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 Adad "The Eye of the Stom" deleted

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PostSubject: Adad "The Eye of the Stom" deleted   Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:19 pm

Name: Adad "Eye of the storm"

Age: 23

Bounty: 1,000

Species: Bilkans

Occupation: Navigator

Allegiance: Pirate No crew as of yet

Home Village/Ocean: Grand line (formerly Bilka)

Appearance: A Bilkan standing about 5'7 weighting about 160 pounds. He wears long brown and white religious robes similar to monk attire. Adad has short black hair with gray eyes. He wears a black necklace of beads around his neck.

History: After the destructuon of Bilka, Adad was forced to leave the skypiea and live amongest the people below in the grand line. Though Adad was a proud warrior, he soon realized his strength and skill alone could not make in grand line. Adad was captured by some unknown pirates while sailing at sea. They laughed and mocked him when he told them that he was from an island in the sky. The pirates did not believe in an sky island, and thought Adad was a freak(because of his wings). Adad spent an entire year on the pirate ship as captive. He learned many things while on the ship including the value of gold, beli, the importance of soil and other things unknown in skypeia. Adad even became a pirate admiring the freedom and adventure that came with piracy. The life on the grand line corrupted Adad into beliving that only the strong should survive, and caused him to become cruel and vicious. His crew only encouraged this behavor. Adad trained to become stronger while on the grand line. Then when the crew landed on an island for fresh supplies. Adad found a mysterious fruit on the ground. Adad has heard rumors about devil fruits but never before seen one himself. He ate the very sour fruit and gained its powers. The fruit turned out to be Kumo Kumo Mi No "cloud cloud fruit". Adad now could create clouds making them hard or soft. Then as time passed he learned how to make harmless stratus clouds to dark stormy cumulonimbus clouds. Adad got so powerful that he felt his own crew were weak and unworthy to sail in the grand line. He destoryed his own crew and their ship summoning a hurricane at them. Now Adad jumps from ship to ship looking for a pirate crew worthy of his skills.

Personality: Once a honorable warrior Adad is now vicious and merciless to anybody who gets in his way. He has a habit of creating storms and destroying ships just to get them out of his sight. He hates those who show cowardice or weakness. Despite his evil nature, Adad does love to have feasts and have fun with those he calls friends. Adad also has fierce loyalty to those he considers strong or respects him. He even displays his own brand of kindness by causing it to rain just so people could have water to drink, and get out of work.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: Kumo Kumo Mi No
type: Logia
effect: create and control the concentration of water in clouds

Special Abilities: Has extensive knowledge of the weather because of his powers, accquired super human strength, has knowledge of dials and how they work, and has a eternal log pose.

Learned Techniques: Kumo Kumo Storm, Kumo Kumo minefield, Kumo Kumo Hurriance, and Kumo Kumo shower

Weapons/Items: Impact dials on his hands, and two jet dials on his feet.

Goals: 1) To find a pirate crew worthy of his skills and conquer the grand line with them
2) To become a warrior of the seas.
3) To return back to skypiea

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PostSubject: Re: Adad "The Eye of the Stom" deleted   Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:03 pm

lol, he is a person from he sky who got a cloud fruit. The irony isnt lost on me.......

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Adad "The Eye of the Stom" deleted
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