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 Crut Hakiji

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PostSubject: Crut Hakiji   Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:35 am

Name: Crut "Hammer Blast" Hakiji

Age: 29

Bounty: 10,000,000

Species: Fishman (lobster)

Occupation: Ship's gunner/ first mate

Allegiance: Pirate of the Tarai Vengeance fishmen

Home Village/Ocean: Tarai Current circumference

Appearance: Has a face that juts 5 centimeters out of his head; his head and lower jaw are plated with purple carapace plates, and he has a row of filtering fibres (similiar to those found in whales for feeding on plankton) arranged in his front upper jaw, (where the two front teeth would usually be in a humanoid jaw) followed by flat teeth that are similiar in appearance with baleen plates, extending all the way to the back of his upper jaw, while 8 whiskers hang from his upper 'lip'. His lower jaw consists of baleen plates alone, except there are 6 arranged on each side of the lower jaw's 'gums'; 2 front baleen plates and 4 molar baleen plates behind them. He has a row of plates over his whole and growing out from the back of his head, and overlapping all the way down his back, until it ends in a lobster tail, which curls up from his back up between his legs and the tip of his tail rests at his waist line, acting as a guard to his lower abdomen and crotch. This tail and 'spinal' plates are purple mixed in with azure blue stripes and faded red shades. He stands at about 4.2 metres tall, and has a shoulder width of 3 metres. His shoulders are plated in a similiar fashion as the back; his right arm is heavily built, armoured with carapace and ends in a giant claw, both upper and lower hinges have hollow innings but are still relatively dense and sturdy. The center hinge of the claw is hollow; his claw is basically like a cannon barrel crossed with heavy pincers. His right claw is more or less the same design. His abdomen is broad and plated as well, except the gaps in between the plates are very slightly but significantly wider than the hinges on his back. His waist is generally plated with pale carapace, and his thighs are heavily armoured as well, with sharp jagged points running down his thighs. His calves and feet are short but thick, armoured with sea blue carapace. He has dark red eyes at the back of his head, and plated brows.

History: Long before the World Government took the Tarai current as their method of moving across the oceans, there existed a clan of nomadic fishmen who followed the current's flow all their lives, isolated from Fishman Island; This clan sported some uniquely evolved fishmen, adapted to life on the move. Then, the World Government purged the clan, either killing or enslaving most of the fishmen, completely destroying the nomadic clan and their heritage.
Or at least they thought they did.
Ever since his youth and young life in the Tarai current, Crut was always the slowest; so fast moving was the lifestyle of the clan that adopted him. Barely anyone paid any attention to his general person, and indeed he would have been forgotten, if not for one individual, who made a great impact on his life, his first and best friend, Salvat; Salvat convinced the elders of the nomads to keep Crut as fellow brethren, and helped the slow and cumbersome Crut along whenever he lagged. Crut looked up to Salvat as a hero, and was there by his side, always cheering, always criticizing and advising. One could say that Crut helped build Salvat into the charismatic leader he was to become.

Then, the World Government launched their offensive, taking many prisoner as slaves. Crut and Salvat were the most capable under aged fishmen, fighting till bitter defeat and capture. By this age, Crut had matured, his shell thickening and hardening to great extent; as the slavers attempted to brand him, he would simply molt out of his old, lightly branded shell into a new one. That was the age he began to mature. The guards would even boil Crut alive, yet the worse he endured, the harder he’d become, in mind, body and spirit. Finally came the night of escape, planned by Salvat. The two friends and a few others managed to escape.

They made for the Fishman island, and there Crut used his own knowledge of his body to become a primary asset. Setting off with Davey, their sea king and later Grovire at Shabondy. After Salvat met his first rival, Jessop, Crut decided to stick by him, and help him craft a new style, in turn bolstered Crut’s own combat knowledge. Meeting Stickleback Johnstoni (if one could call that a meeting) he now stands by Salvat’s side as the first mate, ready to give his life for the captain and crew, devoting the bulk that slowed him down to be the cannon and shield of the ‘Tarai Vengeance’ crew.

