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 Roll to dodge reference topic.

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PostSubject: Roll to dodge reference topic.   Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:35 pm

I'm posting char sheets here, so I can use them for a reference later.
No need to comment.

Name: Ruben
Age: 24
Equipment: Backpack filled with ammunition, rations, Thermal scope that can swap out for sniper's normal one (only has 5-10x zoom), Night vision goggles, Lighter, and cigarettes.
Appearance: Blue eyes, fairly short and slightly curly hair, wears a stylish hat.
Primary weapon: [s]Sniper Rifle[/s] Dragunov (silenced) default with 5-15x adjustable scope, uses .44 caliber rounds, but Ruben only uses .44s with a full metal jacket (more firepower)
Secondary weapon: Silenced MP5 (sub-machine gun)
Terciary weapon: Molotovs
Abilities: Veteran Sniper (+1 involving any action with a sniper rifle), and Sneaky(+1 to stealth/not getting spotted)
Role: Sniper

Backstory: Being only 24, it may be hard to believe that Ruben had already been in another war. Infact, if you said this to him, he'd probably agree.
War has always been in his life though, and it's no surprise to anyone who has known him that he became a soldier. His father was a marine, a war hero. Ruben always admired him for his accomplishments, and his mother was a nurse, who often volunteered to treat the army's wounded. This first happened when Ruben was 12. Being that his mother couldn't leave him alone for 4-6 months, she brought him along. His only friends were all soldiers. They all had reasons to fight, people to protect. Ruben had no idea of what he could fight for. His mother's stay in the war was longer than expected, but 8 months later, they finally were heading home. When they get back, Ruben is shocked by how different things are. He had become accustomed to seeing the dedication of people who are risking their lives each and every day, and to him, the people back home seemed lazy and uncaring. To him, they weren't even people, they were hollow. He quickly became afraid of becoming one of them, and swore he wouldn't. Later, his father returned. He too seemed distant, but in a different way. He seemed sad. Then, Rubens birthday came along. He realized that he had no one to invite to a party, so he refused to have a party. His parents quickly became insistent, so he let them bake a cake and sing happy birthday. Soon after that, summer ended, and he had to return to school. The first day, he decided he didn't care about any of it, untill he met one teacher....
His new math teacher: Mr. Westman. He had been a soldier, just like his dad. It was in his class that Ruben actually decided to join the military.
Immidiately, he became excited and started fantasizing about when he could finally join. Days became months, months became years, and soon he turned 18.
This time he had made a few "friends" (though Ruben thought of them more as agreeable acquaintance), and so he actually had a party.
Obviously Ruben didn't really care, but he atleast tried to act like he did to make his "friends" feel better, and stop them from asking questions like "what's wrong?" and
"Aren't you excited?".
That day was the last time he ever saw his parents. He doesn't even know if they're still alive.
The next day, he left a note on the fridge, took all the supplies he thought he needed, all the cash he could find, and left.
The aptitute test at basic training scelected gave him the choice of Sniper or Covert Ops. At first he chose sniper, but he flew through his training so fast, that he was required to attend CO training as well, and although he did well, he never was as comfortable with a sub-machine gun as he was with a rifle. This fit him well, as he had become used to spending long periods of time alone.
6 years later, he had already fought in two wars, and had just been recruited to join a third.
Ruben took his old sniper and MP5, found his emergency backpack, turned his booze into molotovs, and headed out, grabbing his lighter and cigarettes on his way out.

Will edit in other players char sheets in when they are finished.
Also will probably record most of the rp here, incase it is needed later.

