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 Top 10 one piece characters ranking

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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 one piece characters ranking   Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:09 am

"Has there ever been a black hole so massive it swallowed the entire universe before? no. Has Benn Beckman ever fired his gun before? no. coincidence? no!"
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 one piece characters ranking   Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:14 am

1. Zoro: Do I need to explain?
2. Nami: She is beautiful, she is funny, she is kindhearted .. and boobs.
3. Marco: This guy is EPIC! I want to see more of him, his ability is really fascinating and his "Mate mate ioooyyy" is awesome.
4. Perona: I actually like her, she's is cute (yeah yeah I am weird o.e) and funny. And also clingy. Hmmmm ..
5. Whitebeard: ONE PIECE, IT EXISTS! .. Also he is badass.
6. Magellan: Because f*ck 2 Shichibukais, f*ck Luffy, f*ck everyone else, they all run away from just him. Enough said.
7. Buggy: Because he's the best for the role of the stress-relief/Shichibukai.
8. Jinbe: .. I will cut you ... a piece of cake! But he is still uber-strong.
9: Brook: Skull joke! .. May I see your pants?
10: Luffy: The main character, he loves meat like me, awesome skillset.

Special mention: Benn Beckmann, because .. his name alone, being here in this list, adds up!


"Bring on the hardship. It's preferred in a path to carnage."
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 one piece characters ranking   Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:18 pm

Here's my list

1. Brook- Besides having a backstory that may, or may not, have made me tear up, he's pretty much just fun to watch, plus the obvious; Skull Joke, being a living nine foot skeleton musician, being a dab hand at using a cane sword, and having undead powers. Plus, I like his afro.

2. Buggy- Pure mad genius Oda had making up this guy, has a instresting fruit power, his greedy attitude, and the fact that he's almost got a joke or slapstick in almost every seen he's in.

3. Bentham 'Mr 2. Bon Clay'- The fictional Okama I respect the most, sacrificing himself for his allies not once, but twice for them to have safe enough getaway. That, and I'm always a fan of shape-shifting, plus he makes me giggle sometimes.

4. Gecko Moria- Even though pretty lazy and tends to avoid fighting when he dosent need to, though I dont blame him with half of the deadly people in this, he still ended up being a huge pain in the ass to the Straw Hats and co and being a real threat, with his shadow powers and legions of zombies. Plus was one of the less direct lead villains for a change, and had a backstory that might get a look in, his old crew being slaughtered by Kaidou. Plus just the way he looks with that bizzare laugh makes me smile.

5. Crocodile- A pretty cool headed, calculating, power-hungry villain, with the sheer power and bad-assery to back it up if his plans were somehow foiled. He managed to make sand look like a monstorous substance of death, and brought a mix between the mafia, an a few hints of captain hook to him. Also was one of the toughest villains in the series, with Luffy left to almost certain doom if it wasn't for a lucky coincedence the second time, and help from Nico Robin for the others. His evil plans even got the alabasta arc made into a movie.

6. Tony Tony Chopper- He's ashape-shifting sentient reindeer doctor! He's techniquly got a bunch of different bodies kept inside one really cute one, and figured out how to add all the others ones himself. As well as having a backstory that geniuenly tugged at the heart strings, he managed to learn a huge amount of the difficult study of medical science, at the age of 15, constantly ends up being one of the funniest and 'child-like awwing over' characters of the series to boot. The arc about him even got put into it's own movie.

7. Arlong- A complete b**stard, yet one of my faviroute villains, where luffy ended up being the only to fight him as Zoro and Sanji were outmatched, though admitedly pretty badly injured, and although a complete jerk to humans, actully gave a damn about his own men. He was pretty much one of the first fishmen around too in the series. He was pretty much the superiorty complex in living form.

8. Borsalino 'Kizaru'- His ridiculously laid back way of crime fighting just made me smile when he was on screen, despite being a merciless maniac half the time. Plus he took the typical 'light powers' in a pretty intresting way, and pretty much my faviroute marine. Also, he flew in on a cannonball, looks good in orange lense sunglasses, and has lazer fingers!

9. Roronoa Zoro- Pretty much superhuman since when you first meet the guy, and having practically fought almost every one-on-one battle when injured. Plus, gave swordsmanship that can slice through metal more intresting by using three swords at the same time. His terrible sense of direction and sleeping habits along with the typical cocky bad-ass swordsman personality make him pretty watchable too.