Personality: Slow in body, its not really surprising to know that he isn’t proficient in much to do in calculations, nor is he of a quick wit. But this first mate is far from slow in wit, nor is he in the way of oblivious. A gentle giant of sorts, he always helps in any heavy duty chore needed, and can be always counted upon to cheer some of the younger crew members up in times of dark strife. Always there to help Salvat with training, he looks up to Salvat as a role model, but not to the point of a sycophant; he will not hesitate to disagree with Salvat on things he sees is wrong, and will be there to keep the charismatic captain in line, usually with a light (as light as he possibly can) tap on the head with his claw, so his ego will not get the better of him; the waters of reason that soothes the fires of ambition. Crut is also probably the oldest and wisest of the crew, and it is he that understands the crew best. He doesn’t particularly like or trust humans, but he swallows his own doubts, and will endure his dislikes where necessary, and will even convince the rest of the crew to cooperate in deals that, though rarely for the fishman crew, involve humans. Crut tends to become incredibly irritated when in hot weather, as he has not forgotten the torture he endured as a slave. Come time for battle, Crut is truly the sturdiest, never moving an inch from the position he is assigned to, and he will put his life in the hands of his captain and friend, trusting him to do the thinking, while Crut gets down to the things he does best; smashing and blasting. He also tends to eat a lot of krill and almost anything, though he eats quite silently. He also feeds Davey quite regularly

Ship: Humbolt Wing

Ship Flag: a red halo divided up into three curved arrows on a dark blue background; at the center is a falchion and a hook crossed together.

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: most obvious of his advantages are in his bulk and armour; one must aim for the gap in his joints to injure him. Otherwise, the bullets just bounce off his shell. His armour can even withstand cannon fire; if a cannonball hits, he slides back a great distance, is a little jarred, but will shrug the shock off, though he isn’t completely impervious to cannon barrage. He can swim at great speeds, but at a short distance. He achieves this through pushing a great volume of water in through his gills, then exerts great pressure out through the gills, propelling him through the water at great speeds. It is not a technique he uses readily, however, as he almost never leaves the ship, and the maneuver costs him a great deal of stamina. He uses the same kind of propulsion trick, however, to act as the ship’s main cannon; his two large claws can act as water cannons, as he absorbs water (commonly through his mouth) then, pressurised at his claw, blasts heavily concentrated shots of water at enemies; these shots can easily rip wood apart, blow chunks off rock, and dent thick layers of metal until they break open. Once again, however, such effort is great, and he needs to keep his energy up, and expend as less energy as possible at everything except heavy duty help and artillery, and will eat a lot to keep his energy up. When he absolutely has to, however, he will resort to close quarter combat, though he is slow and cumbersome on the offensive. The most unexpected asset, though necessary, is his far sighted vision; his eyes can see targets quite far away, though his short range vision is somewhat blurry, though not bad to the point of blindness.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): He never bothers to name any melee attacks, unless he gets to finish a hapless enemy boarder or stowaway. He has one attack that he names for this purpose;
Blast fall hammer: simply lifting his one claw up, pinning the victim down, and literally throwing his claw down on the victim; this kills instantly.

His long ranged attacks are named by Salvat, as a way of responding to the captain’s signals to open fire.

Single shot: Quite simply shooting off one blast of concentrated water from either one of his claws; either to clear out a specific enemy position, or for a warning to other approaching vessels. He can freely re-adjust his aim and fire. He also uses this attack at close range when a messy end. This is the only mode of fire he can use while moving, and even then it slows him down.

Double volley: simply using both claws to fire in unison at one target. Crut needs to hunker down and focus in this instance, turning to fire only when ordered; he can readjust his aim like he does for the single shot, but at a slower, more controlled rate.

Split axis volley: using both claws again, only both claws aim at different targets; this move is only used when all of the other ship’s secondary and primary cannons are preoccupied, and there are extra enemies to deal with; Crut can only focus on one target at a time, however, and relies on either Salvat, Emiru, or Grovire to direct his other claw’s line of fire.

Poseidon's Drizzle: a very deadly attack that uses up much of the water and stamina in Crut's system; he uses both claws, stores the maximum amount of heavy salt concentrated water he can in his claws, and basically lets his enemies have it; it's simply a devastating barrage, capable of bringing a large ship, 2 small ships or several medium to small buildings down, if aimed right. This technique is not used repeatedly, however, as the effort required to fire off such blasts takes alot out of him, leaving him exhausted and dehydrated for a maximum of 3 hours.

Weapons/Items: His size, carapace, and claws

Goals: To protect the ship, serve as it's artillery piece and support Salvat in his quest.

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Reactivating this character.
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Crut Hakiji
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