she also struggles to stand during and after this attack. However the effects are deadly as she can even punch holes into a titanium frame.


Goals: 1.To become the greatest martial artist in the world
         2. To make her style recognised as she evolves it
          2. To reach the new world
          3. To become more feared than anyone else in the grandline

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PostSubject: Re: Fei Wu Shang "The Calm Tempest"   Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:11 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Fei Wu Shang "The Calm Tempest"   Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:32 pm

yay, thank you Gore Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Fei Wu Shang "The Calm Tempest"   Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:33 am

editted for shichibukai status and history and new techs. oh and life return Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Fei Wu Shang "The Calm Tempest"   Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:37 am

Pretty strong techniques you have but as she is a member of the Shichibukai and she has also taken part in several stories I approve her.


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PostSubject: Re: Fei Wu Shang "The Calm Tempest"   

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Fei Wu Shang "The Calm Tempest"
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