10. Monkey D. Luffy- Altohugh a bit cliche, this guy pretty much came back from near-death tons of times and used his rubber fists of fury for plenty of fun to watch beatdowns. Plus his stupidiity, meat obsession and good humour is always a brightener, as well as his pretty indominatble will.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 one piece characters ranking   Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:55 pm

*Thumbs up for the brilliantly neat, yet still simple, explanation given for his 10 chosen chars.*


"Bring on the hardship. It's preferred in a path to carnage."
-Black Cross Pirates Thread-
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 one piece characters ranking   Sat Jun 08, 2013 2:00 am

1)Buggy ------------> nuff said.
2)Captain Usopp-sama------->how can i not like him,by far he is the most i can relate to.
3)Luffy--------------->Dumbest and most idiotic character yet still somehow the coolest.
4)Aokiji------------>his laid back attitude is cooler than his abilities.
5)Hancock----------------->rules an island for women only.
6)Dragon----->has done nothing so far yet people treat him like a god.
7)Rayleigh----->what a boss
8)Jimbei ----->the dude can control water!
9)crocodile---->gets imprisoned for taking over a country .Forgets his grudge right away.
10)Benn Beckmann -------->his name is cool enough.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 one piece characters ranking   Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:47 am

1. Luffy cause when you see an asshole you don't like chances are he doesn't like em either which means around 99.9% of the time you know he's gonna kick their ass.
2. Brook because his music is very lovely to hear although he is a skeleton and doesn't have ears to hear from. YOHOHOHOHOHO SKULL JOKE!
3. Shanks because Shanks
4. Hachi because while he was a bad guy he did redeem himself and he was actually a pretty nice guy.
5. Robin because of her personality, interests, and her backstory almost made me cry.
6. Franky because he is a cyborg man and I like his personality it's SUPER!
7. Crocodile he almost overthrew an entire government for goodness sake and I love his devils fruit power
8. Usopp because his character shows that you don't to be extremely physically powerful or have a weird power to still kick butt.
9. Perona solely because I think she is super cute.
10. Jaguar D. Saul because not only did he befriend Robin and save her life but he also taught her to laugh even if she feels like crying DERESHI DERESHI DERESHI!
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 one piece characters ranking   Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:07 pm

1- Shanks: an extremely powerful, pseudo-virtuous pirate with an eternal need to party. And he helps luffy, ends the whitebeard war, etc.

2- Whitebeard: the strongest, though not necessarily the most dangerous, criminal in the world while alive. He is wise beyond his years (and that is saying something seeing as how old he is) and he loves alcohol and family.

3- Mr. 2: he is an awesome, loving okama who was an enemy but ended up sacrificing hi self TWICE to help luffy escape! AND... he was willing to BECOME NAMI AND STRIP IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CREW!!!!!! Razz

4- Luffy: powerful main character with a weak, but gradually improving devil fruit that is being brought to the full potential (which cannot be said for most devil fruits). Plus meat. Plus party. Plus sky-octopus in the the shorts.



7- Dragon: the most dangerous, but not exactly the most powerful, man in the world! He is enshrouded by immense mystery, but it is clear he loves luffy, and he has great ambition!

8- Kizaru: He makes lasers, travels at light speed, talks in a very calm, relaxed, destruction-addicted manner, is an admiral, so on so on so on. The real reason I like him is because he is basically the perfect troll to noobs. "Oh, you don't know haki? That means I can spam the hell out of you. I'll use light travel to move faster than you can recognize or predict, and attack you when you can't block or attack me! Welcome to the harshness of trolling!"

9- Rayleigh: Pawns #8 in combat, is unbelievably powerful, and is just awesome. I think he looks like a jewish pirate who has gained the power to control demons. He is just bad-ass.

10- Aokiji: perfect troll potential, extremely powerful, and great plot potential, especially in (speculation only) a alliance with Luffy and/or Dragon to destroy the current world government and usurp akainu's rule as Fleet Admiral. Perhaps the key to defeating Big Mom? I love this guy, and all his plot potential.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 one piece characters ranking   Wed May 21, 2014 11:17 pm

1. Trafalgar Law- Doctor, Swordsman, ex-schichibukai. What more can you say? Oh an he has a devil fruit.

2. Smoker- Badass, loyal and honorable. My favorite part with him is when he joins with the straw hats to take down the gas gas fruit user.

3. Zoro-self explanatory.

4. Paulie- Amazing character, would totally love to meet him.

5. Bartholemew-someone as awesome as him deserves number 5 on my list.

6. Sanji- kick ass cook.

7. Whitbeard- very honorable and stood by ace to his final breath.

8. The giant that invaded eines lobby- it was very heartfelt when he tried to help ace but was cut down. I literally cried.

9. Smokers marines- dont know if they count but that moment when they cried,'but sir if we don't, WE'LL END UP LOVING THEM!" They became favorites of mine.

10. Chiki cheetah- dunno just think he's a cool character.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 one piece characters ranking   

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Top 10 one piece characters ranking
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