Name: Ryan Iura
Age: 28
Equipment: Bag filled with herbs and preserved food, and rope.
Appearance: Ryan stands at about five foot eight, with shoulder length black hair. He has pale blue eyes, and has a sigil cut into his right hand, symbolizing Ice. He wears a long-sleeved black shirt and a pair of black pants, with black sneakers.
Primary Weapon: Gnarled wooden staff.
Secondary Weapon: Sword
Abilities: Skilled Ice elemental wizard, large knowledge of the human anatomy.
Ice Mage: +1 to Ice magic
Doctor: +1 to healing rolls
Role: Mage

Name: Ivan Kaprinavitch
Age: 31
Equipment: Enchanting materials and tools, Excavation kit, appraisal kit, rope, medical kit, smelting/smiting tools
Appearance: Ivan is a tall and lanky man with a worldly disposition but an opinionated look about him. He wears a fashionable yet suitable safari get up and has a rather thick handlebar mustache
Primary Weapon: Ishcard the sword: A very large rounded executioners blade with a sharpened pummel that has the ability to move through the air at the command of its wielder
Secondary Weapon: Growing Rio: small stone cubes which can increase in size at the users command to crush objects or get around obstacles
Tertiary Weapon: The amulet of Narben: A simple amulet which can produce bolts of
-Enchant weapons: Can make all objects magical/unique weapons with the right skill (+1)
-Understand (+1 for gathering information on any subject)
Role: Inventor, Enchanter, smith, explorer and medic

>looks to his comrades "gentlemen, I ponder that you might posess some weapons or items which could be a bit more usefull if I used my serveces as an enchanter, if you have any requests to make please do not hesitate to ask"

Ben says:
>Check out armory for any extra weapons

"Hi, I'm new here, where's the armory?"

Jeremy says:
>looks around, wondering what exactly he should do

Game Event: Find your party mates

>Look for ryan and Ivan

Julian says:
>offers to enchant weapons a second time

>hand ivan my dragunov

Jeremy says:
>looks for anyone worthwhile to talk to

Julian says:
>ask what enchantment he wants on it

Ben says:
"Some extra firepower would be nice."

Julian says:
"ah, so you would like it imbuned with the essance of flame?"

Ben says:
"I'm not too familiar with magic, but that sounds about right."

Julian says:
>enchants gun so that the bullets are wrapped in fire and explode

Ben says:
>Test new weapon out

Ivan- 3
3+1= 4

4- Ivan uses his skillful enchanting ability to fuse the essance of fire, with Ruben's gun. It worked alright, though he wonders if it could've gone better.
+1 to any rolls concerning Ruben's new gun

Ruben- 5 + 2 = 6 (6 is max)

6- Ruben takes his newly enchanted gun, and fires it directly into a nearby tree. On conact, the tree bursts into violent flames. With effort, the soldiers in the camp extinguished the fire, but it looks awfully unstable.
(the tree)

Ryan- 2
Ryan thought he looked everywhere for Ruben and Ivan, but they seemed to be impossible to find. Little did he know, that he passed them three or four times. Opon stopping to rest, he thought he heard a gunshot.

Game event: Soldiers are done resupplying, they are beginning to move out.

Jeremy says:
>searches for the source of the gunshot

Ben says:
>Look for Ivan
(whoops I meant Ryan XD)
>Look for Ryan

"Lets find Ryan, we have to get moving."

Julian says:

Ryan- 1

Jeremy says:
((What the fuck? Thats precisely my luck))

Ryan looks around for the source of the gunshot, and finds it. He found a charred old tree, with a distinct bullet-hole through it. As he approached it, it started to lean. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFU
Ruben - 1
Ruben knew he was looking for someone, but for the life of him, he couldn't remember who. Then he suddenly heard a loud creaking sound.
Ivan - 2 + 1 = 3

Ivan was following Ruben around, but started to doubt his intelligence when he ended up going in circles. Eventually he decided to go his own way, when he saw Ryan.

Game event: Soldiers are leaving us behing. It would be wise to regroup, fast.
Jeremy says:
"Hi, Ivan! Where's Ruben?"
>looks for Ruben, while making sure he doesn't lose Ivan, and sort of following the group in the process

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Roll to dodge reference topic.
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