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 Willard Cortez

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PostSubject: Willard Cortez   Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:11 pm

Name: Willard Entoi Cortez

Age: 23

Bounty: (former) 34 000 000.

Species: human

Occupation: Captain of operations

Allegiance: poacher

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue

Appearance: Is of regular height; He wears a rancher hat on his head that is a light brown colour on the outside, and a chocolate brown on the inside. A chin strap hangs from his hat, and is tied with a cross knot resting against his upper chest. His hair is black and short, his eyes are black and his nose is rather straight edged. His teeth seem to look sharp and jagged, but only on occasion. His face is unshaven on the most of his lower jaw and mouth, covered with a slight cover of black facial hair. He has a moderately bulky body, and his skin is tanned noticeably to a light brown. He wears a dark brown denim vest fitted with velcro seal pocket bags. The Will~Ie Logo rests on his right side of his chest on his vest. He wears a mottled drab green and brown t shirt underneath his vest, with short sleeves that cover only half of his upper arms. The rims of his neck and arm sleeves are brown. He wears long faded cocoa brown jeans with two pocket bags on each side. He wears black boots.

History: Willard was raised by his grand father to be a well seasoned hunter to keep up the family tradition; merciless training was the only thing Willard knew as a young boy. It drove him crazy to always be out in the wild, alone, having to fend for himself. Animals and even his own grandfather would attack him in the darkness, to instill the instinct of the hunt within him. He began to lose his sanity, eating whatever he could get his hands on. Then one day, Willard found himself a strange fruit; not caring what it was, he ate it due to hunger. Since that day, he had developed a taste for flesh; vegetation could sustain him, but it brought no relish. The taste of his prey’s blood intoxicated him, and he would soon be addicted to the hunt. He then realized that he never hated hunting or his grandfather. He just hated being told to do things when he didn’t feel like it.

Soon, at the age of 16, he began to pick up some bad habits; namely, cannibalism. He would go out at night, and hunt animals and people down to eat them (mainly men; he’d just not eat the occasional woman) For fear of his reputation, Bardiel, his grandfather, disowned Willard as he became more notorious to the law. He roamed the wilderness of each land he went to since then. At the age of 19, being hunted as a notorious man eating nightmare in the wild, he tried to ambush a man in the woods; that man simply kicked him into submission, then dragged the bedraggled cannibal deeper into the woods. The stranger questioned Willard:

“Would you like to regain your own destiny back? You are what your kin made you into. But you can be more. Yes, much more. All you need is self discipline, and the hunt shall be yours. You shall be the pack master. You shall make the rules of the hunt. A wolf you may be not, but the coyote can be as vicious with speed and cunning.”

Willard had almost no idea what the stranger was talking about, nor how he knew him, but surpassing his family sounded like a good idea. And so, within that jungle, Willard was whipped into shape, taking control of his mental state, and learning 2 out of 6 disciplines of rokushiki. After a few years, Willard had taken control of himself. He left the stranger in the woods without a thank you, nor did the stranger care for one.

Willard, as a disowned member of the family, then returned to his grandfather’s enterprise as an employee; he then climbed the ranks without any special favours done for him by his grandfather. Earning reputation, he became the captain of operations for the Mojave Fang branch of the Will~Ie Bag ‘n’ Tag poaching guild.

Personality: Probably the most unpleasant bastard one could meet; He is very laid back at a first glance. He is also seems lax with his position of power at a first glance. But after a few minutes, one could determine his true nature; and its not at all good. He is a tremendous carnivore, and will always eat meat and rarely any vegetables, yet he does not suffer conditions like scurvy, earning him the envy and ire of some of his counterparts. He tends to eat a lot and eat messily, mainly swiping all the meat for himself. He is also a grand lecher, with a lusty eye for all the women he meets, who he will always make a pass on. He likes to wheel and deal with his clients, presenting them with propositions and bargains. He is also ambitious, though not honourable or competitive. Willard also has a low opinion of tradition, only approving of such a trait when it proves to be advantageous. He has a business like relationship with the Head of the poaching enterprise, not seeming to care about their grim past together. As Willard commonly says when questioned about their past together, “Ain’t nothin personal.” His subordinate, Gary Finch, has to keep him under watch on occasion. Willard also grins a wide, predatory grin whenever he contemplates something (usually unpleasant).

Oddly enough, Willard has a peculiar hobby; when he relaxes in his free time, he doesn't stay human, but roams about as his full zoan form; he sees no reason in assuming a human form at all times, unless setting down for business. But what people know even less about him, though it is a rumour, is that Willard is not entirely there in his head; When he loses his temper, which happens rarely, his appearance begins to morph out of human shape; his eyes become yellow, his teeth begin to sharpen, and so on. There is also word from the crew that at times at night, that he is nowhere to be found, and that the yipping, high pitched call of a coyote can be heard through the night. Willard also has a unique laugh, which is a high pitched rasping noise he makes, which sounds like “Hihihihihihihihi.”

Ship: Shank Marlin (low class, old man o war)

Ship Flag: an outline of a canine holding a bag in it's hand with its tail sticking out back, with the capital letters W and E on either side of the flag.

Devil Fruit: Inu Inu no mi; model Coyote
type: zoan
effect: Allows user to transform into a coyote or coyote hybrid

Special Abilities: Willard is an accomplished hunter, albeit a ferocious one; he has good tracking skills, one that even Lieg, Gary’s hunting leopard, couldn’t compete with. He has, so far, mastered 2 of the six disciplines of rokushiki, those being soru and rankyaku. As a devil fruit user, he can transform into a full on grey and brown mottled coyote, 1.5 metres long, or a coyote hybrid that stands 0.5 metres higher than he usually is. He becomes faster, gains more stamina and becomes much more ferocious than he usually is.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Rankyaku (storm leg): kicks so hard, a cutting wind is produced from the kick and aimed at a target.

Soru (Shave): Steps on the ground very rapidly to move rapidly from position to position within a second.

Cooper run: uses his soru technique as a coyote hybrid, outruns his prey and then may either capture or kill his prey. (to gruesome effect for the latter)

Latran laceration: Uses rankyaku to cut the victim apart, then finishes the job with sharp, stabbing teeth.

Weapons/Items: None yet

Goals: To take over the Will~Ie Bag ‘n’ Tag poaching enterprise and take it beyond mere ‘tradition’.

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Willard Cortez
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